Shivika by Anshika (Part 5)

Hi guys I thought to give another update so enjoy.

Plz ignore grammatical mistake. So let’s start

Shivrumya met in hall
Shiv: Kaha Ja rahe ho?
Ru: Bhaiya voh mere frnd ke ghar party hai toh vahi ja rahe hai. Aap kaha ja rahe ho.
Shiv: Client ne deal sign karne party main bulaya hai.
Ru: Ok
They leave

At Raizada Mansion
First Rumya enters. They felt the decoration familiar. Rudra sees Rohan & goes to him
Ru : Hi dude
Ro: Hey (they do HiFi)
Ru: Wow, decoration is so good.
Ro : Even I was thinking same.
Ru : BTW kounsa event planner ne kari hai ?( who is planner of dis decoration)
Ro : Meri bhabhi ne kari hai. Voh bhi ek event planner hai. But why r u asking. ( My SIL has done d decoration why are you asking)
Ru: Oh. Voh unka taste meri bhabhi se match karta. Chal chod let’s enjoy. ( Oh , her taste matches with my SIL)

Here Shivaay enter. He also felt the decoration familiar. He remembers Annika. His thought are disturbed by Harsh.

Har: Hello Mr Oberoi.
Shi: Hello Mr Raizada, nice decoration.
Har: All thanks to my wife.
Shiv: BTW what’s the reason for party.
Har: To announce the opening of my wife’s hotel.
Shiv:Oh congrats.
Har: Thanks Mr Oberoi. You enjoy.
He leaves

After some time

On Rumya’s side
Ru: Dude we want to meet ur bhabhi. (We want to meet your bhabhi).
Ro: Ya sure.
Annika comes but didn’t notice Rumya

Ani: Rohan plz go & check Ayush and help him in getting ready plz.(seeing Rumya). Rudra Soumya
Ru: Annika bha… didi
Ro: Yehi toh hai meri bhabhi (She is my SIL).Do you know her. (side hugging her).
Ani: Plz check Ayush first
Ro:Ok bhabhi I just come.

He leaves
Rumya: Bhabhi….
They have tears of happiness & trio share a hug.
Soumya: But y do you leave us. Humari yaad nahi aati thi.
Ani: I’ll tell you later. But promise me you’ll not tell about me to anyone.
Rumya: But……
Ani: Tumhe meri kasam.

Rumya have no choice so they agree.
A boy around 5 comes and says
Boy: Mumma aap toh ekdum khidki tod lag rahe ho. (Mumma u r looking to good).
Ani:Thank you baccha.
Boy: Mumma who r they? (pointing Rumya)

Ani: Yeh hai Rudra mamu & she’s Soumya mami. Rudra Soumya he’s my son Ayush. Rumya are shocked
Scene shifted to Shivaay
He gets a call. He goes to Harsh
Shiv; Sry Mr Raizada I had to leave. There’s a some work in office. We’ll sign the deal tomorrow.
Har: It’s ok Mr Oberoi. See u tomorrow.

Back to Anirumya
Ayush: Oh ho mumma main batana bhul gaya papa apko bula rahe hai. (Oh I forgot papa is calling u)
Ani :Rumya you enjoy. Main abhi aayi.
She goes to Harsh
Harsh: Anika where were u, I was looking for you. Well come.

They goes on stage.
Harsh: May I have ur attention plz. I know you’ll be thinking why We throw party. Well this party is to announce the opening of the my wife’s i.e. Mrs.Annika Singh Raizada’ s new hotel THE PARADISE.

On hearing Mrs.Annika Singh Raizada ,Soumya spit out the juice she was drinking.
Sou: Cry baby , bade bhaiya bhi Raizadas ke ghar gaye hai (Bhaiya has also gone to Raizadas)

Rudra calls Shivaay and ask where was he. When he said on way to home Rumya sigh in relief


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