Shivaay ki dulhania #shivika ff episode -5


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at temple:-
shivaay recives a call from anika:-
anika:-hello,shivaay i want to talk to you.
anika:-not in phone i want you to meet you and talk.
shivaay:-ok!where should i come.
(anika says him a place.they both go there.)
anika and shivaay sit on a bench.
anika:-shivaay,will you marry ishu?
shivaay:-what?are you mad?i love you and your asking me to marry your sister.
shivaay walks from there.
anika:-shivaay!listen pls stop!
shivaay stops there.
shivaay:-i will give you an idea,i will find a guy for ishu.
anika:-ok then.
shivaay:-call her here.
(shivaay calls rudr.anika calls ishu)
shivaay,anika and ishu sits.rudr comes there with a board and a marker.
rudr:-ishita ji,say how your husband should be,and i will draw so we can find him where ever he is?
ishu:-ok!(ishu starts saying rudr goes on drawing)
finally,the picture is sharuk khan`s.
shivaay:-wht?now from where shall we bring sharuk?
rudr:-from far i will be like sharuk.
anika:-haa,from so much far.
shivaay:-i have a idea.rudr come here.
shivaay whispered something in rudr`s ear.
shivaay:-see you tommorow,i will call you and say where should you come.
shivaay and rudr runs from there.
next morning shivaay,anika,rudr and ishu sits in chairs:so many boys come there:-
anika:-shivaay,wht`s happening.ishu i kept this auditions for your who you like.
ishu sees everyone.but she dose`nt like anyone.she walks from there.
anika:-shivaay wht will you do now.
shivaay:-today night come to the emple i will show you a guy there.
anika:-i trust you.ok i will come
that night shivaay and anika go to mata di templeon stage a boy will be singing:-
boy:-say jmd,jmd.j means jai.m means mata.d means di.say jai mata di.
shivaay:-how is he?
anika:-nice,cause ishu like him.
SHIVAAYgoes on the stage and calls him.he comes and talks to shivaay.shivaay says him about ishu.he says i will meet her.
anika:-wht did he said?
shivaay:-he want`s to talk to ishu you bring tommorow.
anika:-ok thank you so much.
NOTE:-guys i am sorry for posting a small update.
PRECAP:-raman`s dad ask dowry.anika says that she will not give dowry.shivaay says that he will give the money.

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