Shivay’s lovestory!! By Shyra (chapter 5)

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Recap : anika gets stuck….she gets scared of goons…… Shivay reaches…. Shivika argument…. Goon attacks shivay and kidnaps anika…. Shivay plays with goon’s emotions by pretending to be Helpless husband….. Now next….

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They all started walking towards anika and one of them lifted his hand to touch Anika’s face, she closed her eyes with fear but she felt nothing, to which this opened her eyes and saw shivay holding his hand…. She got shocked….., ” anika just run from here” he shouted and punched the goon….another goon came and held Shivay’s neck…. ” I said run anika…..” shivay spoke with greater difficulty…. Just then she realized that the ropes were untied, she looked at shivay and understood why he had asked to hug her….Shivay pushed the person and started fighting with him….., ” anika Maine kaha bhaago!! I will handle them just go from here…..” he again asked her to leave while beating them. Don’t know why but she couldn’t follow what he said, her heart wasn’t allowing her to leave him like this…, ” shivayyyyy…..” she called him. He looked at her…., ” anika you r still here…. It’s not safe just leave…..” he again asked her to save herself…., ” but how can I leave u like this??” she spoke…., ” I am sorry but I won’t go anywhere leaving you in this condition….” she conveyed her decision to him. Shivay very well knew that she was quite adamant regarding her decisions…. So he ran to her and held her hand…., ” Chalo ab yaha se….” he spoke and ran holding her hand. They both were running at their full speed, suddenly Shivay’s vision got blur due to the wound and he stopped…., ” shivayyy…. Are you ok?” she asked with a concerned face…., ” anika come with me….” he took her behind some shrubs that hid them…., ” are you ok shivay??” she checked him and realized that he had got unconscious….., ” shivay please open your eyes…. Please get up shivay….” she got horrified seeing him…., ” shivay that’s not fair, every time you can’t be so nice! Why you always make me feel selfish?….. Please let me say sorry once to you…. Please get up shivay… ( she cries)…. Main itni selfish nhi hoon…. Har baar Galti meri thi aur Maine aapko blame kiya… I m sorry shivay…. I am really sorry…. ” her tears were continuously falling on his face…,” I blamed you for this forced marriage when you were at no fault…. I forced you for divorce…. I blamed you for separating me from my parents…. Though it was not your mistake…. You always came as a helping hand to me and I always took it in a wrong way … I m sorry!! Please get up I have to say sorry to you otherwise I won’t be able to live in this guilt…. I am sorry…. ” she went on asking for forgiveness for her faults.
” youu… Don.. nt… Have.. to… be… Sorry anikaaa!! ” and a weak voice ringed in her eyes leading to stop her from shedding more tears and she found him conscious. He got up slowly from her lap holding his head….,” come let’s go!! Everyone must be worried about us… ” he spoke….,” I am sorry shivay… Please…” she said but he interrupted in between…, ” I said it’s alright and you were no where at fault, it’s just we had to face these circumstances so we r facing it… Don’t worry” he spoke with a hopeless face….., ” come let’s go!” he started leaving and anika followed him. On the way shivay was finding the right path and anika was lost somewhere….

Anika’s pov
Why I always fail to understand this person?? When I suppose him to say something, he keeps mum without uttering a single word and when I suppose him to say nothing, he speaks something which I never expect from him…
” I don’t know where are we heading to? I even don’t remember the way… ” and shivay’s voice got her back to the present.
” shivay can’t we make a call?? ” she gave an idea….,” we can anika but there is no signal in this forest” he replied…., ” do one thing give me your phone….” she forwarded her hand and he kept his phone on her hand. She switched off the phone…, ” anika I had switched it off and on but it didn’t work…” he spoke… She didn’t pay attention to him and started banging the phone….,” anika what are you doing? The phone will get damaged… ” he tried to stop her but she continued the beating it hard and switched it on raising it in air….,” this won’t work anika… ” he spoke but got surprised when she smiled proudly, the phone had network…,” wowww…. How did you do it?? ” shivay asked in amazement…,” you don’t know me… I m khidkitoddd anika! And anika can do whatever she wants” she boasted herself…. He smiled at her and she also smiled back in return. He called police station and then om..,” hello om! Listen just track my location as soon as possible and I have informed police so reach here fast…. We are stuck in a forest… ” he told om….,” forest?? But how how did you reach there shivay and anika is also with you?? ” om asked…..,” how duffer you are om, I mean it’s simple jungle main mangal hi hoga na… ” rudra poked his nose in between….,” shut up rudra” shivom shouted in unison. The call got disconnected.
” om is coming! Till then I think we should try to find the way… ” shivay said. Anika nodded. They started walking. After sometime anika got tired but she didn’t say anything to him and continued walking….,” how about resting for sometime?? ” shivay turned and asked her. She felt weird that how come he knew what she wanted. She again nodded and sat against a tree.

” how did you know that I m tired shivay? ” she questioned….,”……,” and may I know that why can’t you say it yourself to others that what you feel? ” he questioned back to her….,” see its not necessary to reply something unpredictable everytime! And it’s my choice I never tell people what I want” being anika she replied instantly…., ” that’s why you didn’t tell me that you were forced to do this marriage though you loved someone else” he spoke unknowingly and her expressions changed listening to him, her eyes filled with tears. Shivay saw this and realized what he said though he didn’t wish to…, ” I am sorry anika! I didn’t mean that….” he tried to pacify her…., ” no shivay it’s alright! I deserve this much taunt…” she said while hiding her tears. He cursed himself for saying that…., ” look anika it wasn’t a taunt and I can never taunt you…. I said that because it’s not always good to keep things to yourself, if you had shared that you love… ( he stopped)… I mean you didn’t wish to marry me, you could have told me once and I swear I would have never led you get into this situation” he cleared himself…., ” I had no option shivay, I was in a mess at that time….” she kept her knees close to her heart and put down on her head being upset. He went to her and caressed her head…., ” it’s alright, I can understand…” he said. She lifted her head and looked at him. He sat beside her…., ” don’t worry anika! I will solve all this…” he looked at the sky and spoke…., ” and why would you do so??” she asked looking at him…, ” Kyunki…..( he looked into her eyes)… Kyunki meri biwi bahut chapad chapad karti hai aur ab jab thangaballi bhai Sahab uska kidnap karne main unsuccessful ho Gaye toh Kuch aur try karna padega na…” he spoke being sarcastic….. Within no time they both burst out laughing…., ” you are so mean shivay…” anika kept her hand on his shoulder and kept laughing ? ? ?. He took away his shoulder being a gentleman and she noticed this…., ” but I should say you acted very well! I mean for a second even I thought that you really want rid of me” anika spoke and laughed simultaneously…., ” never!! ( she stopped laughing and looked at him)… I mean who said I was pretending something, I really want you to get kidnap….” he said with puppy eyes…., ” Haww!! Aap bhi bahut chant hai…” she said with a frown…., ” hey what’s that chant?? I mean in this day you have been using such weird words…” he asked…., ” Arree chant means witty!!” she clarified him…., ” hmm.. Ohhh so I need to learn this khidkitoddd Anika’s dictionary right??” he asked and smiled…. ” yeah! You have to…. You know what I don’t remember when I laughed so much last time” she smiled…, ” so this adventurous trip made you laugh…. Actually bahut funny characters the so laughing was must” he again gave a good reply….,” hmm… Did you forgive me?? ” she asked in between. He remained silent and she looked down after getting no response.

Anika sits quietly looking at the sky. After sometime she looked at shivay and was surprised to see him drowned in deep slumber…., ” shivay has slept, it’s been quiet long and om also didn’t come till now….. Pata nhi Kab yaha se nikalenge….Daksh must be worried about me, I left my phone also ( she looks at Shivay’s phone and thought to make a call to Daksh) she called him but no signal was found, she raised the phone in air and started walking to get network, after sometime she realsed that she got out of the forest and reached the same place, Shivay’s car was also there…., ” Ohh Bete ki yeh toh wohi jagah hai… It means i came here…. Yes! Finally I found the way….” she jumped out of happiness and immediately made a call to Daksh…, ” hello Daksh!! You know what…. We had got stuck in a forest and some people had Kidnapped me… ” she hurriedly told him about all th happenings….,” what? Anika are you alright?? Tumhe Kuch Hua toh nhi?? Tum Thik toh ho na?? ” Daksh got worried about her….,” hey I am alright and I even reached near the car, shivay had called om…. He must be arriving any time… ” she said…,” haash! Anika please take care of yourself and do one thing go and sit in car till om arrives… ” he showed concern for her. Anika felt nice listening to him and smiled. Later she cut the call….,” Ufff finally, shivay come let’s go… ” and just then she realized that he wasn’t there, this came as a huge shock to her….to be continued

Precap: ,” how could you leave him like this anika?? Dammit you forget about him…” pinky shouted on him and shattered crying….. Anika felt guilty….. Will shivay remain safe??

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