Shivaay ki dulhania #shivika ff (character sketch)

HI guys!i am a silent reader and i thought to write this ff on i am writing the character sketch.please write your comments if you want me to continue.the story is based on bollywood movie.please ignore spelling mistakes and typos.

shivaay singh oberoi:-he is cute,nostagalic yet lovely guy.he is the second son of oberoi`s.he is innocent too.(oberoi`s are rich people in the city of jhansi).shivaay is not a business man.male lead
anika malik:-she is the younger daughter of malik.she is from a middle-class family.anika`s character is same as in ishqbazz but she is not a orphan.she is well educated.she is a collage student.she have a new thinking.female lead
omkara singh oberoi:-The elder son of oberoi`s.he runs his father`s automobiles shop.he is not at all a angry man.he has a love failure.
gauri singh oberoi:-she is smart,well educated but she is not doing any job,because her father-in-law did`nt allow her.wife of omkara singh oberoi.
rudr:-shivaay`s best friend.he runs a matrimony site.he is funny.he makes all laugh.(he is not a part of oberoi family)
tej singh oberoi:-arrogant,strict.father of shivaay and omkara.he did`nt want her daughter-in-law`s to study or do jobs after marriage.he is a heart patient
janvi singh oberoi:-very silent mother of shivaay and omkara.loves her husband and children.
ishita malik:-(a character of yeh hai mohabattein)she is tadibaaz.cute,intellegent.elder sister of anika.loves her parents and sister.she is a collage student.
raman bhalla:-(a character of yeh hai mohabattein)he is smart,well-educated,only son of bhalla`s and and a great devotee of mata di.
mr.malik:-he is the father of ishu and anika.he is also a heart patient,loves her daughters.he want to get them married before he gets retired.
mrs.malik:-she is the mother of ishu and anika and she loves her daughters.

hello guys!hope you like it.please give your precious comments to let me know that i should continue or not.
other characters wld be introduced in the stry. chamelis are also allowed.

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