Shivay’s lovestory!! By Shyra (chapter 6)

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Quick recap : shivay to fight with the goons…. Shivika ran in the forest….. Shivay unconscious…. Anika said sorry to him….. Shivika shared some quality time…. Shivay promised to get her out of the problems…. Anika mistakenly found got out of the forest… Later she realized shivay to be left in the forest…. Now next!

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Later she cut the call….,” Ufff finally, shivay come let’s go… ” and just then she realized that he wasn’t there, this came as a huge shock to her….,” shivayyyy… tohhh… Wahaann…. I left him there… ” this realization made her dumbstuck, she didn’t waste any time and turned to enter the forest when omru reached the place….,” Bhabhi…. Where you going?? ” they both shouted…. Anika stopped and ran to them…,” om…. Shivayyyy…. Woh… Main phone…. Om… Shivay jungle main… ” she was stammering….,” Bhabhi what happened? And please be normal….Where is shivay?? ” om relaxed her….,” Bhabhi why are you alone here? Aur bhaiya kaha Hai? Woh Thik toh haina Bhabhi ” rudra who was on the verge of fear of losing his brother said…..,” trust me…. I didn’t do it intentionally…. I don’t know I was trying to make a call…. Shivayyy…. He is still stuck in forest…. I am sorry om…. Please trust me he was with me only but then he fell sleep….. ” she continued blabbering while shedding the tears. She fell into his arms while crying. Omru were shocked that shivay was not with her….,” Bhabhi please shaant ho jaiye…. Trust me shivay ko Kuch nhi hoga… Rudra just take care of her I am going to find shivay ” om said while leaving anika with rudra who nodded his head and started inculcating some hope in anika…,” calm down Bhabhi!! He is my great Wall… He will be back to us soon… “.
Anika was in utmost guilty of being so irresponsible….,” I am just good for nothing rudra! I left him alone over there… How can I be so careless…. ” she cursed herself.

Here om and police were searching shivay but he was no where to be found.
On the other hand shivay heard some footsteps and woke up, his eyes searched for anika who wasn’t present there….,” where is anika? She was sitting here only…. ” he heard the footsteps and hid himself….,” this sound…. Kahi woh log phir se.. Aur anika… Kahi… ” he thought for a second of anika being taken away by the same goons, now his mind wasn’t working that what he was going to get back her, he followed the footsteps and saw the reflection of some people….,” I hope anika is safe…. Otherwise I won’t leave anyone of them… ” he spoke to himself. The next second shivay pushed one of the person….,” you…. Just tell me where is my wife dammit? Otherwise I will kill you ” he said while twisting his hand but it took him no time to identify that he wasn’t any goon but omkara…..,” Shivayyy…. It’s me…. ” om said while trying to look at him, he immediately left his hand and they both hugged each other….,” I am sorry… I thought… ” shivay said….,” it’s ok and thank God! You are safe shivay and Bhabhi also… ” om told him about anika….,” she is with you? ” shivay asked.  om nodded….,” thank God…Mujhe laga ki kahi woh log usse Apne saath… But I am really thankful that she is with you…. ” shivay closed his eyes in relief….” shivay this blood…. Oh my God shivay you have got so hurt…. U need treatment…. Come ” om informed the police and took shivay with him.

Anika was sobbing in rudra’s arms when she saw om getting shivay with him, Shivay seen her and smiled…. She couldn’t believe that he was safe and within no time she got up and ran to him. She reached and stood in front of him. They both were smiling after seeing each other…., ” I am sorryyyyy shivayyyy” she looked at him and said…., ” Ohhh not again anika… I thought at least this time thangabali bhai Sahab must have kidnapped you but my bad…” he spoke and showed disappointment. Anika smiled and took him into a bone crushing hug, ” that’s so mean Shivayyy….” she said while hugging him tightly and cried with a smile. He laughed and reciprocated the hug…., ” I am fine…. Don’t worry everything is normal….” shivay said while caressing her back. She tighten the grip on him…., ” I am sorry…. I didn’t do it intentionally… I was just…” she tried to justify again…, ” shhshhhh, it’s okkk just stop crying now and Waise bhi for sometime you won’t get rid of me….. After that…” he said and his words made both of them remind him their divorce, anika parted away from and he also looked down remembering that soon they will be separated for ever…., ” what after that shivay?” om asked with rudra who were confused at his statement. Shivika looked at each other and then at omru…., ” hmm… Actually anika and I had a fight so Ussi ki wajah se bas…” shivay covered up while anika looked at him. Omru couldn’t digest but for now they dropped this matter and took shivika to hospital.

Everyone reached there, shivay was being treated by the doctors. Soon doctor permitted them to meet him, anika was still in thoughts so she didn’t move from her place….., ” shivay….. Tu Thik toh haina Beta” pinky touched his head which had been bandaged…., ” I am ok mom….” he said to pinky while his eyes searched for her. Om noticed this and went out…., “anika what are you doing here? Come shivay is fine now… Come” om said…, ” Haan.. How is he om?” she asked…., ” come with me and see him yourself Bhabhi” saying this om dragged her inside. Shivay’s eyes fell on her and a relieved smile crept on his lips…., ” thank God we reached on time there otherwise bhaiya ke saath Bhabhi bhi Kho jaati” rudra said….., ” yeh tu Kya keh raha hai rudra?? Anika kyun Kho jaati” pinky asked…., ” nothing Choti ma its just Bhabhi got out of the forest before shivay and we met her…” om cleared…., ” Hein par yeh aur shivay toh saath main the na… Aur Isse toh chot bhi lagi hai… Anika tu akeli thi ka Kya Matlab” pinky started cross questioning…., ” auntyjii i was with shivay and we were lost there, I wanted to make a call and shivay fell asleep so I didn’t disturb him and I don’t know while searching for network I got out of that place…. Just then I realized that shivay was…. And I was going to him… ” anika continued telling what all happened when pinky shouted on top of her voice….,” Waahh Beta! Matlab tune mere bete ko aise hi akela chhodh dia… Arre usse itni chot lagi thi aur tu uska Dhyan rakhne ki bajaye phone Mai network dhund rahi thi….Kamaal hai… ” she said and folded her hands….,” I am sorry auntyjii I didn’t do it intentionally…. I myself got worried when I didn’t find him with me… ” anika tried to explain. Shivay was listening to her….,” Ohhh it Means you totally forgot that he was with you and that too so much injured…. How can you forget him dammit?? Is he some toy or mobile phone that you forgot him anika? ” pinky anger blasted on anika…. While she was listening to her looking down…..,” Waise shivay ne toh om ko Phone Kar dia tha aur police ko bhi toh tujhe aise Kisse phone karne ki zaroorat aa padi Jo tu Apne pati ko bhul gayi? ” she asked while frowning. Anika was shocked to her question, she had no idea that how should she tell her that she had made call to Daksh and why? She started shivering and tears escaped from her eyes, she couldn’t even lie properly so she just looked at shivay who looked into her eyes and understood everything…., ” Maine Kuch pucha anika…. Kisse phone Kar rahi thi?” pinky again questioned her…., ” enough mom!! I want this matter to end here and please you all must be tired so om take everyone to oberoi mansion….” shivay said coldly and nobody used to deny what he said, they just followed his instructions and left….., ” me and rudra will stay here with shivay so rudra come back after dropping everyone to oberoi mansion” om said. Anika didn’t move a bit and was looking down in guilt. Dadi signed omru to leave them alone for sometime. Everyone left, in sometime anika also turned to leave but stopped and walked to shivay who looked at her and felt really sad looking her upset…., ” auntyjii was right shivay…. I shouldn’t have left you like that…” she said while looking down…., ” but you didn’t do it intentionally and I know it very well!!” he said. She was looking at him in amazement…, ” please go home! And do remember nothing has happened so don’t think much and take rest” he said assuring her of being innocent…., ” I had called Daksh shivay!” she said. He smiled at her confession…, ” did I ask you anything?” he questioned…., ” but I did wrong shivay….. How can I be so selfish to take such stupid decision of calling him in such situation where we both were in danger and you were injured…. That was quite insensitive of mine shivay… I deserve to be scolded shivay…” she put on several allegations on herself….., ” if something had happened to you then…. Par nhi mujhe har waqt bas Apne baare main hi Sochna hota Hai…. Shivay why did you stop pinky aunty? You should have told her that how selfish and bad person I am… I am just….” she was cursing herself each passing second…., “done? Ya Kuch bolna rehta Hai?” he asked…. She got quite and didn’t look at him….., “see if you ask me whether you are selfish or not? Then I would simply say a big noooo….” he spoke…., ” and its not that I am very great or something that’s why I am saying but I can prove you also….” he was speaking while she was listening to him carefully….., ” do you remember when I had asked you to run and save yourself? What did you do? You didn’t move a bit and on the top of it you said you can’t leave me like that…. Have you thought why you did that? It’s just because you think about others more than yours…. That’s why you don’t share your feelings thinking that what others will think? Will your feelings and decisions hurt them? And all… And after seeing all these things only an idiot will call you selfish! ” he made himself clear and even presented a character sketch of her with some recent instances….,” how can you be so simple shivay? ” a question came from her side….,” B’cous I don’t like making things complicated and now if it’s Done with your allegations and selfish game so will you go and take some rest? ” he said smiling.

Anika again failed to understand him. He was just beyond her expectations and somewhere in her mind he had made a quite respectable image.
After listening to him she just passed on a smile to him with a thin layer of water in her eyes and turned to go but stopped and turned to him…., ” I am sorry!” she said…., ” now for what anika?” he said…., ” for hurting such nice person!!…. For hurting your feelings…. For spoiling your life…. For everything which happened after my arrival in your life…. I am sorry!” she said and left. Shivay’s eyes had tears which spilled out from the corners…..  To be continued.

Precap : what if anika wants to be friend with shivay?? ???? A new beginning of this lovestory….. Do read to know more!

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