Shivika always loved u by shivani (Part-2)

Guysss this is shivani and this tym I’m overwhelmed to see ur support in the form of cuments and I’m very thankful to u all guys love u so much

Recap** annika running away and daksh got to know this

Today’s epi
Daksh: u shouldn’t have done this annika
Some corner of that isolated place annika was

searching for a door suddenly she hears daksh calling her
Daksh : annika Kaha ho where r u actually I thought of punnishing u but now u ran away from me for that SHIVAAY I’m gonna kill u aao mere saamne aao annika
Here annika is hiding behind a shelf she prays that daksh doesn’t see her but daksh saw her he caught her hair and starts slapping her hard

Anika: ah…ahh.ahhha..ahhhhhh
Daksh : kyun!!! Y did u run huh??
Now daksh slapped her hard and left her she went and hit something
Actually its not something its someone
She knew who that person is her heart beat raised she know its shivaay her SHIVAAY but before she could raise her head she fell unconscious
Shivaay seeing annikas cuts and her cheeks which are hardly slapped tries to wake her up
Shivaay : annika get up annika plz see I have come to save u
Suddenly daksh who saw SHIVAAY came towards him and raised the rod in his hand to beat both. Shivika but two strong hands stopped it they are none other than omru
Om: jab tak him hain
Rudr: SHIVAAY bhaiyan Aur annika bhabhi ko kuch nhi hoga

By saying this they start beating him
Then enters police they catch daksh and leave from there
Now after getting daksh arrested and getting annika treated by a doctor they all return to oberoi mansion
All over this journey annika was unconscious and shivaay was all the tym looking at her he din’t even speak a word

all four shiomru annika enter with annika in shivaays arms all were shocked to know the truth about daksh
But all were happiee that annika is safe
Next day

Annika got up and was searching for something
SHIVAAY comes and sees this
Shivaay (in a concerned tone ) ; annika tumhe kuch chahiye tha kya mujhe pooch lethi khud kyun pareshan ho Rahi ho
Annika just ignored
Then omru entrd
Rudr : hello bhabhi kaise ho aap
Aapko pata hain kal Maine uss daksh ko Aisa Aisa maaara ki woh bechara tho roh Baita bol raha tha rudr please chod de mujhe

Om : very funny rudr now just shut up
And annika Kaisi ho
Annika ; smiles a litl and says I’m fyn om
Om main tumse kuch pooch sakti hoon I need water can u get it please
Now shivay was hell shocked as she dint even speak to him
Om: sure annika u need not to request
And he and rudr leave
Shivaay to annika : main tab se tumhe pooch raha tha tum mujhe bata sakthi thi y dnt u tell me anything
Bt without listening to what SHIVAAY said annika was trying to get up suddenly she slps and shivaay catches her
Oh jaana plays
Annika: Mr.oberoi can u leave me please
Shivaay was again shocked to listen Mr.obrroi from annika
Shivaay : annika u can call me shivaay
Annika : sorry Mr.oberoi meri jaise middle class logon ko aap jaise bade logon ko Mr.oberoi hi bolna hain so please jara door hatiyain
Saying this she takes another few steps and again she stumbles
Now shivaay was hell angry he went near annika took her in his arms and startd to take her down

Shivaay :agar tumhe bhook lagi thi u should have ask me abhi itna tadi mat maaro
Annika: leave me chodiyein Aur mai tadi nhi maar rahi Mr.obroi
But SSO is SSO ek dum ziddi he took her into kitchen kept her on a chair and gave her soup which he already prepared for her
Annika: koi zaroorat nhi hain I can make myself she holds a pan but it slips bcoz of cuts on her hand
Shivaay is now veru much angry he yelled at her
Annika apne aap ko kya samajthi hon koi mana rani nhi hon koi bhagwan nhi hon abhi tak chot bhare bhi nhi Aur khud kaam karne Jaa Rahi hon
And he starts feeding her
Omru come and see them
Precap dhamaaal tia out shivaay becoming over romantic

I know guys its boring but I promise from next part shivika moments are gonna rock
Remember I’m waiting for ur one emoji and a word comment
Bye bye
Shivani. …..

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