Shivika 3S – love vs anger part 2

Shivay felt his knees going weak. He felt like his heart will stop its beating any time. He fell on the floor with a thud.

Shivay’s pov

How can I do this to her? How can I say such words to her? I broke my promise today. I promised myself that I will keep her so happy so that she will be the happiest woman on this world. But today after whatever I said to her she will be the most saddest of all. When Mr. Bajaj said me about her sufferings in her childhood I felt like thousands of daggers stabbing me. I am the worst human being existing in this world. I said I regret for marrying her but it’s not true. How can I regret for marrying her? She was everything to me. She was the best thing that happened to my life after my siblings. She protected me from every problem. When she put her respect at stake just to save me from Gayatri murder case my respect for her grow immense times. She saved my family many times. She took a bullet for me. She didn’t care about her life. She was right only she can tolerate me. Anyone who would marry her their entire life will be changed. She was a angel. Rudra always said correctly she is indeed a angel.

I am the devil here. I broke her heart into million pieces. It is impossible to mend it again. I didn’t deserve her. She was a pure soul. I know whatever she did in prinku case was wrong but she didn’t deserve such treatment from me. How will I bring her back again? I am feeling very guilty but my anger will never let me forgive her because she helped prinku to marry ranveer. How can I forget this so easily?

He was deeply immersed in his thoughts. He didn’t notice kamini entering his room. His thoughts got disturbed when he heard a voice.

“So the great shivay Singh oberoi lost his lady love”, kamini said with a smirk.

“How dare u enter into my room? Without my permission. Get out from here before I do something which you will regret later” he finished his words in a single sentence.

” Chill shivay, this is how will you treat your sister’s mother in law. We are relatives now. I hope you remember it “. She replied him cool

” Kamini ji don’t forget no one in this family accepted this marriage. U r day dreaming. U can never become our relatives. Once I find why prinku married ranveer I will throw both of you in jail. Do remember no one messes with my family”. He replied coldly.

“I am so sorry for you shivay. I never thought you can be such a fool. I thought you are a big business man and you have all knowledge regarding your surroundings. Never in my wildest dreams I thought u can be such a fool” she said with a face full of pitiness.

“Teri himmat kaisi hui, you called me a fool. Mind your words kamini ji. You are talking to shivay Singh oberoi. I can destroy you within seconds. Don’t forget your class when u r talking to me”.

“I knew shivay it really hurts if I say the truth to you”

” Just tell me straight. I don’t like beat around the bush talks. Why you came here? What you want from me? ”

“Shivay all I wanted to say some truth to you. You won’t believe me first but I have proof for it. First listen to me carefully. Pinky planned all this. Anika didn’t let Priyanka to marry ranveer. Infact she don’t have any slightest idea of what happened.

She told him how pinky planned everything and made him believe that Anika let Priyanka to go away from oberoi mansion. She also showed him their phone conversation as a proof.

Listening to all this shivay felt like world slipping from his feet.

“It’s very hard to believe shivay. I can understand your emotions. I can understand the pain when your own blood betrays you. I said whatever I wanted to now it’s choice whether u believe it or not”, saying so she left from there.

Kamini’s pov

My plan is successful. I separated shivay from his mother just like the way she did to me. How can I forget that day when shakthi and pinky got married. I should have been in her place. Now she will understand the pain of losing loved ones. Let her enjoy the taste of her own plan. Now she will understand the pain of getting abandoned by your loved ones.

Shivay’s pov

I didn’t trust my Anika. What on the Earth I have done? How can I let this happen? Why mom did all this? Why she hate Anika so much. Why she want to separate me from Anika? Now I understood how it feels when your own blood betrays you. I want answers now and only one can give it to me.

At road

Anika was walking aimlessly on the road. It was raining heavily. Her cheeks was fully filled with water droplets. It was difficult to identify whether it is rain drops or her tears. She indeed was strong before shivay but the pain he had given her was unbearable. She wanted to cry at him, shout at him, ask him why he didn’t trust her but she felt she lost all her rights. She no longer have any rights on him. She promised herself to stay strong. If not for her she have to stay strong for sahil. He’s the only reason for her to live. She suddenly heard horn sound of a car. She noticed someone coming out from it.

“Om” she gasped in shock

“Bhabhi please come with me.”

” I am sorry om but I cannot come back to oberoi mansion. Thanks for your concern. I am so happy to have a brother like u”.

“I will indeed not ask you to come back to oberoi mansion bhabhi”.

Annika was baffled by his statement. Without saying a word she entered in his car. Both of them left to om’s art gallery.

At art gallery

“Bhabhi I am really sorry. I never thought shivay can speak in such a way to you. Because of shivay you got insulted again. I am asking sorry on behalf of my entire family.” He folded his hands before her.

“Why you are asking sorry when it’s not your fault? Moreover how do you know what happened between us?”

“Woh actually bhabhi I listened your conversation. But you very well know na bhabhi gusse mein woh kuch bhi bol deta Hai. But he never means it. He is very possessive and protective when it come to its siblings. I can’t justify his actions. I feel very ashamed by his act. I won’t ask you to come back. I’m going to confront him.”

“You won’t do anything om. He loves his family a lot. If they go against him he will break down completely. I won’t let that happen. You will not confront him. Infact you should never let him know what happened between us. Please don’t tell him you saw me.”

“Bhabhi he didn’t even give you a chance to explain” om retorted

“U too did the same”

” What do you mean bhabhi I can’t understand?”

” Don’t forget what you did to gauri. You also didn’t give her a chance to explain”

“It’s different bhabhi. You don’t know about her. She is behind my money”.

“U r wrong om. She is not after your money. She is after your love. U r also like your brother. I don’t want you to break someone heart. Don’t be another SSO. U r unique om. I request you please don’t spoil your life as well as gauri’s life.”

” Bhabhi thank you so much for making me realize my mistake. I am so happy to have a bhabhi like you”.

” A small correction not your bhabhi but your sister cum friend.”

” Matlab”

“I am giving divorce to your brother. I can’t stay with a person whose thinking is so low. I can’t lose my self respect for anyone.”

” I can’t convince you bhabhi because this time shivay committed unforgivable mistake. But please take a decision which keeps u happy. I am ready to do any help. Don’t forget u have a Bhai with you always.”

” Thank you om please don’t tell shivay about my location. I need to get some job. I need to stabilize myself financially.”

“Bhabhi I can arrange you a job”

” It’s ok om. I will find a job soon. Please take care of everyone”.

“I have a question bhabhi do you love him​?”

” Somethings are better if left unsaid”, she said with a weak smile.

Ps: kamini is not positive here but she wanted to seize everything from pinky.
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