Shivika by Anshika (Part 3)

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After few days
Annika remembers that Sahil will be coming back from summer camp. So she decides to talk to Harsh

In evening after dinner in Harsh’s room
Annika: Harsh voh….voh actually
Harsh(turns to her make her sit):Ab bolo kya hua?(say what happen)
Annika:Voh mera bhai…Kal summer camp se vapis aa raha hai toh……..( my brother is coming back fro summer camp so)
Harsh interprets: Toh hum usse apne ghar main le aayege( we’ll bringhim here only) (in happy tone)
Annika:(excitingly):Sachiiii.(really) Thankq thankq thankq so much

In excitement she hugs Harsh. Few sec later she realize what  she has done so she broke the hug
Annika: voh…. main…..
Harsh:it’s ok Annika, toh Kal chale
Annika smiles and they sleep.

Next day
At Sahil’s school
Sahil:Annika didi
Annika (kneeling down and hugging Sahil):SAHIL……
Sahil (seeing Harsh) yeh Mr koun hai(who is he)

Harsh:main apki di ka frnd hu.(I’m ur di’s frnd)
Sahil: Apka naam kya hai (what is ur name)
Sahil:Accha voh chodo, yeh batao OM main sab kese hai  Aur SSO ne parshan toh nahi kara(how is everyone in OM,SSO didn’t trouble you na)
(Annika’s smile fade but she cover up)
Annika:sari baatein yahi karega ya ghar chale(shall we go home first
Sahil:Haan Haan chalo(ok let’s go)
In car
Sahil : why r we going to airport instead of OM
Annika:Sahil aaj ke baad OM Aur vahan ke logo ke baare main baat mat karna(don’t talk about OM again)
Sahil:Likin….Ok (but…..Ok)
Harsh gets a call
Harsh: Ok I’ll be there.(To Annika) I need to go,I’ll come after 2 days you go

He goes. Annika felt upset but cover it up and they leaves for Pune (Where they live) with Sahil.

After two days when Harsh didn’t return Annika become restless and on fourth day when he return  she goes and hug him and realize that she never want him to leave. She decided to tell him her past and her fellings.

Precap:7 years later
Plz ignore grammatical mistakes

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  4. totally loved it.i don’t have any complaints coz i know atlast there would be shivikaa but uske liye time ab d grrat sso ko apni galti realize hogi and ge will never ever hurt anika
    I was not able to comment on previous updates and probably if i am not able to comment on nxt episodes then also remmember that i am ur big fan and must have read ur ff

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