Shivay’s lovestory!! By Shyra (chapter 2)

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Later in shivika’s room
Anika was waiting for shivay. Shivay enters, anika comes to him. He looks at her…
Anika: shivay I wanted to say sor… ( but before she could complete shivay said)
Shivay: I know anika that by now I should have told them about our relationship but I am not able to…. ( he smiles) actually they are very happy for me….. So I really need some time please… I promise I will try my level best… U just have to wait a little.
Anika was lost in shivay that she even didn’t realize that when he left from that place…. Her phone ring got her back to the real world. She picked up the call.

Daksh: where were you anika? I have been calling you since so long…
Anika : woh Daksh…. I was with shivay…
Daksh:ohh so did you tell him everything? And what did he say? Zyada natak toh nahi kiya na usne?
Anika: no Daksh… Shivay didn’t say anything to me….. I instead when I told him that I want divorce he quietly agreed for my happiness… I mean he is very nice person…
Daksh: to hell with his niceness…. Anika you don’t know these rich people… They just pretend to be nice and you just be alert ok…. I m damn sure he must be planning something against you…..
Anika: but Daksh shivay aise nahi Hai….

Daksh: Acha tum jaanti hi Kitna ho uss shivay ko? Baby he is just acting in front of you…
Anika’s heart wasn’t able to agree to what Daksh was saying so she just didn’t say anything to him.
Daksh: OK baby listen I am going to London for sometime till then you have to manage divorce from shivay… OK Byee! He cuts the call.
Anika’s pov
Why is he so desperate for divorce?… Wait a min anika are you mad? Even you want divorce and now you are saying this. I don’t know why? But I am seriously getting a feeling that shivay is not like that…. She thinks.

At night shivay comes back and joins everybody for dinner. ” bhaiya that’s totally not fair? You got married yesterday and today you went to office… I mean you left Bhabhi alone….” rudra complaint to him. Shivay looked at anika who was looking at him. ” rudra it’s not like that I had some work…” he just tried to avoid the situation. Anika’s parents entered. “mom dad…” anika became happy. Everyone welcomed them and after sometime anika took them to her room. ” anika! Did you asked for divorce to shivay? How can you do this Haan? Didn’t you feel any shame while asking for divorce from shivay?” her mother burst out on her. ” I was proud to have a daughter like you anika but today you made me shamefull in front of shivay….

How could you do such cheap thing Haan? It’s just disgusting…” her father also showed his disappointment. Anika got teary eyed and tried to make them understand. ” mom dad… Yes I asked for divorce because I want to marry Daksh…. Please mom try to understand my point of view…” she begged in front of them. ” it’s you who need to understand anika…. Shivay is such a nice person…. Can’t you see how much he loves you?” her mother again tried to make her understand…..

Anika didn’t want to listen anything as she under the influence of Daksh’s love and had decided to fight for her love without thinking about anyone. Her parents got disappointed seeing that their daughter couldn’t see her best soul mate in shivay so just left from there.
Anika sat on her bed and started crying.

Anika’s pov
Mom dad… Why don’t you both understand that I love Daksh? I can’t live without him…. ( suddenly a thought stucks to her mind) but how mom and dad came to know about our divorce? I didn’t tell them anything…. It means shivay…. But he said that he…. No anika why will shivay do this? He loves his family so much so he must be knowing that if mom and dad came to know about out divorce they will get upset so why will he tell them? ( she remembers Daksh saying that shivay must be planning something against her) was Daksh right?

It means I misunderstood shivay…. He is not as innocent as much he shows…. I thought that I did wrong with such a nice person but actually I was wrong to take him as a nice person…. Daksh was right. Now I won’t come in under shivay’s influence…. Pata nahi mujhe Kya ho gaya tha… Bas par ab nahi. She wipes off her tears.

At night everyone goes to their respective rooms. Shivay was sitting in his study. He was tired after whole days work but he didn’t want to face anika again otherwise he won’t be able to hide his emotions. He thinks about her and smiles with tearful eyes.
Shivay’s pov
Today I came to know that as much as a person try he can’t change his destiny, yesterday at this time I had so many plans for a beautiful life with anika… My wif… He stops….. I know she is doesn’t consider me as a life partner but I will always wish to have you only as my life partner. I promise anika I will become the best husband…. The husband who will get his wife her happiness by giving her divorce. Tears escape from his eyes.

Om enters. “shivay? What are you doing here?” he asked with concern. Shivay heard his voice and quickly rubbed his eyes and put on a fake smile on his face. ” nothing om I was just going to my room only” he spoke and stormed out of the room. On felt weird and started thinking about shivay. Shivay reached outside his room. He didn’t wish to enter but he has to so he relaxed himself and knocked the door. He entered the room. To his badluck again he got a shock as the whole room was messed up and anika was standing in front of him folding her hands. ” shocked right? Mr. So called Singh oberoi….” she asked rudely to him. Shivay couldn’t understand anything so he moved further and picked up his broken family picture frame which was lying on the floor. ” anika… Sab Thik toh hai?” he asked while looking at her. ” Sab Thik? Actually Sab Thik hota agar aapne hone dia hota? First of all I must say you are very good actor….” she taunted him. Shivay looks on.
” actually shivay you did everything so perfectly that you made me feel guilty for what I did…. But now I have come to know about everything….. Everything Mr. Shivay Singh oberoi…. Wait what did you say to me? Anika Pls meri family bahut khush hai mujhe thoda waqt chahiye…. Yehi kaha tha na aapne…. Arre agar aap apni family se itna hi Pyaar karte Hai toh aapne ek baar bhi meri family ko Hamare divorce ke baare main batane se Pehle nahi Socha….. ” she shouted on him. Shivay got shocked….” what are you saying anika? I haven’t…. ” he tried to justify himself.” Ohh please now don’t start your acting again….

Just shut up OK… ” she again shouted.” see anika…. For me my family is more than anything to me…. I can go to any extent for them and now as you are my wife, u are also a part of my family and like you your family is also my family now so I would never do something due to which your parents feel sad…. ” he tried to make her understand.” but you did that Mr. Shivay Singh oberoi…. You told my family about our divorce and you know what? My parents are shameful to have a daughter like me…. Just because of you. I won’t forgive you shivay… I won’t…. ” she sat on the floor and started crying. Shivay was not able to see her like this….” anika I haven’t done this…. But as now it’s my responsibility to not let you have any sadness in your life, I won’t even let this sadness touch you…. So just calm down…. Though I haven’t done anything but I promise I will correct everything….. ” he spoke and lifted his hand to hold her but she turned her face. Shivay went outside.

Next morning anika had fallen sleep at that place. She woke up and found that the whole room was perfectly fine except that frame of shivay’s family picture. She looked here and there but shivay was nowhere to be found. She went outside. Everyone was busy in their work.
Anika’s pov
Everyone is happy…. It means shivay didn’t tell them anything…. I don’t understand what kind of a person he is… Yesterday I shouted so much on him and he didn’t say it to anyone…. But why am I thinking about him? Let him do what he want…. I just want my divorce but where is he now? I should call him.

She takes out her phone but before she could call him…. She gets a call from Daksh.
Daksh: hello my Jaan! How are you?
Anika: main Thik hoon Daksh…. But Daksh I wanted to meet you I am not feeling nice….
Daksh : what are you saying sweetheart? I can’t meet you now… I am in London.
Anika: Ohhh….

Daksh: by the way anika…. I have a good news for you…
Anika: good news?
Daksh: yes! Actually as you are trying so much to get divorce from shivay so I thought to lighten up your burden…. Actually yesterday morning I had got a call from your father…. He was giving me a warning to stay away from you…. But I told them that you are going to get divorce from from that shivay and then we will get married…. He spoke happily to her.
Anika got the biggest shock….. She got the flashbacks of last night how she allegated shivay…. How she shouted on him instead of being innocent…. He even tried to justify himself but she was in her own rage…. The phone slipped from her hand and rushed to her room. She closed the door and sat down crying.

Though all what anika did was wrong but from inside she was a very nice girl who can’t even think to hurt someone…. She was just under the influence of Daksh’s words. She was feeling extremely guilty of saying all those things to shivay and on the top of it the thing which was killing her from inside was shivay’s greatness of being so nice to her in return of her rude behavior. Someone knocked the door. Anika quickly wiped off her tears and went to open the door. Om had come to meet her. ” sorry to disturb you Bhabhi…. Can we talk for a while?” he smiles and asked. Anika nodded and got him inside. ” Bhabhi I know I am your devar but today I have come to talk to you as a friend….” he spoke and smiled….to be continued.

Precap: anika to realize her mistake after listening to om!….. Anika does something special for shivay seeking forgiveness…. ? ? ? ?

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    Shivay was so happy to get married to anika and was really excited to tell her abt his feelings but he got the biggest shock of his life when he came to know she loves someone else and wants divorce from him. All his dreams shattered…. the night which was was gonna bring happiness in his life brought darkness instead. He still managed to put on a smiling face amidst the the sea of tears which could come out anytime soon. He asked her for sometime to tell this to his family as they are really happy. She felt bad seeing him crying and developed a soft corner in her heart for him.
    Anika was surprised with shivay’s goodness… she was lost in his words but came out of her thoughts aftr seeing daksh’s call. Anika tried to make him understand tht shivay isn’t a bad person and is genuine but somewhere his words got registered in her mind even if her heart didn’t agree.
    Shivay would have never gone to office if anika was happy with this marriage, if he stayed at home he would just remember the night’s happening and how this marriage means nthng to her. Anika was happy with her parents arrival but she got a shock when she got to knw tht her parents knw abt the divorce. She tried to make them understand tht she loves daksh a lot and she never wanted to marry shivay. Her parent also tried to make her understand tht shivay is the best partner for her and not daksh, they were disappointed tht she hurt shivay so much. Her parents chose a diamond for her but she chose a mere stone for herself. She was heartbroken seeing her parent’s disappointment towards her but she wanted her love. Reminiscing daksh’s words and her parents words she thought shivay told them abt the divorce.
    Shivay sat in his study not wanting to face anika as his emotions would overflow, he wondered how his life changed within a night. Hiding his tears from om he left for his room but om found his behaviour a bit weird. Shivay got anthr shock again seeing the messed up room especially his family’s broken photo frame. Without giving shivay a chance to explain she bursted upon him for tellin her parents abt the divorce and for being so hypocritical. Shivay tried to make her understand tht he considers her family as his own and wouldn’t do so and still apologises even though he was nowhere at fault… he bared all her anger. Anika’s heart believed tht shivay couldn’t do something like tht but her mind stated the other…. between the battle of heart and mind the mind won. Now it was the time for her to get shocked… listening to daksh’s words she realised wht a big mistake she did…. without any fault of shivay’s she said so much to him and he listened everythin and even apologised. She felt bad for hurting him so much… for the mistake of daksh she blamed shivay. Om comes to speak to her abt shivay.
    Cn’t wait to knw wht he’ll tell anika and how anika will apologise to shivay…. i guess today night as well he’ll get anthr shock. Anyways, take care dear and love u loads.

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