Shivangi Joshi Rejected Dream Girl!!!!

I have watched a video a few minutes ago. It was a video about “shows that, Shivangi Joshi had rejected.” You won’t believe, what I am going to tell you. Shivangi rejected dream girl!!!!! Yes you heard that right. Dream girl, where Mohsin was. If shivangi did say yes, Mohsin and Shivangi would be together. Unluckily, she said no. I would want to see, their love story in dream girl. They would been romancing twice. Honestly I would say, dream girl’s love story is way damn better than yrkkh kaira’s. I just wished Shivangi said yes. She would’ve slayed it, with Mohsin. Just Imagine how it would been like.

1 upcoming story:
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on star plus have taken an unexpected turn in the storyline of the show. Naira have freshly got to know about Keerti and Naksh’s bonding and also that Naksh likes Keerti. Naksh have yet not confronted his love to keerti but have been thought of expressing his feelings to Keerti many times. Also Naksh have always been stood up by Keerthi’s side whenever Keerti was attacked by Aditya.Naira-Kartik’s fight Naira tells Kartik that Naira is planning to make Keerti and Naksh marry with respect and blessings of family members.Kartik thinks that this would be a little too much to expect a yes nod from dadi.It would be interesting to watch as to how would Kartik and Naira’s this difference in opinion make an impact on Keerti and Naksh?

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  1. It is good as if you said u heard that news
    May be u said right as story of dream girl is better than yrkkh but yrkkh gained lots of popularity through which they individually got their own personality and also whatever happened in past, obviously we can say that it happens for good… Because may be we would have lost such a adorable couple

  2. Vedanshidwivedi

    Nice but frm where heard abt keesh

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