Shivaay ki dulhania #shivika ff episode -4

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in bus(continuson):-
shivaay:-don`t ask thing which are not connected to me or my life.
anika:-ok! have a car showroom na.say the full form of abs system.(shivaay looks at rudr)
rudr:-why?are you seeing me everytime.candidate is you.
anika:-anti-lock breaking system.
shivaay:-what i know about all bhaiya runs the shop. to calculate simple intrest and compound intrest.
shivaay:-i have aldready written my 10th class exam i am having certificate also.i have no use to prove it to you.
anika:-tommorow,if your dad sends you out of your house.what will you do?
shivaay:-why will my dad send me out of my house?
anika:- come here.if you make me pregnant before wedding,then will he not send u out of ur house?
shivaay goes and beats that man and says :-i am not teasing her she is only teasing me.
shivaay:-i think you your position is not right.i will come tommorow.
anika:-what will you you do do in 1 day?
shivaay:-i am very nice guy i will take care of you.
rudr:-come let`s go.
they both get out of bus.anika`s says bye.
rudr:-are you crying shivaay?
shivaay:-without crying.what should i do?
they both hug each other.

at anika`s house night time:-
anika writes something in the airhostress training website.ishu enter in.
mr.malik:-can i talk to u?
anika and his father stands in the balconey
mr.malik:-anika beta,please accept for the wedding.i want ishu also to get married.
anika:-i too want ishu to get married papa.
mr.malik:-peta,in 2 years i am going to retair i want to see you both married.
anika:-papa,try to understand they are not correct for us
mr.malik:-no one are correct in the whole world.please do a favor for me,you marry fast and do ishu`s marriage also.

Next morning shivaay goes to a temple with his family:-
shivaay:-pandit ji congracts.who has given birth to a girl?
rudr:-she is your 3rd daughter.
pandit:-no fourth
shivaay:-please stop other wise there will be no diffrence if she is your child or grandchild.
(gaukara comes out of temple)
gauri:-wht did she say?
shivaay:-she said that she wants to marry me as fast as possible.i said her that there is no hurry.
om:-you said there is no hurry.
(janvi ,tej comes there)
janvi:-did you talk to mr.malik and family.are there coming to meet us?
PRECAP:-anika asks shivaay to marry ishu.

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