SHIULI and DHADKAN (swasan one shot)

Hai frndz….. I am adaa. I like writing one shots. This is my first one shot. If u like then i will write more. I am a die hard fan of swasan. So lets start……..
Their story revolves around a girl who is very cute. She love her family more than anything else. She is our swara. She dont have any boyfriend… No lover nothing she is a simple girl with good values. She never believed love. She thinks that love is just pain. Her thaughts change because of an OBJECT. Yes a non living thing changed everything in her life.
Swara is wearing a black and red saree. Her hairstyle is fish braid. The braid is on her shoulder towards front. Her ears were decorated with black jhumkas. She was gorgeous……… She love music. She was humming a tune and roaming in the bazars of kolkata. The smell of perfume of shiuli flowers were soooo good. She purchased some bangles and turned to go but the destinity made swara to dash with her to be soulmate sanskar. Swara falls down. She says sorry and goes. Unfortunately both did not see faces of each other. Sanskar fell in love with the fragrance of shiuli flowers. He looks down he finds an anklet of swara which dropped from her leg whe they fell. He takes it and says pehali nazar ka pyaar… Love at 1st sight… Quite intresting and go. Just when sanskar went swara came to the bangle shop. She forgot to pay the money. She pays and turns to go but stops. She looks down. She finds a watch. She is unaware that the watch is of sanskar. She takes it and says why is this special for me.? She goes.

Sanskar sits on his couch murmuring ‘shiuli flowers…. I am in love… I love miss shiuli…. Anklet….. Shiuli anklet… ‘ sujata mother of sanskar listens this. She makes the sound ahem..ahem.. For his attention. She says my son….. Sanskar ramprasad maheshwari is dreaming…… That too about shiuli flowers…… Sanskar says i love shiuli…. Sujata says am i dreaming… Sanskar….you hate shiuli right…. Sanskar says i love shiuli….. Sujata goes.
Swara sits on her bed and looks at the watch carefully. She says this is the watch which he was wearing… (Refering sanskar) why am i getting attracted to this watch?? Why are my heartbeats increasing when i think about him….. Dil ki dhadkan…. Hmmm i will call him mr dhadkan. I am in love… I love mr dhadkan…….

Many days pass. Miss shiuli and mr dhadkan are madly in love. They never met each other. Never saw each other. Dont even know names of each other but are in love…… Will their destinity allow them to meet each other?

One day sujata comes to sanskar and says we got a marraige proposal for you. Girl is very beautiful. We are going today. Sanskar says sorry mom i dont wanna marry. Sujata says you have to come or else i will jump from our terrace. Sanskar gets irritated and agrees unwillingly. They all go to yhe house of the girl. Girl is none other than our swara. But they are unaware that they are madly in love with each other. Swara comes and touches feet of rp and sujata. Sujata and rp agree. Shekhar dad of swara says do u have any objection swara? Swara nods no unwillingly. All are happy. Sanskar says i wanna talk with swara in private. All agree. Swara takes sanskar to her room. Sanskar says i am in love with someone. Swara goes towards her dressing table and spray the perfume of shiuli flowers. Sanskar goes towards swara and says shiuli flowers…. He sees her dressing table he finds his watch and says my watch…… Swara is shocked. He sees an anklet beside the watch and ask her where is the other one? Swara says u lost it somewhere. Sanskar puts his hand in his pocket and takes out the anklet. Swara says my anklet…. Sanskar says i loved the owner of this anklet. Swara says i loved the owner of this watch. Both were shocked, happy, excited, nervous and many feelings they hug passionately. The go to elders and accept the proposal. Sanskar takes swara to the beach side. They tell their storeys. Sanskar says will u marry me miss shiuli? Swara says yes mr dhadkan….

So this is the unique love story of miss shiuli and mr dhadkan. THE END…….
Hope u like it……. Eagerly waiting for ur comments….. Lots of love adaa …. Byeee

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  1. It was nice nd a different one

  2. So cuteee….. I just love swasan…. So always read swasan’s ff..

  3. Sorry for spelling and some grammatical mistakes…… Plz do comment and tell me howz this…… Plzzzzzzz…….

  4. Mind blowing miss fabulous

  5. Amazing dear….. nd it is different from others.

  6. thIs was different and nice story
    loved it

  7. its outstanding ada

  8. Frndzzz…. If u really like it then i will be back with a new one shot with another unique story………
    I just need ur encouragement and support……..
    Let me know how is my one shot through ur valuble comments which encourage me to write………

  9. Love it

  10. Do come up..i really liked it..too cute n good..i wish such lovers r still present nowadays..

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