Shivika by Anshika (Part 1)

Hi guys I’m new here first I posted this on another website and got a good response there…. Hope same here.  Let’s start with a small into…..  It starts when Kapoor’s are exposed and left Oberoi mansion in my ff Svetlana also left with them so there is no villan in my ff it is a separation track only..

Please ignore grammatical mistakes.

Annika overhear ShivOm conversation when Shivaay says he can’t see Annika as mother his children

Shivaay:Dadi Annika kaha hai ?
Dadi: Puttar Voh toh tujhe bulane gayi thi
Shivaay: Main room main dekhta hu

In room he found a note by Annika
Shivaay read note and shatters he felt if his world has stopped he collapsed on floor

nika met Harsh and they become friends.  They got married in an unexpected situation (don’t kill me after this)


Here goes chapter 1

Kapoors are exposed on shitia’s marriage just as in real

Next day
In hall

Dadi: Annika puttar call Billu (shivaay).
Annika: ji dadi

Annika goes to lawn ans hear ShivOm conversation

Om: Tu maan kyu nahi leta ki tu Annika se pyar kata hai ( why don’t you accept that you love Annika)

Shiv: Yes I love Annika. But I can’t accept her as mother of my children

Om: That means blood surname khoon khandan still matters to you.
(Shivaay nods Annika this and runs from their crying)

In hall
Shiv: Dadi Annika kaha hai?( Where is Annika)

Dadi: Puttar maine toh usse tujhe bulane ke liye bheja tha. Dekh room main hogi.( I had send her to call you. Check in your room)

Shiv: Ok dadi

In room
Shiv(in mind): Where is this girl.
Shivaay: Annika……… Annika
Om: What happen why are you shouting
Shiv: Yeh Annika pata nahi kaha chali gayi hai( Donno where Annika has gone)
Ru: Oh ho bhaiya, call kar lo na (Call her na)

(Shivaay takes his mobile and dial Annika’s number her cell was on table there was a note also)
Ru: bhaiya yaha ek note rakha hai

Shivaay rakes note and after reading letter Shivaay shatters

Shiv( in broken voice): Voh chali gayi om voh chali gayi
Om takes the note and read

(The note is in Hindi)
“Shivaay main ab isse zabarzasti ke rishte ko nahi nibha sakti. Apne mujhe itna kuch bola main chup rahi . Aap mujhe apni patni nahi mante toh ye rishta kyu. Aaj ke baad aap mujhe kabhi nahi dekhege. Aur mujhe dhoondne ki koshish mat karna”

Precap: Annika-Harsh bonding

I hope you liked it. If I didn’t reach your expectations I’m really really sorry ….if u want to read further you can also read it on wattpad…. Do comments

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  1. Plzzz dont do this anika ko shivay k alawa kisi or k sath dekhna mtlb just uggh plzzz anika ki life m koi or naa ho shivaay ho sirf its a request plzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Anshikamittal

      Bear me shizuka in end shivika will be together

  2. Alekhika20

    nice part

  3. Plzz dont make Anika as wife of others. She is only Shivaye’s.

    1. Anshikamittal

      Voh shivaay ki hi hogi par baad main….. Till then enjoy reading

  4. Arthi

    Nice one dr and who is harsh or who is that I mean the character who is doing the harsh part???? Shivay and Anika shd be together dr…

    1. Anshikamittal

      Thank you & yes shivika will be together and for harsh chose barun (arnav of IPKKND) or anyone you like

  5. plz stop this and write some thing meaningful

  6. Okk plzz let it be ASAP okk waiting for next

  7. heyyy plzz don’t stop it was really good I liked it…it WS start I hop further will b interesting…keep writing dear…

    1. Anshikamittal

      Thanks dear
      Keep reading more twist on the way

  8. it is different and i loved it maybe when anika was with shivay.he didn’t realized her importance and also anika respects herself she had a self respect and after knowing all this how could she be with him it would be so beautiful to see their reunion after seperation when they will understand each other as relations need some time
    Update soon i’m waiting and make it longer

    1. Anshikamittal

      Thanks. I’ll be updating soon

  9. Shivikaanshi

    It was nice…update soon

    1. Anshikamittal

      I’ll update soon

  10. Nice one…

  11. Anshikamittal

    I didn’t get you

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