Shivay’s lovestory!! By Shyra (chapter 3)

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Someone knocked the door. Anika quickly wiped off her tears and went to open the door. Om had come to meet her. ” sorry to disturb you Bhabhi…. Can we talk for a while?” he smiled and asked. Anika nodded and got him inside. ” Bhabhi I know I am your devar but today I have come to talk to you as a friend….” he spoke and smiled again. Anika felt a friendly bond with om so she started listening to him carefully. ” actually Bhabhi now shivay and you are in a very special relationship. But

… Actually I don’t know and I didn’t even want to ask this as it’s yours and shivay’s personal matter… But Bhabhi I felt that you both are having some issues….am I Right?” he asked very maturely. Anika wasn’t able to look into his eyes as she knew that he has to come to know about what’s going between them. ” I know it’s your personal matter but still if I can help you…” he again tried to ask her. ” did shivay tell you anything?” anika asked. Om listened to her and passed on a smile. ” why are you smiling?” anika got confused. ” actually Bhabhi batane ki zaroorat Unhe hoti hai Jo Kuch chupana jaante ho and if we talk about shivay then I would just say that he is like a mirror…to himself, he will just show what’s inside him, actually Bhabhi the thing is that shivay didn’t tell me anything but his behavior told me everything… Yesterday for the first time he tried to hide his emotions from his brother but he doesn’t know that he actually failed to do so…. ” om replied. Anika was touched after seeing such selfless bond between the brothers.” Bhabhi it’s alright if you don’t want to share it with me.. I just want to tell you something…. Actually shivay is not like others, he looks very rough and tough from outside but from inside he is very caring and loving person, I know you must be thinking that I am saying all this because I m his brother and blah blah…. No it’s not like that… Actually I think If even I don’t tell you much about shivay then also you will yourself get to know about him within few time…. Kyunki woh hai hi Aisa… Kabhi Apne baare Mai nahi Sochta bas family….

Bhai… Business… Inhi Sab cheezon ke aaspass ghumti rehti hai uski Zindagi… He never took out time for himself… Like enjoying or doing parties and all.. Instead he likes to spend time with his family and I am damn sure that in this one day you have noticed how much he is attached to us. I am saying all this as yesterday….. Actually I could have asked him only about the problem when yesterday he was sitting alone in study but I knew it very well that shivay won’t share it with me as it is something which can harm our happiness, that’s why I came to talk to you about this matter….but now I feel that you both need some time to know each other. One more thing Pls share your problems with him…. I can guarantee you that my brother won’t let you have any problem…. It’s just you need to understand shivay a little….because he is very simple and can easily be understood. At last I would say I just want my brother’s happiness and you know what?…. His happiness lies in you. Anika felt something when om said his happiness lies in her. She couldn’t resist herself so she asked him. ” om I didn’t understand…. I mean how his happiness lies in me?”. ” Hmmm… I think that you would come to know yourself…. ” he spoke and smiled. Anika didn’t understand what he meant.” sorry om but I seriously want to know…. ” Anika was curious to know.” hmm…

OK but I won’t tell you this… Instead of me something else will tell you! ” he speaks and goes towards shivay’s wardrobe.” here are your answers…. After I will go from here I just want you to open this wardrobe ” om said.” but what’s there om and it’s shivay’s cupboard…. I mean how could I? ” anika said.” I know Bhabhi it’s shivay’s cupboard and you know what? Shivay never allowed anyone to touch his cupboard…. None of us… ” om’s answer made anika chuckled.” never allowed? But why? ” she again asked him of curiosity.” even we didn’t know about this…. So one day ru… I Mean rudra and u got curious to know what’s so special inside this cupboard Jo shivay kisi ko nahi batata…. So one day shivay was out of town and we got a chance to check this… Somehow we just opened this cupboard and then we came to know about the reason ki shivay Isse kisiko check karne kyun nahi deta tha… Later on we closed it and shivay didn’t come to know about this. That’s why I am saying please check this shayad aapko aapke kaam ki koi cheez mil jaye. ” he again spoke and smiled.” ” hmm… But first I will take permission from shivay… ” anika said like an honest child. Om laughed at her innocence….” hmm…. I think shivay… Acha jaane do… It’s your choice so just ask shivay and open this… ” om said nodding his head. Anika smiled and nodded.” by th way thanks a lot for listening to your devar’s lecture and all the very best ” om concluded at last. Anika smiled.” so I think I should so go now… Byee Bhabhi” saying this om left.
And in this way om left but he left a thoughtful anika behind him. Now anika sat on bed and started staring the cupboard. She was getting desperate to know what was inside it….

Anika’s pov
What could be inside this cupboard? Om was saying shivay didn’t allow anyone to open it… So Kuch personal hi hoga… But Kya? Don’t know why! but why am I feeling so curious to know?
Her eyes falls on the broken photo frame. She goes and picks it up. She remincies last night incident…
Anika’s pov
How can I forget about this? I did such a big mistake by shouting on such nice person and he didn’t even reply anything to me. Actually it was Daksh who did this and i punished shivay for all this…. Although I love Daksh a lot but today I am having this feeling that there is so much difference between shivay and Daksh… ( she remembers shivay)…. I am really sorry shivay! I said all that to you… How can I be so selfish? Main aisi nahi hoon… I won’t get calm till I will apologize to you… But how? Should I call him? No…. I insulted his goodness… Now I will say sorry to him on his face.
Anika goes to market.
Anika: should I get a sorry card for him? Let see…
She enters the store. The salesman comes to her.
Salesman : welcome Mam! What would you like to have…. We have all kinds of gift items….
Anika: I want a sorry card…
Salesman: sorry card! Ya sure… It’s there… Come! She follows him.

Anika looks at every card but doesn’t find anything for shivay…
Salesman : by the way Mam…. For whom do you want the card? Friend, mother, boyfriend…..
Anika was looking at all the cards so she didn’t realize what she didn’t pay much attention to him…
Anika: I want the card for shivay…. she was looking into cards and replied.
Salesman: sorry Mam! Shivay? I mean…. Who is he to you?
Anika: he is my husband!!…. Anika replied.
Salesman went and got a beautiful card for her….
Salesman: take this… It’s perfect for your him…. By the way… Sorry being personal but for the first time I have seen a wife who wants to apologize to her husband I mean generally it’s husband’s duty to say sorry and all… He laughs.
Anika realized what he said…
Anika: husband?
Salesman: yes Mam! You only told me that you are taking it for your husband….
Anika: did I say husband?
Salesman : yes Mam! Is there any problem Mam?
Anika: no just pack this one…
She didn’t wish to continue the talk so she left quickly.

In car
she remembers telling shivay her husband. She closed her eyes as she wasn’t able to accept that she called him husband.
Anika’s pov
How can I call him that? No he is not my hus…. No he is not… I love Daksh and only Daksh. I think I should stop thinking much about shivay… Pata nahi Kya ho gaya tha mujhe? Kyun Soch rahi hoon shivay ke baare main itna… After all I want divorce with him.
She checks her phone and finds 20 missed calls of Daksh. She gets shocked.
Anika: Daksh was calling me but I didn’t realize…. Oh no…. What’s wrong with me? How can I ignore his call. He must be worried about me and I got so much into shivay… I need to call him.
Anika: hello Daksh! I m really sorry I didn’t see the call… I know you would be worried for me…
Daksh : are you stupid anika? How can you be so careless?
Anika: sorry Daksh….
Daksh: OK just tell me what happened about divorce? When will you get independence from that shivay?
Anika: Daksh I have asked him and he has said that he will talk to his family…
Daksh: family? Is he mad? Arre usse force Karo….
Anika: but Daksh he said na that he will give me divorce he just need some time…
Daksh: you have mad anika…. Uff… You… I don’t want to talk… He cuts the call.
Anika: Daksh listen! Daksh……
She feels upset after talking to Daksh…

Anika’s pov
What has happened to him? He didn’t even ask me once that how am I? Shaadi meri hui Hai… Main yaha akeli hoon but he doesn’t bother to ask me whether am I fine or not?…. She gets a thin layer of tear on her eyes.
I don’t have anyone with me with whom I can share what’s going inside me? Everyone is just busy…..
She feels very hurt.
In office
Shivay was thinking about anika and was getting restless… He didn’t had any reason to call her and talk toh her though he was her husband but suddenly he remembered something and got a reason to talk to her.

On the other side Anika’s car got some problem and she had to sit inside the car on the road. Driver had gone to get the mechanic. She was feeling little sacred. Shivay’s name flashes on her screen.
Shivay : hello anika!
Anika: shivay…. Aap?
Shivay: yes actually sorry to disturb you I need to tell you that I have filed the divorce case….
Anika: hmm… Shivay finds her little upset.
Shivay : anika are you fine? I mean…
Anika: hmm… I m… OK…
He feels that something was wrong with her.
Shivay: I know you won’t share with me but if you want something you can tell me…
Anika : woh shivay… She stops…. Kuch nahi…
Shivay : did you eat something?
Anika: no actually I am in market and the car got some problem… Driver has gone to get the mechanic but he hasn’t come till now….
Shivay : what? It mean you are alone… Tumhe kisi ko saath lekar Jaana chahiye tha na… You know it’s not safe outside…. Just tell me the place I am coming!
Anika: no need shivay… I am ok…
Shivay: anika tell me the place… I am coming!
She tells him the address and he rushed to take her. He reached to her. She gets out of the car.
Shivay : are you alright? Come sit in the car I will drop you home.
Anika looks at him…. She didn’t expect him to be so protective about her. She hide the card in her saree and sat beside him.
Anika: shivay… Won’t you ask me what I was doing here?
Shivay : why? Anika it’s your life… You can go anywhere you don’t need take my permission but it’s just take someone with you… It’s not safe outside.

Though anika didn’t want but she had started comparing Daksh and shivay somewhere in her mind. She was forced to think about him more and more. In between all this he was busy in driving and anika was busy in gazing him….
Shivay : anika will you please get me the bag… It is there on th back sit….. ( she looked behind and picked up the bag)
Shivay: you should have eaten something till now, actually Dadi called me and said that I should make you something eat.
Anika: dadi?? But Unhe kaise pata chala Maine Kuch nahi Khaya?…. She caught shivay.
Shivay : I think you should eat otherwise it won’t taste good. He tried to avoid her questioning.
And this was again shivay failed to hide that he himself got it for her….
Anika: shivay aap khud Laye hai yeh mere liye? She couldn’t stop herself and questioned him.
Shivay : actually… I had.. I mean…. How was your shopping ?? He avoided to answer.
Anika: shopping? Haan woh toh… Ohh no… ?? shivay stop the car…. Please!!…. To be continued.

Precap : guess what? Anika had already planned something but to her shock shivay will also do something for her!! So any guesses whose surprise is going to be more good?? ??

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