He dediced to check once again but again it was in vain.In the background he could still hear the roaring and frustrated crowd and the helpless efforts of the host to calm them down.
He was all tired and sweaty.
He sat down and sipped in some juice.

Tu mujhe chhod jaaye
Ye nhi ho sakta… saathiya
He instantly closed his eyes and felt the essence of the song.

…..Mein jo v hoon tum hi toh ho
As the song went on he was getting lost in the words ,the feel.
Something felt familiar.

Mujhe tum se mili apni adaa
Realisation struck him that the tone and way of singing felt known,connected his hrt.

He stood up and ran upto the stage though he was devoid of energy.

Kyunki tum hi ho ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
He saw her.Draped in a beautiful saree she looked gorgeous.His eyes couldn’t fail to recognise her,his Annika.He swayed along the song and finally the song came to an end.
The crowd seemed to b in a daze.They were awwstruck by the beauty of the song and soon came a big round of applause.

“Thank you soo much guys to hear out my song.We r extremely SORRY for the delay but now everything’s set.So ladies and gentlemen plz put ur hands together fr our lovely guests……”
And the programme was taken over by the singers.

-Thanx Annika u saved us,thanked Mr.Khanna.
-It was my duty sir.

Annika went around fr the last minute checkings and wen everything seemed alright she took a seat.
May I get an autograph mam?
As she looked up ,she was shocked and overwhelmed.
“Shi…va…ay”,she said through her tears and broken voice as her hands caressed his face.
She broke down in his arms and he hugged her tightly.

-Hw did you get to know I was here? ,she asked
He showed her the moon piece.
-My Chaand! ,she said amused.
-U still wear this?, he asked.
-Yes ofc.It’s mine, she said with rights.
He smiled.
-Hw did you recognise me shiv?
-I can forget myself not u!U knw all these years I hv waited for u to come back.Every day I prayed for you.I am just….,he couldn’t say anything more as tears flowed down his cheeks.
She wiped his tears.
-Ok nw u tell me hw did u recognise me? ,asked shivaay.
She caressed his cheeks and said
“Ur kanji aankhen still speak a lot.”
He smiled.
-Your eyes are as beautiful as ur soul and I can never fail to recognise them.,she said all drowned in his eyes.
They hugged once again and Shivaay said “I hv a lot many things to talk with you but before that I want u to meet my buddy”.
He took her to Arjun and Arjun was shocked and happy dat his friend got his lady love back.
They went over to have dinner.
Shivaay went to get the supper.

-Annika u knw shiv waited for u this long and nvr dared to look at any grl.I nvr knew he was so afraid of you ,arjun said.
She smiled and said,”it isn’t fear Arjun.Its his loyalty towards me”.
They chit chatted and shiv joined them.After the dinner arjun left.
But Annika seemed a bit lost…..

-Dad what happened then?
He smiled and said,”we shall continue wd this tomorrow.See ur mom is already asleep”
-Ohk daddy! She whispered.
He made her sleep beside annika and pecked both of their foreheads.
He smiled heartily at his swthrts and fell into a deep slumber.

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