Shivaay ki dulhania #shivika ff episode -1

HI guys!i am back with first episode.hope you liked the intro.thanks for your precious comments.please leave your review.i will try my level best to write without mistakes.please ignore spelling mistakes andtypos.

shivaay narrates the story line:-
namaste!welcome to jhansi.(camera turns to tej).he is my father tej singh oberoi and my mummy janvi singh oberoi,mummy is very father takes each and every desicion of my life.and now he is seeing matches for me.i mean for my wedding.(camera turns to gaurika)he is my elder brother omkara singh oberoi and my bhabhi gauri singh brother runs oberoi`s automobiles showroom .some years before my brother loved a girl named ishaana he wants to marry her one fine night he aurgued with my father and wants to leave home then suddenly my father got heart attack,waht to do my brother`s weekness is my father.after that my brother married on my father`s wish.bhabi is also very good.
shivaay goes to a place with rudr on his bike and he stands there then a man comes there:-
shivaay:-hi!bhai early morning why are you doing joging?i never saw you doing joging here.(shivaay says in hindi.the man replies in english)
man:-actually bhai you are right i will never come here.tomorrow i my wedding you must come.
shivaay:-your speeking nice english where did you learn.
man:-my wife is a graduate.(conversation continues in hindi)so i am learning english.
rudr:-say graduate spelling.
shivaay:-wrong answer.
shivaay:-rudr you say.
rudr:-ga ki a ke ki ra ki matra.ja ki choti u ki matra.a.ta.graduate.
shivaay:-vry good rudr.
scene at the man`s wedding:-
(anika eats gulab jamun and talks with ishu)(mr.malik`s best friend`s daughter wedding)
anika:-di!eat is awesome.
(they both eat it mrs.malik comes there)
mrs.malik:-stop eating.we are from bride side go and serve food for bride groom`s relatives and guests.
anika:-no,why should i go don`t they have hands to serve and eat.
ishu:-yes,ma we will not go.
mrs.malik:-if now you will not go………
ishu:-ok!fine.we will go.
(they both walk on steps.they see the bride`s father and groom`s father talking about dowry.anika and ishu goes to them.shivaay sits side by on a chair with his friends)
anika:-uncle!you please go in and talk about this matter.
rudr:-why?why should they go inside and talk?
anika:-this is elder matter you don`t interfear.
shivaay:-o!hello madam!we are also elder people i am 21years
anika:-you are saying in such a way as if you are so old.
(ishu and anika laughs)
shivaay:-whts big matter to laugh?
anika:-why there should be a issue to laugh also ?uncle please go inside and talk.
(the bride`s father and groom`s father go inside.ishu and anika leaves)
Shivika dance on aashiq surrender hua.rudr clicks their pics.
PRECAP:-rudr goes to anika`s house.he talks with her parents about shivika wedding.
NOTE:-guys i am sorry for mistakes please ignore them.please share your precious comments.sorry guys for small update soon.

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