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Hey friends..! It’s me Shreya and I would really like ro share my views on a few FFs on this site.. Actually very few.. I don’t read much of them.. And my list is only limited.. N yeah ..! These are only my views.. So if guys don’t like it please do not bash me out..! But guys if you like it, I would really like you all to comment..!


1. Anu
Each and every story of this girl makes me go speechless..! She is one of the most beautiful writers who has the ability to pen down every human emotion.. Be it love; pain; or hatred.. ! I wish I could live her stories .. They are truly amazing.. And I must say she is a beautiful person inside out..
Destiny♥.. Fix you♥.. Arranged to be his♥.. Childhood sweethearts.. ♥
Man..! They are all so fabulous.. Yet so realistic..
I never believed in arranged marriages.. But after reading her ff, I would really like myself to be arranged for someone the same way..!
Childhood sweethearts.. One of the most unique stories I have ever read..! It’s been a few days since I left my school but to me it feels as if I am reliving it all through this..!
Destiny.. Now that’s what I would call a real Destiny game..! They unite.. Fall apart.. And reunite..! Sounds filmy, eh..? But I loved it to the core..!
And finally I love this girl so very much.. My friend; my sweet little sissy.. I hope uh don’t mind me calling you that..! ♥?

2. Anjali
Now what should I say about this girl.. Actually I missed her ff firstly.. And then read them all at a go yesterday.. And I must admit that it was only thing which kept me awake the whole night long.. I feel addicted to it now..! She is a mind blowing writer.. And a gifted one.. I read all the comments in her story and I am glad to know that everyone loves her so much, including meh..! And dear I have never seen a girl so strong..! You are an inspiration to me girliee..! I would definitely want to meet you someday in my life..! I know we are not some good old friends.. But don’t know why I feel so attached to your story..! No no I never had heartbreak though.. But yeah your story seems as if I am watching an Oscar winning movie..!
I smiled reading your story.. And at times cried too..! But it’s one of the evergreen love stories..
Mr. Maheshwari and I.. This made me go crazy.. And the way Sanskar has been portrayed is worth praising..! You are making me fall in love with him over and over again..! And I could read your story up till infinity..!
Love you with all the heart..! May every wish of yours come true..! You are truly a pure soul..! ♥?

3. Eva
I admit that I have never commented on your ff.. But then I was a silent reader.. But truly I never missed a chapter of it.. Both the seasons..! Many of the readers even bashed you and your masterpiece.. But you never stopped.. And that one thing kept me glued to your lovely stories..♥.. The story had it all Swalak; Swasan; Raglak; And Ragsan.. And I truly loved it and enjoyed it with all my heart..! And sorry once again for not commenting.. But I was there reading your ff and supporting you..!
Love you dea! ♥?

4. G_S
So this is a message from one of your fans..! Meh..! Aww..! I love you dea..
Her ff has it all .. Chillar party.. Villains.. Romance.. Adventure rides.. And of course SWASAN.. !
Mileya mileya.. It was one of my favourite ff here.. And now I miss it like hell..! Oh.. When are you starting with season 2 ..? Now can’t wait any more.. And why the hell are you checking my patience..! Start with it.. Faster.. No more delay.. I know I sound like a stupid girl. But I CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE..!
TMRDH .. I love it.. I love it more with every new chapter.. ! Now that’s the story of true love.. Which can fight all the odds.. And still find happiness with each other.. !
Love you loads..! ♥?

So guys .. These were my thoughts.. And thank you lovely girliess.. For giving such wonderful updates.. I know many of you might be reading there ff and I do not need to publicize it but still if not uh should start reading.. ! Now..!
These were very few of a lot of millions stories out here..! But these are also the ones which stole away my heart..
May god bless you all four…! And keep smiling girls..! Because smile is the curve which sets everything straight..! ♥?
N to all those who read this article of mine.. Please comment if you agree with me.. ! ♥

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. I agree with u shreya

  2. they are wonderful writers but mine fav are
    1swasan ur mine ( awesome story ) i loved this writer for writing winderful story
    2my fav no one can compete Aryna rivals
    ( sry i don’t remembered full name
    3ruhi khan devil met his angel
    4.The power of true love ( best story and diff consept )
    5 piyali awesome writer
    6. one pari mostly write swlaak story loved her all story
    and many other
    but these are one i loved the most
    all are awesome and i li ed both swalak and swasan
    and soo are my best ff writers

  3. Omg!! Tysm!! ❤

    Seriously friends like you made me what I am. So tysm! You literally made speechless. I’m out of words. So many praises. So happy to know. And trust say u have a much more sweeter and bigger heart than me. And after reading this I think its my duty to write more and entertain you guys even more!

    1. Anu..! Uh are so cute.. And sweet at heart..! And I luv so damn much..!

    2. Okay I was with my friend while typing that small comment. Anyway, talking about my journey here. I started here as a silent reader and then a commenter. And honestly if I’m writing today that’s only because I was inspired a lot by Vini di. Her writing inspired me to wrote. And I can’t thank her enough for that!

      And *hugs* and I want to say so much I’m in full on blabbering mode but I dont know what to blabber atm. Just love you a lot! ❤

      Keep smiling and spread the smiles and joy everywhere ???❤♥♥❤

    3. And don’t u even think that I wuld mind being ur sis! It would be honour! I know that’s a little cheesy. But would love to be ur sis dear <3<3

      Shreya sis! Love you again! ♥

      1. Oh great ..! Now I have one more sis named Anu.. ! Buy this time a younger one.. Aww ..! Uh are so sweet.. ! Love you more dea..! ♥

  4. These three are my favorite writers. My morning starts with searching their ff whether they have uploaded or not and also ends with their ff. M addicted to their stories.

  5. Shreya!!!! 😮 😮

    I never expected this at all!!! Thanks would be very less to tell about this honour….



    I am so happy I missed an episode of Swaragini one day in Jan… Bcos otherwise I would never have come to TU, I would never have read Mandy's ff, I would never have got inspired to write.. And I never would have met you all…..

    Today I felt soo bad after my phy marks… But ur sweet and absolutely wonderful gesture and ur comments helped me cheer up… A LOT!!!

    Especially ur comments about so many ppl loving me… I read that sentence over and over again and was smiling goofily….

    Thank you sooo much for reading my story…
    And loving it sooo much!!!

    I really don't know how else to describe what I'm feeling right now… 😀 😀 😀

    I abs loved the way you have written here for all 4 of us… :* :* :*

    1. Oh.. I would definitely like to meet you babe..! Luv uh loads..! ♥

  6. Hey Shreya…..thank u soooo much…i know i have many silent readers…but its okay…..i want people to read my ff…commenting..that’s their choice…and bashing……mujhe sacchiii useh koi faraq nehi parta….everyone presents their view and if that’s negative we call it bashing..most negative comments have no relation with my ff….that’s what amuses me….anyways…thank u for this….

    1. That’s the thing I like so much about you..! Uh are a lovely girl dea..! ♥

  7. All four of you deserve this girls..! My mother tells me that if you like something, appreciate it without giving a second thought..! So that’s what I did.. ! N yeah I wanted this to be a surprise for you .. Other wise I would have mentioned about it in my ff.. But no..! Surprises are much better..!
    And I really love you all..! So much..!

    1. One of the most lovely surprises I ever had… Really luv u tons for this..!! 😀 😀

    2. I’m officially out of words now. Lol 😛

  8. OMG.. OMG.. I don’t believe this.. I never expected such an honour… Really obliged wid ur words Shreya… Luv u a lot…!!

    I mean my name wid the best writers from here… Really unexpected…!!
    Actually I was studying german for my exams tomorrow… When I got tired I thought of having a look over here… n found this… Trust me all my tiredness vanished within seconds… Very happy right now…!!

    Thank u so much once again for such beautiful words…!! 😀 😀

    1. Aww..! Uh deserve it dear.. Uh are one my favorites out here.. So uh definitely had to be there..! I love uh so much.. ! Keep writing.. And do not forget to SMILE..! ♥?

      1. Thank u so much deary… Frnds like u always make our day… Luv u so much… N even if we forget to smile somehow u will be there naa to make us smile…. 🙂 😉

  9. I completely agree wid u shrey……. Thy R mindblowing.?? out of d world s thr writing I jus lov thm all…..
    Bt I din read any Eva’s ff…. Bt im sure she must b a beautiful writer as well as othrs

  10. Hello Shreya Anu Anjali I read ur ffs. I lov them. Especially Anu’s she’s a very good writer. And managing 3 ffs at a time is a difficult job but you are going smoothly over that. And Shreya one complaint. U didnt mention about my fav ff Fixing Broken Souls. For me its like the best ff on TU.

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