Shivika 3 shots- Love vs Anger (Prologue)


This story starts from the day when Shivay indirectly mocked Annika for being an orphan

“how can you understand the pain of a mother when you don’t have one”

Annika’s pov

All my senses went numb. Did Shivay utter those words to me? I very well understand his anger. He always messes everything when his mind is filled with anger. He indirectly mocked me for being an orphan. I always fought against this society all alone with my might. You can fight against the entire world but u can never fight against your loved ones. It’s a war in which both the souls lose themselves but never recognise it. It’s a war between love and anger. If u ask in my case anger always win here. There is no chance of love to win atleast not from his side. It was always from my side and it will remain the same. I thought he will embrace me after uttering those words but he left from there. For a second I thought he was guilt. But his silence tore my heart into million pieces. Once again I felt betrayed I thought he consider me as his family but again he left me.

Shivay’s pov

How I wished I could not have said those words to her. She was my angel and I am a devil. She saved me million times yet again I broke her heart. How can I do this to her? She trusted me more than herself. I always said to her “I can’t see tears in your eyes” but when I became the sole reason for her tears I feel like dying billion times. When I spilled those words I was able to see a layer of tears in her eyes. I wanted to embrace her, hold her tight and wished to say I am sorry Annika, I never meant any of those words. I am a very big stupid. Please forgive me. I didn’t say any of these to her instead I chose to walk away from her. At that time I was Shivay singh oberoi but not Shivay’s Annika. Once again my anger hided my mind and I left from there.

After the kitchen incident they reconciled. Even though Annika was a bit upset about Shivay’s behaviour she was convinced. She wished that pinky aunty should not create more misunderstandings among them. She wanted to assure that she will never separate a son from his mother.

Pinky along with kamini planned and decided to separate shivika. As per their plan priveer got married but Shivay misunderstood Annika. He accused her for letting this marriage to happen. Annika was trying her level best to explain but he was not in a mood to listen

At shivika’s room

He grabbed Annika’s hand and pushed her to nearby wall. His eyes was full of rage. Annika once again witnessed the same shade of SSO which she saw during their marriage.

Will shivika separate?

Will Shivay break her heart again to such an extent that it is impossible to mend her heart again

Will Shivay confess his feelings before it’s too late?

Hi friends I am back with a new story. It will propably be a 3-4 shots. Hope u will extend your warm support to this story
Answer to all these questions in coming updates. Next one will be updated soon after seeing your response. So if u want next update soon like and comment because I’M BAD NOT VERY BAD.

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