Shivaay ki dulhania #shivika ff episode -3

HI!guys sorry for posting the 2nd update slowly this is because of hindi words which i used a lot i will try to reduce the usage of hindi words so that the update may be posted as fast as possible.
shivaay:-(to himself)how can she reject me?there must be a reason behind it.(shivaay narrates anika`s past)
the reason for anika`s rejection is her father mr.malik and anik`s love story anika and daksh met at collage and they both fall in love.before wedding they planned to open a shop owner asks if you want this area u must pay at least 15,00,000.and to ask a middle class father 15lakhs is like asking his kidney.finally,anika`s father gave her the money.anika handed the money to morning he took the money and went out of the city.suddenly,anika`s father gets heart attack he says you sell my heart and start new business.anika says if he is a theif what should i do.she starts crying.
(anika`s past ends)
shivaay and rudr go to their automobiles showroom.gauri serves food for them.omkara comes.
om:-shivaay did you talk to her?
shivaay:-yes,bhaiya.tommorow once again i will go.
rudr:- bhaiya,she rejected him.
shivaay:-don`t say lies.
rudr:-in my life i read less books but i can read your face very well.
om:-it`s everything is fine just forget her and move on.
shivaay:-how can i forget her?you are very lucky you daily eat food made by bhabhi i also want my wife to come to showroom and serve food for me.
gauri:-i can also serve you food do one thing talk to mom.
shivaay:-bhabhi there is no use talking to mom,bhaiya please you go and talk to dad.
om:-if dad knows anika rejected you, do you think he will accept for marriage?
shivaay:-once talk and see.
gauri(to om):-achha,listen,once talk and see
(all are silent)
om:-ok fine!
shivaay:-you will listen to bhabhi`s words.when will you talk?
om:-ok,i will talk today.
at oberoi mansion:-
janvi:-rudr,has set the match
om:-yes,mom.rudr runs a matrimony site.
rudr:-chutki mein
tej:-chutki mein shaadi shuru chutki mein shaadi katam.(the marriage will start in a chutki and end in a chutki)
om:-she is very beautiful.
(tej sees anika`s pics and talk to om)
tej:-taj mahal is also very beautiful.did mr.malik accept for wedding?
rudr:-i have talken to their family.i will settle everything.
tej:-shivaay did you see her pics?
shivaay:-wht will i know about only see and decide.what will i do seeing the pics.
Night time at anika`s house:-
mrs.malik:-they have money.they are the richest people in jhansi wht else do we need?
anika:-in this house expect wedding why don`t you talk about anything else?i don`t want to marry now.first you think about ishu she is bigger than me
(anika stops eating and gets up from chair)
ishu:-where are you going?
anika:-i want to give answer to wedding propsal.
(she takes chutki mein card and goes into her bedroom she does video call to shivaay)
(anika blushes)
anika i said you once i don`t want to marry you don`t you understand.
(she shouts on him.and cuts the call)
next morning shivaay runs at the back of a bus in which anika and ishu are there.finally rudr and shivaay catches the bus .they go near anika and ishu:-
shivaay:-i have been running from jhansi to kota for 3 timesin last 2 days.
anika:-whtever the drama you are doing i understand everything.
shivaay:-wht drama?
anika:-your behavior is not nice from that marriage night
shivaay:-if i am too bad i will make you my g.f .i will not give you wedding proposal
anika:-girlfriend,till today did you make anyone your girlfriend
shivaay:-i don`t want to make girlfriend
anika:-people like you don`t have g.f also.
shivaay:-now leave about this g.f and b.f talk about wedding.
anika:-how many times i must say i don`t want to marry i must make a tatoo on my hand and tell you.
a man in the busy:-madam,is he doing raging
shivaay:-do you think that i am doing raging.don`t try to act as hero.
anika:-listen,i don`t want to marry you or any other guy.
shivaay:-then wht do you want to do?
anika:-i want ishu to get married after that i will leave kota and go somewhere
anika:-i will go to himalaya mountains and be a saint
shivaay:-anika ji my big sister is there and you want to marry me.
shivaay:-then no problem rudr is there na.
rudr:-i am ready for wedding.
ishu:-i will do sucide but i will not marry you.
the man again:-bhaiya your teasing her.
shivaay:-you stop wht teasing teasing.
anika:-see wedding is for two equal people..takar ki jodi.
shivaay:-i know my heart is too big.
anika:-sweetie,matter is not about heart but mind
shivaay:-sweetie,my mind is also too test and see.
anika:-achha,wht is your qualification.?
anika:-it means wht did you do?
rudr:-he is mr.oberoi`s son.he is very popular in jhansi.
anika:-candidate is shivaay or u don`t talk in middle.
anika:-kota is famous for iit say the full form of iit
anika:- wht i….i….i.indian institute of technology.

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