shivika 3S – love vs anger part 1

Part 1

Shivay pushed her to a nearby wall. He held her tight and twisted her arms. She was shouting in pain. He didn’t show any pity on her. Tears are continuously flowing from her eyes. She was afraid of him. She still remembered events of her marriage. He made her helpless. Firstly he accused her of sleeping with anyone for money. Secondly he forced her to marry him indirectly gave her rape threat. Thirdly he used her brother and forced her to marry him by putting his life at stake. She was not afraid of his antics but she was afraid of his anger. His anger always overpowered their love but to be precise her love. She was not feeling any physical pain. She was feeling a strong pain in her heart. It was killing her to the core. The thought of losing him forever already made her life so miserable. She was very much worried when pinky aunty challenged her to separate her from Shivay. She was yet strong because he was by her side. But today his anger will definitely break her hear. She prayed to every god in this universe to not let this happen.

“why did you do this Annika? I warned you to never interfere in my siblings life. Why you always interfere in my decisions? What do you think of yourself?, he asked her in a voice filled with rage and anger.

“Shivay I didn’t do anything. I only came to know about this when you told me about this in front of everyone” she said with full of innocence in her eyes.

“now stop lying Annika. Don’t act over smart” he said with a smirk

“Shivay but” she was cut in middle by him

“just answer this question annika. Did you let prinku to go out from the house even after my warning? Did u? answer me dammit, he wished to hear no from her

“yes I did but Shivay it’s not like what u r thinking woh actually pinky aunty” she was trying to jusify her actions

“stop it Annika. I don’t want to hear anything from you. Infact when mom told me about this I refused to believe her. I said to her you can’t do such cheap things. You broke my trust today. You let my head to fall in front of my mother”

“Shivay please listen to me once pinky aunty ”

“stop it Annika. How many lies you will tell me again? I could have believed you by seeing you like this but my mom opened my eyes. She showed me the cctv footages. For the first time I wished my eyes should betray didn’t happen.

“now I understood it’s a misunderstanding Shivay. I can clear it. Pinky aunty did all this.”

“don’t you dare Annika. Stop accusing my mom for your mistakes. She already told me about you many times but I refused to believe her. she even told me how you wanted to separate me from her. How can u step so low Annika.”

“did u trust her Shivay? do u think I can do such things”

“I may have not believed her Annika but all the situations clearly indicate u r guilt. I can’t believe you can do such things. I know you don’t have a family that means you can separate me from my family. I already told u not to interfere in my siblings life. When it comes to them I don’t give a shit to anyone. You better understand this. But how can you understand this you blo*dy low class people. How can you understand the importance of family? How can you understand the importance of siblings? How can you understand the importance of mother? U don’t have anything Annika and it’s my foolishness to expect all this from you. I thought your naam, khoon and khandan don’t matters to me. But it matters to me Annika because never a upclass bringing can do such things. I regret for marrying you.”

*THUD* he felt heat spreading across his cheeks. He realised Annika slapped him. Her eyes was not shedding tears anymore. It was fully filled pain and anger. She pushed him away from her. she looked straight into his eyes.

Annika’s pov

It’s not my Shivay standing before me. It’s Shivay singh oberoi, ruthless, arrogant, cold hearted man. None ever in my life I felt so betrayed and broken. He insulted me to such an extent that I feel so low of myself for loving him. I thought of giving my heart to him which I never shared with anyone. I considered his family as mine. I thought his siblings are mine, his dadi as mine. But he considered so low of me. He think he did something wrong by marrying me. Those words are enough for me to break my heart. He already broke my self-respect. I can’t handle more. I already had enough. Now I won’t shed tears for him. I will only live in this world for sahil.

“what do you think of yourself MR. Shivay singh oberoi? You can be owner of thousands of crores but still you are not rich. For you naam, khoon and khandhan matters everything right. Then listen to me once did you forget what daksh did? He was also from well-known family then why did he do such cheap things. You are born into oberoi family that is just your luck. If someone removes your surname from your name then your whole identity will be lost. There will be no existence of someone named Shivay in this world. Whatever I am today is all because of my hard work, sincerity and honesty. I was not born with a silver spoon like u. People recognise me by my name not by my surname. What you told to me that I don’t understand the importance of family?

Have you ever seen a survivor who didn’t eat food for a week they know the importance of food very well than others whose dining table is fully filled with food. It’s the same way Shivay when u don’t have a family u understand the importance of them more than anyone else in this world. I believed our relationship was based on trust. But you broke it today. You didn’t even give me a chance to explain you. Now I don’t feel necessary to explain it to you. You said you regret for marrying me it’s not true I regret for marrying you because never in my wild drams I thought to marry a person with such low thinking. You will get thousands of girls to marry but u can never find a true one because they all are behind your surname. You are a very big zero if u don’t have your surname.

Don’t forget Mr. oberoi truth always hurt. You try thousands of time but still truth comes out by any means. I want to thank you for giving me a family at the same time for breaking my hopes of living with them. I am filing for divorce Mr.oberoi my lawyer will meet you tomorrow. Good bye.

Saying so she left from the room leaving a devastated Shivay behind

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