Shivay’s lovestory!! By Shyra (chapter 1)

Hii guys… This is Shyra! Actually I kow you all are waiting for my ffs… So guys I will be posting both the ffs tomorrow and I want all of you to must read both of them. Now coming to this OS… I would say this is my favorite story please tell me whether I should continue this or not I know I am having already two ffs but I will try to put my best in all these three including this one. So do let me know how was it?

A big mansion was fully decorated as it was the marriage of the shivay Singh oberoi, the elder son of Oberois. In shivay’s room, he was standing in front of mirror wearing a classy sherwani and was smiling looking himself.

Shivay’s pov
Finally this day anika!! I am going to get you for my whole life. I know I never able to confess that how it was a love at first sight scenario happened when I saw you for the first time. I wanted to tell you but I preferred to take permission from your parents first and when they agreed, the whole family got busy in preparations and I didn’t get time to tell you all this but I can promise one thing that I shivay Singh oberoi will take care of your happiness more than mine…. Haan confession bhi hoga but first I would like to become a best friend of yours then.
His thoughts got disturbed when someone came a muscular boy came running to him and started dancing.
‘Yeah! Congratulations bhaiya… Finally my shivay bhaiya is getting married… ” said the boy while dancing.

Shivay laughed at his excitement.” rudra did you get tired? Till how long you will keep dancing… Let the marriage happen first ” said a handsome and long haired boy smiling.” om I will keep dancing till bhaiya will give me two Chote Chote shivay…. ” rudra pulls shivay’s cheeks and laughs.” Chote Chote shivay? You are mad rudra… ” said shivay with a blush.” Hayeee… Our bhaiya is blushing ” rudra and om looked at each other and said.
In bride’s room, girls were helping anika to get ready.” excuse me, it’s done I think… Will you all leave me alone for sometime ” anika said. The girls looked at each other and followed her instruction by leaving anika alone. Anika goes behind them and closed the door when they all left. She came back and started searching her mobile phone in her room but didn’t get it.

” where the hell is my phone? “… She said with a tensed face. Her mother knocked the door and asked her to come for the marriage. Anika had a hopeless face after hearing marriage word. She opened the door and went with her mother.
Here pinky with full of excitement got shivay to the mandap. Shivay was desperately waiting for anika. Anika entered, he looked at her and got mesmerized to see her. He smiled at her but she looked down. The marriage started. Everyone was happy, shivay filled Anika’s hairline and tied mangalsutra in her neck. Suddenly he felt something on his hand and what he found was a small drop of water on his hand. He felt weird. ” anika are you crying?” he asked with a concerned face but didn’t get any reply from her. The marriage got over and omru was continuously teasing shivay. Pinky got a big vessel filled with milk and rose petals, later she put a ring into it and asked shivika to find the ring as it was ritual to be done. Shivay dipped his hand and anika also did the same. While finding the his hands touched Anika’s hand and he found that she wasn’t even trying to find the ring. He again felt something wrong with her but as his whole family was there and he didn’t wish to upset them, he found the ring and kept it in Anika’s hand. Anika who was looking down with a dull face, felt shivay keeping the ring in he hand, she looked at him… He just smiled back to her. She took out the ring and everyone teased shivay for losing.

Later at night… ” I think I should tell her that I love her and she can trust me, I won’t make her uncomfortable because of me…. I want to become her friend her friend before being a husband then only I think she will feel alright” he talked to himself and went to his room. He opens the door with a smile but got surprised as he found anika standing and she was wearing a simple suit. He thought that she must be tired of those clothings that’s why she changed them. He went to her. ” it’s good you changed even I started feeling suffocted in this heavy clothes” he said and tried to normal the situation. ” I need to talk to you” anika said looking at him. ” ya sure! Speak…” he said with a clam face. ” shivay I know very well you rich people, you just want a girl to who can run after you day and night and in return doesn’t expect anything and aap Jaise logo ki Zindagi main toh Pyaar Jaisi koi cheez hoti hi nahi hai bas shaan aur paisa Mayne rakhta hai but let me tell u… ” she said all this in go.” wait a min anika… Why are you saying all this? Kisine tumse Kuch kaha Kya? See its nothing like that… ” but before he could complete… She spoke in between…” Aisa hi Hai Mr. Shivay Singh oberoi and let me tell you this is my life and I know my parents made me marry you but I am least interested in this relationship because… ” she stopped.” Because… ” he asked her to say.” because I love Daksh and I want to live my life with him” she said rudely to him. This made shivay stumble….

He was just looking at her, his eyes were questioning her that why she did this to him. ” I know shivay, now you will start your drama and all but….” she was speaking but shivay stopped her. He looked at here and there and tried to not let his tears come out, later he smiled and spoke with greater difficulty.., ” aisi baat thi toh tumne mujhse Pehle kaha hota anika……”. Anika was in dismay as she didn’t expect him to be so nice to her after listening such truth from his wife but she preferred to pay attention on the topic instead of him. ” Dekhiye shivay… Mujhe divorce chahiye” she said and turned her back to him. Shivay smiled and said, ” main toh tumhare liye Jaan dene ko Tayaar tha aur tumne itni Choti si cheez mangli….”. Anika got another big shock and she turned to him with a surprised face. ” it’s OK anika! It’s all my fault mujhe puchna chahiye tha tumse…. But don’t worry I wont let our marriage to come btw you and your happiness…. I am ready to give you divorce” he spoke hiding his pain…., ” bas ek request hai tumse, Pls give me some time because it’s not only about me…. It’s about my family and I can’t spoil their happiness, hope u will understand” he folded his lips and lifted his hands to wipe off his tears but as he didn’t want to show her his tears he just moved his hands to his hairs.

Something pierced Anika’s heart looking at shivay’s vulnerable condition, she forwarded her hand to support him but stopped remembering Daksh. ” ok shivay, you can take your time” she said looking down. Shivay didn’t look at her and nodded his head looking at his right. ” and anika…. Till you are living here, you are my responsibility so I promise that I won’t let you have any problem but I wanted to ask you that…. Hope u understand, anika now you are my family’s reputation so please take care of this reputation…. Please! ” he requested. Shivay’s such love and respect towards his family somewhere touched Anika’s heart but she didn’t let those feelings reveal to him and nodded her head. Anika started leaving towards poolside.” kaha jaa rahi ho? ” shivay asked. Anika got scared.” anika bahar Thand hai so it’s better you sleep and don’t worry you can sleep on the bed, I will anywhere in this room, actually main bahar chala jaata par meri family main se agar kisiko abhi pata chala toh woh bardasht nahi Kar payenge…. Tum so Jao!” he speaks and goes to washroom. Anika goes and sleeps on the bed. After sometime she listens someone crying so she gets up and goes to check. She knocks the washroom door. “shivay… Shivay… Aap Andar hai Kya? Aap roh rahe hai Kya?” she asks him but later she finds the door opened. He wasn’t there. She looks for him in the room but he wasn’t there. She goes to poolside and hears the sobbing sound. She finds shivay sitting on a chair and was crying out his heart. ” mere saath hi kyun? Why me?….” he cries covering his face with his palm.
Anika’s eyes got tears looking him, she wanted to go to him but couldn’t. She was feeling guilty of breaking his heart so she left. Next morning she got up and found coffee with a good morning note. She felt surprised seeing this and smiled.

Anika’s pov
Shivay got coffee for me. I know what I did was for Daksh and me but in all this I broke shivay’s heart and he should have hated me for what I did but instead he understand me so well. Actually I should say sorry to him, I was very rude to him last night.
She gets ready and goes outside. She gets surprised seeing shivay dancing and cooking with omru. She smiles looking at him being so happy with his family.
” Arre Gud morning Bhabhi! How are you? ” rudra ran to her and asked. Shivay looked at her and got sad. He left.” shivay was in kitchen?? ” she asked being confused to om.” woh actually this is obros kitchen and shivay, he is our chef… Actually he loves cooking very much so…. ” om said.” shivay cooks!! ” anika felt surprised. Later she went to Hall and found dadi and shivay talking.” Hayeee… Mera Bacha! Tu mere liye laya yeh shawl ” she said looking at the gift shivay got for her.” nahi…. Apne liye? Dadi this is for u only…. My best dadi… I love you so much” saying this shivay just hugged her. Anika was looking at both of them.
Anika’s pov
How can someone be so nice? Yeh Sach main shivay aise hai ya Sab Kuch dikhawa hai?
She felt confused.

Later in shivika’s room
Anika was waiting for shivay. Shivay enters…. To be continued.

Precao: anika to get attracted towards shivay’s nature…. ????

Do read the next part of my ffs tomorrow!

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