Shhh! Movie Talk – A Raglak OS

Laksh is mad at Ragini and she doesn’t know how to get him talk to her. But then an unusual friend offers to help and the consequences turn out to be very romantic.

Ragini entered the huge shop (movie shop). She spotted Laksh standing near the Action movies section engrossed looking at movies.

She hurried over to him and spoke in a loud voice, ‘Laksh aapko meri baat sunni hi padegi! Aap mujhse bina baat kiye kaise jaa sakte hai?’

‘Ssshhh! Please maintain silence in the store!’ the owner scolded casting an angry glance towards them.

Ragini cursed the owner inwardly. She wanted to talk to Laksh. He had not uttered a single word to her since morning. She wanted to tell him that he had misunderstood her. The guy with whom she had been the previous night was her neighbour and just an old friend. He had arrived quite unexpectedly after almost a year and in all the excitement she had totally forgotten about her and Laksh’s dinner date.

‘But she couldn’t talk to him because of the stupid shop rule! To hell with the so called rules! And Of course Laksh as usual was being difficult to add to her trouble!’ thought Ragini.

As her gaze fell over the movies arranged in the movie section, she got an idea.

‘Oh yeah! They say movies are man’s best friends, don’t they? Of course she could communicate right now with Laksh – through Movie titles!’ she thought happily.

She took out a movie from the shelf and held it in front of him. The title read “Mujhe Kuch kehna hain”.

He threw her an angry and questioning look at her. Snapping the movie aside which he was currently looking at; he held it up for her to see.
The title read “Loafer”

Ragini knew he was referring to her neighbour. She giggled and searched the  section frantically and finally she got a perfect title: ‘Dost”.

He moved over to other section, his face impassive. She could clearly read his mind. He was obviously still angry with her as she had cancelled the dinner plan with him the previous night.

She followed him grabbing another movie from the shelf: ‘Gustakhi Maaf’…

Laksh stood in front of her, his hands folded across his chest. Ragini was getting really tired of this movie talk but she had no other option.

She held up another movie for him with a questioning look: “Daawat-E-Ishq”

He could see her eyes flickering with hope. His anger had subsided. But he decided he would tease her just a bit more. He replied to her suggestion by dropping a movie in her hand titled ‘Ms. Dhoni (*Pointing at song title PHIR KABHI)

Her face fell slightly. He could see she was unhappy and sad.

Ragini had had enough of the movie talk now. She opened her mouth to speak but at that moment, Laksh’s cell phone vibrated. He went outside the shop to take the call.

Ragini waited patiently for him to return.

She was getting restless with each passing minute. When he didn’t arrive even after fifteen minutes, she realised that he had left.

Fighting back her tears she slowly made her way towards the shop exit when suddenly her cell phone beeped.

The owner shot her another angry look. Ragini muttered an apology hastily and unlocked her cell phone. She was surprised to see a text message from Laksh.

It read: Check the table on the farther  right corner from the owner’s desk.

Ragini went towards the table with quickening steps. Ragini glowed with happiness when she saw what Laksh had left for her. It was a movie titled “Humko Tumse Pyaar Hain”

                          THE END

Sorry guys for wasting your time. I know it wasn’t worth reading… this idea just popped up in my mind!!

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