Shivaay ki dulhania #shivika ff episode -2

HI!guys hope you liked episode 1.thanks for your precious comments.i say this in each and every episode and now also please ignore spelling mistakes and typos.

next morning!rudr goes to anika`s house to talk with anika`s parents about shivika marriage.
rudr and mr.malik`s conversation:-
(rudr gives him the card of his matrimony site that is chutki mein sees the card and talks to rudr.rudr finds a oxygen cylinder)
rudr:-uncle!is this cylinder yours.
mr.malik:-yes,what is the name of your company?
rudr:-chutki mein
rudr:-uncle!you don`t worry both your daughters wedding same place at a time.uncle you don`t worry.
(mr and mrs malik accept for wedding)

That nightshivaay and rudr conversation in their bedroom:-
shivaay:-waa!rudr you are so directly went to anika`s house to talk to their parents.
rudr:- hmm….both the sisters are nice.
shivaay:-did their parents accept for marrige?
rudr:-yes!but how will you tell you your father?
shivaay:-you leave it to me.bhaiya……..mere pyaari bhaiya………….
(shivaay says so and goes to terrece where he sees omkara drunk)

shivaay goes near om and sits on a wall
shivaay:-bhaiya.Do you still remember ishaana?
om:-ha!sometimes.whts the matter?do you want to talk to me?
shivaay:-yes,bhaiya.we saw a that girl in aakash`s weeding.
om:-haa!what is her name?
om:-do you love her?did she accepted for wedding?
shivaay:-yes i love her,but i am not understanding how to say to dad.she didn`t accept but her parents accepted.
om:-go and say he will get another heart attach and die.
(shivom laughs)
om:-don`t leave anika,or you must do wedding on dad`s wish.but,really your bhabhi is too good.
shivaay:-thank you,bhaiya.i am going now tommorow i must go to kota anika lives there.
om:-best of luck good night.
shivaay:-good night bhaiya!

Next morning.shivaay goes to anika`s collage and sits on his car and rudr sleeps inside the car sitting in seat.
after the collage anika and ishu comes out of class.they both see them.shivaay wakes up rudr.shivaay says hi to anika.anika laughs gently.
shivaay:-did`nt she recognise me?
rudr:-if you wear your sun glasses no one can identify you.
shivaay gives his glasses to rudr and runs at the back of anika.
shivaay:-bhool gayi kya? kal shaadi mein hamare saath naach rahi thi(you have been danced with me in wedding did you forget)
anika:-who is dancing with you i am doing myself
shivaay:-apna apna??vaise tum english class mein teacher hain kya?(yours,yours?bye the way are you english teacher)
anika:-teacher?nahi student hoon.(no i am studentt)
shivaay:-aachi baat hain,eng tho seekna chahiye.maa logon ko eng aate haina toh baccho logo ko bhi aata hain.humko jhaansi mein bohot badi car showroom hain,humare bhaiyya sambhalte hain.wo jo gadi rudr chala rahe na woh hamari showroom ka hain.humara pitaji bohot badi saukar hain.hum chote logon ko loans dekhar help karte hein.poori jhanshi mein boht bada naam hai hmra parivaar ka.
(it`nice thing should learn engg.when mothers get english then children will also get english.we have big car showroom in jhanshi,my brother takes care.that car which rudr is driving is also frm our father is vry big man in jhanshi we give loans to small people and help them)

anika:-ye sab hame kyun bata rahe hon?(why are you telling this all to me?)
shivaay:-kal koi poochenge tumhare pati kya karte hain kya kahogi.(if anyone ask wht will ur husband do,wht will u tell)
anika:-pati?dimag jhanshi chod kar ayaho kya?(husband?left ur brain in jhansi or wht?)
shivaay:-isme bolne vali kya baat hain?yeh toh hindustan ka vidaan hain.shaadi ke umr mein shaadi nhi karogi to kya karoge*(wht`s there to tell this is india`s way in mrg age yo will not get married then what will you do)
then ishita comes on champa and anika goes and sits back.
anika:-iss bewakoof idea ko tumhari dimag se nikaal do.mein tumshe shaadi karne mein intereested nahi hoon.(remove this idea from your min i`m not interested in marrying in you)
and ishu and anika leave on champa(scooty)
PRECAP: shivaay narrates anika`s past.

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