THE SHINE THAT LEADS TO DARKNESS (intro & prologue) “Ek duje ke vaaste”


Asalam-o-alaikum all,again rida here first of all a big THANKYOU to all,who commented and read my previous os ‘the first meet’
u guyz are truely amazing.
So here i,m with an other story that has nothing to do with serial storyline,so dont mix it up its bit different than expected thing and u all will know it as soon as it will build up..
here i bring intro prologue keeping my *fingers crossed*
hope u all will like it.
suman kapoor:cute,bubbly and childish teenage soul when around family..but some what introvert.
Armaan kapoor:Elder brother of suman,possess wanderer sprit and want to explore everything in life,love photography but most of all loves suman very much.
Shravan malhothra:a cool bookish type boy and fun loving as well.
Tia mehra: stylish and fashionable girl.classmate of shravan and suman.
“other characters will be introduced in story if needed”

Smooth melody spread all around,the rays of shine that lighten her room with light strike with her big creamy teddy place beside her,the stars that were hung all around and glowed them up,her photos that captured her naughtiest faces, on the guy who was lost in other world of peace,he had kept his head on the book placed on table,his hair are all messed up yet he looks cherubic and cute.after exploring the whole room rays reached at her but she turned at other side,and her silky black hairs that have somewhat brown shade slides over her face,soon that smooth melody of alarm grew stronger letting out her sleepy head.her eyelashes showed a slow moment and when she raised them her deep beautifull eyes are shown that are little bit drowsy.she rubbed her eyes then lift her hand to set her messy hairs.
A curve comes on her lips and she picked her cell to off the alaram,she sits up resting her head on head borad.

“Sumans pov”
Though that tune is so melodious yet enough to disturb my sleep huhh!!.
And look at bhai he is not affected at all.well he is not affected by anything,one may beat drum close to his ears, he will not get up.but why he is sleeping here like this?.
I threw my blanket at side and move towards bhai and saw his head is resting on some book i slowly lift his head without disturbing his sleep and take that book and walk some steps away,
it have different kind of pictures that made me smile. U see it have pictures of different animals and birds that we rarely see in our daily life,there are pics of valleys,hill stations and many more.bhai loves photography from childhood and these pics he took when we went on trip with mama papa few years back and i kept them saftely till today,but how he found it? Wonders!
“sumo” he called out my name and i turned.He lift his head while yawning and walk upto me.
Bhai-u got up!(smile)
Me-yeah,that stupid alarm clock woke me up (iritated)
bhai-(laugh) but r u not getting late for college.its yours first day.rite?
Me-oh damn! I forgot.. I need to rush.u hold this.
I make him hold his book while he smiled and i ran to get ready.
Prologue ends

Chapter 1:……”i bent my head to note down the syllabus before it escape from my head. Meanwhile sir started with intro everyone give there intro.i just heard there names as i was busy in writing..priya..ashish…neha.. but my hand stop to write when i heard ‘shravan malhothra’ i lifted my head,he was standing in second row third seat.while i was in fifth row first seat,so couldnot watch his face but his back yet i feel like earth slipping uder my feet”(its just a lil part of chapter 1 that i revealed,full chap will be soon)……..
so how was it?
Pheww!!!!! Again crap rite? That was expected what one can expect from me other than crap..

U guyz must be like,is this girl mad if she take her writings as crap,than why do even she writes.rite?
Actually i love to write,i love to pen down my weird thoughts and silly imaginations and no doubt they come up as crapy things that even i, myself cant handle them so trouble others by making them read.and here trobuling u all so sorry but plz bear with me and let me know ur veiws”THEY ARE PRECIOUS”



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  1. Rukhsar

    Wa laikum asalam rida plz dont say it crap it was so fab actually i didn’t feel like u r writing it for the first time…..when i wrote first part of my ff it was hell crap urs od way better than mine u r awesome keep it up

    1. _Rida

      Oh girl! U r too sweet,THANKYOU

      and wish u a very happy new year

  2. Ariana

    Walaikum asalam
    Awwww it’s amazing!!!!! u got tht very bad habit of complaining abt urself
    dude it’s suppppeerrrrbbbbbbbbbb
    loved ur small details
    just can’t wait for 1st chap so u better post soon
    take care honey
    happy new year

    1. _Rida

      Happy new year ariana!
      Wonders! U like this crap but i,m thankful like really..
      will post soon

  3. Hi are you a stupid it was awesome yaar. I loved it. You cracked it.Waiting for next episode. Pls post soon.

    1. _Rida

      Lol that stupid word caught me for a while:D
      but thanku for ur sugary comment i,ll post asap!

      Ps:happy new year

  4. WeirdSister

    Rida.. U better stop underestimating ur skills..I hate it when ppl do that..
    The prologue seems interesting…
    Well… I will not be lying if I say.. That it was ur title…that got me curious..
    I m really excited for this one.. So u better post regularly..
    Love u loads!

    1. _Rida

      I dont think thats happening coz that the truth yar anways
      thanku for appreciation nd after wasting few mins this tittle poped up in my mind,so glad that it raise ur curiosity
      ps: wishing u a happiest new year

  5. hey rida its really interesting one.
    I just love the concept.
    post next part soon.
    loads of love…

    1. _Rida

      Thanku reema will post soon

      happy new year

  6. Diya

    Walaikum asalam
    Oh it’s so amazing Rida !!! Loved it so much…very interesting !! Ur a fab writer so better don’t insult ur skills by addressing it as crap !! Its fabulous ! Post soon dear .
    Love !!

    1. _Rida

      TYSM sonai u r truely sweetheart.ok i wont call it crap, BUT IT LOOKS crap

      happy new year

  7. Fareena Noman

    Hey Rida ! It was tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome and don’t call it crap it’s very good just waiting ??????

    1. _Rida

      Thanku fareena will pst soon

  8. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey rida !!!!! This was MIND BLOWINGG dear. … nd again u r calling it a ‘crap’ … seriously ???? It was just awesome dear .. story seems interesting .. looking frward to read it .. post soon ..

    Take care 🙂

    1. _Rida

      Oh girl! Tysm will surely post soon

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