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-Thanx daddy! ,shivi said as he gv her d ice cream he had already brought.
“Pralines and cream!!!!yipee!!!”
Both mother daughter duo screamed out as it was their fav.
And then both of them kissed his cheeks.Shiv smiled in response.
-So let’s start ,shivi declared.

-Ay ay captain,said Shivaay and Annika togthr.
10 years back-Maldives
“We request u all to calm down.We are sorry for the delay but we will work it out soon.”
The host tried her best to handle the already raged crowd due to delays in the scheduled concert.

Shivaay held the moon piece close to his heart and ran here and there to find his girl,his swthrt.He scanned the entire area,checked each and every stall but in vain.After half an hour he was hell tired and sat on a rock near the waters jst outside the concert area.
‘I know anni u r here’,he self_talked.
He looked at the moon piece and tears brimmed in his eyes as he
went into flashback.
18 years back

-U r late ,annika frowned
-I’m sorry.
She looked at him in a continuous gaze
-Wat?,he asked.
-Aren’t you supposed to tell me something?,she demanded.
-I said u already I’m sor…oh! Happy birthday swthrt!
-Well dat was too early,she said sarcastically.
-And what is this Shivaay? u r all messed up!,she said when she saw his condition.
He was totally wet ,his clothes messy and patches of mud and dirt on his clothes and face.
-I thought this was d most decent look I could carry on,he said sheepishly.
-Stop kidding.And tell me what happened.
-Leave it yaar it’s ur bday today! Won’t u ask fr ur gift?

-No!First come with me.
She took a tissue and started wiping away the dirt off his face.
She looked into his eyes and asked ‘wat happened?’.
-Well! I wanted to gift you this.
He took out the moon bracelet and the moon pieces tingled a sweet tune wen d wind swept by.
Annika was totally awestruck.
-I designed it myself and ordered to get it prepared.Today evening I went to the shop to get it but it was closed.The shopkeeper had left and I had to literally track him down ,get it ready and packed.While coming back I was in a hurry and got stucked up in traffic.So I ran down the lanes,got myself down the gutter,some street dogs ended up after me and added to this was the rain.

-U did this all fr me?,she asked all teary and engulfed him in a big teddy bear hug.
She took him out in the rain and asked him to mk it wear.
He made her wear the bracelet while he wAs all lost in the beauty standing in rain.
-I love you Shivaay.I really do.
-I love you too.
Then annika pecked his lips lightly and ran away blushing.
He was shocked but felt happy as it was their first kiss of love.
And it was all witnessed by the rain pouring down.

Back to Maldives

‘I knw till date u wear this anni’, he said ,”and this means u still love me! ” He smiled.
“But hw do I find her?”

Precap: Part-3 :p

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