Shivaye and Anika lovestory (Episode 1)

Shivaye and Anika Lovestory

I’ll be writing each episode every day for full seven days. Its contents is comdey and romance there will be no dragging episodes.
Episode 1
the episode starts with anika waking up and saying she got late for work.

anika: Sahil wake up ur getting late for school.
sahil: anika di i dont have no school today but ur getting late for workπŸ˜‚
anika: oh no im dead and billu ji is so gonna be angry today for being late.
sahil: sso wont leave u alone today ahaha πŸ˜‚
anika runs around the house and quickly gets ready and get her bag and leaves for work.
anika: bye sahil and remember to have ur food on time.

at the oberoi mansion
shivaye is waiting in the hall for anika
shivaye: where the hell is she
shivaye: dont call me billu ji
anika: if not billu ji then what shall i call u mister stone singh oberoi or mr angry singh oberoi.
shivaye: grrr just shut up and fine billu ji is fine

anika: see u like me calling billu ji πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
shivaye: you just shhh and go do ur work uff what tension but in the s*xy dress shes looking beautiful.
anika: what did u say
shivaye: sometimes ur soo beautiful i cant take my eyes of you 😘😘
anika: what???
shivaye: no i was talking about to tia on the phone
shivaye walks away before anika realise that he was talking about her.

episode one is gonna be short because i wanted to know how the episode is to u guys and stay tune for episode 2


  1. Sat


    |Registered Member

    Really shivaay calling her that wore was really coll
    I just loved it.
    Sorry for the late comment. Please update the next parta ASAP

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