Shivaay , Ishaan and ishita (Part 3)

“What!!!!” Everyone.
Yes this is the truth ” said Shivaay
But how is that possible our Dna matched with pap….. Mr Oberoi” said Ishaan
I never said that Shakti Singh Oberoi is not our father .” Said Shivaay.
What how .. It means…..” Said Ishaan.

We both r illegamate children .” Said Shivaay.
What rubbish Shivaay stop all that ” said Shakti
Plz stay quiet it’s be coz of u all this happen just Bcoz u Ishaan suffered this much ,it’s Bcoz of ishita suffered this much .JUST BCOZ OF U”said shivaay with anger.
Shivaay who is our mother ” asked Ishaan.
There she is ” saying this he show Kamini.

Everyone get shock to the core .
Shut up Shivaay that’s enough .” Said Shakti.
What’s all this Shivaay tell us everything ” said anika.
Shivaay went near pinky .” You don’t have a son u have a daughter .here she is ishita ” said shivaay ( guys imagine Surabhi friend in tanhaiyan the one who got married )
Ishaan ishita n me were both on the same day same time . When wen mom gave birth a girl papa was irritated coz he thought she can’t be the heir for the family . Hence at the same time he got to know abt us .

Hence he planned and replaced me with ishita n kept me near pinky. .everyone believe it . Wen Kamini mom came with Ishaan n ishita he refused to accept them. So she decided to rise them herself but her father refused this idea a night without Kamini s knowledge he took them and gave them to orphanage ishita was adopted she got will settled but after her adoption her parents died though she had everything she lived alone in her life . N Ishaan u guys know what he faced . Said Shivaay.
How u know all this ” asked tej.

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