A shine that leads to darkness Chap-1 ”Ek duje ke vaaste”

Chapter 1 ”the knock of past in present”

I started with heavy steps and ends up running towards class through corridor than come stairs,becoz i am super late.An hour!. I so want that the way gets shorter and i reached there soon but thats not happening, i keep moving through that cool path with no people,where temperature is at freezing point.atleast i feel so.huhhh! These winters.
At last i,m outside the class,breathing heavily. Long way!

But before to enter lemme check out myself.i had never and will never compromise with my looks.it should be perfect as always.Coz thats our looks which reflects our personality first.
I moved from the door to the windows of corridor that are covered with fog,i wiped it and it shows a blur image of mine.I smiled and remove my hat that i wore to prevent cold but it seems useless my nose has turned into red ice.i shook my head and in turn my hair swings around, i set them by dropping few layers over my face from both sides and wrap my scarf around my neck and here i move towards the class but again a back step to have that last veiw,i,m wearing a pair of sneakers,blue jeans with white top and grey shrug over it and at last a scarf wrapped around my neck.perfect!.
I enter the room and as soon as i open the door it makes an irritating sound.damn! Every eye in the class as at me.first day and that impression.God! I look at the proffessor he gives me a death glare.i hurridely occupy the first vacant seat that came before my eyes and that is in fiffth row first seat.after a while that embarasment vanished and i feel comfortable. I smiled at my fellow siting beside me and she smile back.when u are in new people thats a smile that start friendship.so she start talking secretly with me from proffessor,period gets over and here comes an other proffessor and start telling sylabus with rocket speed.ahhh! Is this way? Whatever!

I bent my head to note down the sylabus before it escape from my head.
Meanwhile sir started with intro.everyone gave their intro i just heard their names as i was busy in writing.priya..ashish…neha but my hand stop to write when i heard ‘shravan malhothra’ i lifted my head he was standing in second row third seat,while i was in fifth row first seat.so i couldnot watch his face but his back.yet i feel like earth slipping under my feet. He sits down and intro moves further but all i,m doing now is to look at his back with no expression on my face.Then comes my turn i stand ‘suman kappor’ i look at proffessor and move my eyes towards him he turned his head towards the direction of my voice.his face also shows no expression he just stared at me i sit back,his eyes caught my eyes that has turned deeper,he looked innocent at time but now the charm is over filled in him.his hair set in erect position at side,still looks messy they have not changed and by now he has got slight beard as well.he is wearing dark blue jacket.
I moved my eyes from him and he turned back..

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