Shivika by Anshika (Part 2)

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Some days later

Shivaay has done his best to find Annika but is unable to find her
Shivaay(on call): What are you  one week is over and you are still can’t find her.(He disconnect  phone in anger) Kahan ho Annika.
Om: Tu usski itni parvah kar raha hai. Kya lagti hai voh teri.
Shivaay : Voh meri responsibility hai. Aur kuch dino main Sahil aayega….usse kya boluga main……..(His phone rings and he leaves to attend a call)
At some dhaba
Person: Chacha yeh rahi apki adrak elichi ki chai ( Uncle have your ginger- cardamom tea)
Chacha:(taking a sip) Annika puttar teri jesi chai koi nahi bana sakta. (No one can make tea like you)
Annika leaves smiling

Someone enters

Person(smiling): Kese ho chacha? (How r u chacha/uncle)
Chacha: Arre Harsh putter. (To Annika) Annika puttar ek chai or le aana(Annika bring another cup tea)
Annika: Ji chacha
Annika comes with tea
Chacha: Annika puttar yeh Harsh hai kuch saal phele tak yahi rahta tha, phir iska transfer hoga. Harsh yeh hai Annika (Annika he is Harsh, he lives here till few years back. Then he got transferred. Harsh she is Annika)
Chacha:Harsh puttar kese ana hua
Harsh: Voh ek case handle karne aaya tha.(I came to handle a case)
Chacha: Acha, tum baatein karo main abhi aya ( U talk I’ll be coming)
Chacha leaves

Harsh:Hi myself ACP Harsh Singh Raizada
Annika: Hi, I am Annika Sh… Annika
Harsh(forwarding hand): Friends?
Annika(shaking hand): Friends Lekin aap toh case…..
Harsh: Haan Voh………..
Suddenly they hear firing
Harsh:Need to leave now…..
Annika: Par(But)
Harsh:Sawal mat karo (Don’t ask anything)

Chacha ask Harsh to take Annika to safe place. Somehow they manage to escape but they were continuously followed. To get ride of followers they got into marriage and eventually got married  they were disguise in dress of bride and groom. After few hours when attack was over , they went to Harsh’s house.Harsh explain his father (Amar Singh Raizada) everything and his father decided that Annika will live in their house as their D.I.L or as their Daughter. He also ask them to give their marriage a chance.

Precap: Sahil is back. Back to Mumbai

Plz ignore grammatical mistakes. And don’t hate me after this chapter

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