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Shivaay buried his face on Annika’s shoulder, held her waist and closing his eyes he stood still. Annika wrapped her hands protectively around his neck and kissed his hair. Shivaay tightened his hold on her waist. He wanted to scrap away the whole day scenario from his mind. He was angry…angry on self… How can he let this happen… He is SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI and SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI can do anything then why was he so helpless when his dadi’s  dream was burning down to ashes infront of his eyes…

Remembering about his helplessness…His rage on himself reached another level. He wanted to punish himself.

Sensing his stiffness, Annika ran her fingers on the nape of his neck and caressed his hair with the other… Shivaay calmed under her assuring touch… Annika gently came out of the hug and cupping his face, she kissed his forehead ever so lovingly.

Setting his disshelved hair, smiling, she said,Aapko pata hai mere Shivaay na.. The Great Wall Of Shivaay Singh Oberoi hai…Har baar woh apni family ko bachane ke liye saari musibat apne upar le lete hai. Unhe apni chor ke baaki sab  ki fikar Rehti hai… she  said while opening the buttons of his coat .Aaj bhi unhone yahi Kiya…apni family ko bachane ke liye unhone saari musibat apne sar le li she said while looking in his eyes.Aur uske Baad bhi khud pe gussa ho rahe hai…pata nahi kyu…

“Pata nahi kya hoga unka…she said dramatically moving her hands in air.

He faked a smile. She removed his coat and placing her hand on his cheek she pecked his lips. “Aap jaake fresh ho jaayiye. 10:30 baj gaye hai… hamare O’bros aur O’bahus aate hi honge and kissed his tired eyes tenderly. Both smiled.

He went to the bathroom to wash his face, grabbing a towel he came out and saw Annika was not there. He sat on the bed resting his head on his hands. The sight of the burning factory was being played repeatedly on his mind. He Got up, gulped a glass of water and went towards dadi’s room.

Dadi was sitting on the rocking chair thinking about the long eventful day. Shivaay went inside and sat near her lap. He took her one hand in his both hands. She smiled ,still her eyes closed. Shivaay passed a faint smile.

Annika, Om-Ru, Gauri and Saumya saw Shivaay heading towards dadi’s . They followed him.

“I am sorry..he said in a low voice, careressing dadi’s hand He looked up at her with defeated eyes. Dadi opened her eyes and placed her free hand on his cheeks. “Dadi, mujhe pata hai yeah project Dadaji ka Sapna tha…Aapka Sapna tha…aur mai …mai isse pura nahi kar paya..he said looking down not able to meet her eyes.

“Chaar saal pehle jab aapne mujhe iss project ke bare me bataya tha tab Maine aapse waada Kiya tha ki mai iss project Ko pura karunga… I … I am sorry… aapse Kiya hua waada mai pura nahi kar paya He said in a cracking voice.

Standing at the door, their(Annika, Om-Ru, Gauri and Saumya) stomach churned seeing THEIR Shivaay in this vulnerable state Now they understood what they considered as a MERE project was not a MERE project for Shivaay. They understood why Shivaay was this much affected by the burning of their series of developing factory which they thought was just another set of factories which belonged to the huge Oberoi Empire.

Dadi smiled at Shivaay, ruffling his hair she made him look at her.Puttar aaj jo bhi hua Usme teri koi galti nahi hai…woh aag…

“Nahi dadi, sab meri galti hai… I should have been careful… He interrupted. ” Shayad… Shayad mai aapke bharose ke layak hi nahi tha… He said and tears formed in his eyes threatening to fall.

Dadi frowned. “Billu! Tujhe pata hai iss project ke bare me Tej aur Shakti Ko kyu nahi pata tha…kyuki Maine unhe kabhi bataya hi nahi tha…mai chahti toh unhe bahut pehle bata kar yeah factory banwa leti…lekin Maine unhe kabhi iss layak hi nahi samjha…

“Mai bahut acche se jaanti thi ki agar koi hai jo isse Dada ji ka nahi Balki apna Sapna Bana kar pura kar Sakta hai toh who sirf aur sirf mera Billu hai… she completed with a smile. Shivaay looked at her intently. He felt a bit proud. He felt a bit happy, a bit relieved. Soon it disappeared.

“Lekin dadi…

“Lekin wekin kuch nahi.. she said sternly.

He smiled faintly,looking at her hand.

“Billu aaj jo tune Kiya hai na… uske Baad mera Vishwas aur pakka ho Gaya hai ki jab tak tu hai tab tak iss parivaar ke kisi bhi sadasya Ko koi bhi nuksaan nahi pahucha sakta…


          “Abhishek tum yaha? ” questioned Sakti when he saw Shivaay’s PA entering the hall,figedting,with some files.

All the family members were sitting in the hall.

“Good evening,Sir. Mujhe Shivaay sir ne bheja hai. Inn papers pe Gauri, Saumya aur Annika mam aur Om sir aur Rudra sir ke signature chahiye the.

Tej head snapped at that.kya hai inn papers me? he asked suspiciously.

Knowing very well what the papers contained,he  didn’t disclosed the matter, as per directed by his boss.Pardon sir, I don’t really know what these documents are about. I was just asked to get the signatures.

Om asked Gauri to  bring a pen and he headed towards Abhishek asking him where to sign.

“Anything related to property? Hand over me the papers. I’ll read first, then they can sign it. Dadi and the younger Oberois looked at Tej in disbelief.

Don’t let them read the papers. Abhishek remembered Shivaay’s word.

“We are in a bit hurry, Sir had asked me to bring the documents as fast as possible

“What? No,not at all. I can’t risk my sons’ signing any industrial documents without reading it

Turning to Om Abhishek asked him to talk to Shivaay once.

Giving his father a disgusted look, he reluctantly dialled Shivaay’s number. He trusted Shivaay. But just to confirm that the papers were send by Shivaay himself he called him.

“Hello, Shivaay?

“Haan, Om. Bol.

“Abhishek kuch documents leke aaya hai sign karwane wane ke liye.

“Haan…maine hi bheja. He sounded tense.

“Sab thik hai na Shivaay? Tu kuch pareshan lag Raha hai.

“Om, tujhe mujhe pe Bharosa hai na?

“Khud se bhi zyaada he said glaring at Mr.Oberoi.

“Okay. Then sign the papers and send them fast.

“Hmmm and without wasting a minute, he signed the papers, as directed Abhishek, followed by the other four.

 Later their attention was caught by Gauri, standing near the T.V. “Omkara ji ee dekhiye yeh news me kya dikha  rahe hai

“The 7 new factories, still under construction, that belong to the Oberoi groups hahad caught fire which resulted in the death of hundreds and hundreds of workers and countless of them have been injured. The construction site first witnessed the collapsing of the factory buildings followed by fire.

“What could have been th rason of the downfall of the building? Cheap building materials?  The Oberois’ to be blamed for the death of so many poor labourers?

“As per are sources, the seven factories were divided between the three younger oberoi brothers and their respected wives’. Two belonged to Mr.SSO and the rest five were divided equally between Mrs.ASSO, MR and Mrs.OSO and Mr and Mrs.RSO.

“Are these six people to be questioned? What if they ae found culprit for the loss of life of the workers? Would they land in jail? Spatted the reporter.

“Yeh toh Wahi project hai jisse Shivaay ne last month start Kiya tha?And yeh saari factory Shivaay ne apne  aur hum Pancho ke Naam se start kiya hai said Om.

“Toh kya ab Shivaay bhaiya aur hum paancho Ko inn Sab ke liye zimmedar theheraya jayega asked a worried Rudra.

“Police hum sab par Shak karegi..ab hum sab ka Naam issme aayega?.. said Saumya.

Everyone looked worried.

The reporter continued “But according to the official statement Mr.Abhishek, which we have received just now, it is confirmed that all the seven factories belong to none other than Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi!!!!!  Is he the one who should be accused for the mishappening ? Should he be punished for the death of hundreds of workers?

“Yeh Kaise ho Sakta hai.. woh factories toh hum sab ke Naam pe hai…toh yeh log sirf Shivaay Ko hi kyu blame kar rahe hai asked Om.

“Om… Abhi thodi der pehle humne jo papers sign kiye the…kahi woh  inke hi papers  toh nahi the? questioned Annika.

Flashback ends

Shivaay chuckled.Woh!..woh toh Maine khud ke liye Kiya hai… You know being a bit selfish.He winked at her with a smile. “Dadi…Aap jaanti hai na ki  agar Om-Ru meri zindagi hai…toh Annika, Gauri aur Saumya mere jeene ki wajah hai… he said smiling at her dadi.

Dadi could not stop adoring her innocent grandchild.

Still sitting near her lap he continued…Rudra Ko Maine aur Om ne bachpan  se hi har problem se dur rakha hai…Maine hamesha usse apne khud ke  bacche ki tarah rakha hai.. they both smiled.

Rudra glancing at Om smiled brightly.

“Om, Annika aur Gauri ne Bachpan se hi bahut pareshaaniyo ka Saamna Kiya hai…Mai nahi chahta ki ab unhe koi bhi pareshaani ho…Mere hote hue koi bhi problem unke aas pass nahi ghumegi…

Omkara-Gauri smiled at their over-protective brother and Annika…she just cannot stop loving her husband even more the every next moment.

“Aur Saumya,smiling he continued,woh bhi Rudra se Kam nahi hai, choti si Bacchi hai bilkul..

Saumya smiled, with tears in her eyes. Being with his bade bhaiya she had never missed her own brother.

“Dadi, mai nahi chahta ki mere hote hue inme se kisi Ko bhi…koi  bhi mushkil ka Saamna karna pare…Police…Investigation…Media… Interrogation… Press… mai nhi chahta ki mere hote hue who log in sab me pare…

“Issilye tune saari zimmedari apne upar le li..khud Ko pareshaani me daal liya…Sab ke baare me socha Lekin khud ke bare me nahi..

He stood up abruptly, looking everywhere but her. He smiled, kissed her hand and said,Dadi raat bahut ho gayi hai ab aapko aaram karna chahiye He had never felt comfortable talking about himself.

Dadi jerked his hand and brought him back to his original position.

She held his hand and careressed his hair…Mai bhul gayi thi ki mera Billu paanch saal ki hi Umar me hi Shivaay  ban Gaya tha He said nothing and tried to absorb the depth of her statement.Jab Rudra ne Janam liya tha aur Om chaar saal ka tha Shivaay smiled at her. He knew that today he cannot run away from her or being specific he knew that today he cannot run away from himself…

“Tu kab Billu se Shivaay Bana Gaya Hume pata hi nahi chala…

“Tujhe toh yeah bhi nahi yaad hoga ki tu kitchen me kab se hai…jab tu 9 saal ka tha tab tune pehli Baar Om-Ru ke liye khana banaya tha…Jis umar me log apne haathon se khana nahi  khate  hai uss Umar me tu apne haathon se apne bhaiyon ke liye khana banaya karta tha…kyuki uss waqt teri maa aur Bari maa apne hi jhagro me uljhe Rehti thi…waise woh baat alag hai ki Jo tune pehli Baar banaya tha woh khane layak nahi tha…

They laughed in a sad tone.lekin Om-Ru ke liye who sabse accha tha…bhale hi ussme swaad ki kami ho Lekin ussme unke Shivaay bhaiya ka pyaar bhara hua tha.she completed.

Cooking was never his passion he thought and during his early days of cooking he never was able to prepare anything that could be termed as food.He giggled at the memory…but he was never able to see his little brothers waiting for their mothers to stop fighting  so that they can have something to eat. He started cooking himself. For them.  He was Shivaay Singh Oberoi, soon he mastered the art of cooking and at that very day, at the tender age of 11, he vowed that he would never let his brothers go to bed with empty stomach. And also,while being in the kitchen with Om-Ru, it was the only time when they were cut off of the dramas of the elder, where they had their O’BROS moment. Seeing his brothers in the kitchen with him, the only place where they were themselves far away from their dysfunctional family, Shivaay didn’tknew when his need became his passion.

Coming out of his thoughts he looked at his dadi and smiled brightly.

Om-Ru smiled looking at each other. They remembered their childhood O’bros moment. They remembered the number of times their elder brother had burnt his hands in the attempt of feeding them but that never stopped him from cooking. Even now however complicated they may seem, they are always like children when they are in the kitchen. Dancing on their own tunes. 

They never created food, they created memory. Memories  that could be cherished for a thousand times over. The three brothers thought.

Shivaay rested his head on his dadi’s lap. She started massaging his forehead.


                          To be continued…..

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