Shivika always loved u by shivani (Part-1)


Hey guys this is shivani I’m new here and this is my first update so guys I just want ur support I’m not asking lengthy coments I just need an emoji and a word
So guys I’m going to start my track from present ib when daksh kidnapped annika and torchuring her

Present at OM
SHIVAAY:omg where is this girl pata nhi Kaha chaligyi bate ke jaayegi tho kya main usse roktha nhi phir bhi chaligayi at least she have to inform
Shivay was walking to and fro and he was thinking his conversation with annika about one night stand then he remembered one thing that day soumya asked maid to send coffee for annika into daksh room he goes and confronts soumya for it
Then soumya tells every thing to shivaay
Now shivaay is devastated to know the truth now he was more tensed for annika
Then came a message to shivaay actually it was a video when he opened it he was shocked angry tears rolled from his eyes
In Video****
Daksh : shivaay kaisa hain bhai tere liye ek surprise hain dekna chahega kya hain
He turns camera towards other side their annika was lying unconsiuss
There were several cuts on her hand
Daksh : Maine Kahan na annika sirf meri hain sirf meri agar voh meri nhi ho sakti tho main usse Kisi ki hone nhi ddonga byee shivaay
And happiee death day of ur wife’s

Video ends*****
Now shivaay was hell angry he tried calling daksh but its switched off now omru came
Rudr: shivaay bhaiyya kya hua annika didi ne pake Uper phirse paani pheka kya
Shi remains silent
Om senses something is wrong
Om : shivaay is Evry thing fine
Shivaay gives his phone yo om
Now after watching the video both omru were shocked when they raised their head they saw shivay on floor he was crying terribly they consoled him
Now shivaay is back to his bagadbilla avatar and called khanna and traced the location of daksh mobile

In an. Isolated place
Daksh came with a knife and comes near annika.
Daksh : annika I said u that I love u phir bhi tume shivaay se shaadi karluye yeh thi galat hain na
Now he comes more close to her
Annika : daksh u dnt have shame ek ladki ke saath Aisa kar rahe ho
Daksh: just shut up and he cuts her hand again
Annika: ahhhhhhhh
Daksh ; is it paining nothing will happen annika only small pain nothing will happen and he smiles evilly
Now daksh keeps the knife there and leaves to get a rod
Slowly annika grabs the knife and with its help she escapes and searches for a door to escape
Daksh returns and fumes in anger and says
:annika u should hve done this

Precap daksh finds annika beats her shiomru entry

So that’s it guys done with my update hope u like it
Bye byee
By shivani

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    Waiting for next shot its so horrifying.daksh is really psycho

    1. When will you post the next shot and the part 10 of your story I am dying by waiting ……plzzzzzzz don’t make me await and impatient plzzzzzzz I love ur writings nansshivika

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