Shesha and Shivanya revenge naagin OS

Naagin Shesha and shivanya revenge

A snake is seen coming to a temple
The snake turns to a human
Snake: shiv ji I shivanya I’m here to take revenge for my mother and father death revenge I will take it I know 4 murdered but I don’t know the 5
Shivanya: shiv ji give me power
Some other snake comes and taps shivanya
Snake: sister we will take revenge
Shivanya: shesha
Shivanya hugs shesha
Shivanya: I married ritik and in the family of it I have to start my inteqaam now watch what I do
Shesha: I’m with you
Shesha hugs shivanya Shivanya leaves
Shesha: we will get revenge
Shesha smirks
Yamini: wah kali naagin wah you betrayed tour own sister she will start killing but won’t know I’m the 5 murderer
Yamini laughs and shesha laughs
Shesha in mind

Let shivanya kill them 4 then she and I will kill you
Yamini: okay let’s go
Yamini phone rings
Yamini l: hello
Ritik: ma papa has been killed with a Trishul the other and tells them about the 4 dead
Yamini is stunned
Yamini: okay
Yamini: your sister is so strong
Shesha: she is a naagin she killed your 4 like a bird killing a worm
Yamini: she will never know the 5 one is me
Shesha: she won’t
Shesha smirks
Yamini leaves
Shivanya: Ritik
Ritik: shivanya my father uncles have died
Ritik hugs shivanya
Shivanya leaves and slips

Ritik catches her
Tere sand pyar mein nahi Dolna plays
Shivanya: let me go
Ritik let’s her go
Yamini: naagin Shivanya your a naagin you killed them
Ritik: ma she is not a naagin
Yamini: well know right know
Yamini calls a supera
He plays tune and she turns into a snake

Ritik: you betrayed us
Yamini: I will kill her Kali ma
Yamini takes a knife and drags shivanya to a lake abs stabs her and shivanya falls while yamini grabs ritik neck and the ritik falls and his eyes clooses
Ritik: I’m coming shivanya
Yamino: I will get naagmani due to shesha
Yamini leaves
Shesha comes and sees shivanya earing in the river
Shesha screams
Shesha: behna
She sees bubbles and pulls someone
It’s shivanya
Shesha: shivanya
Shivanya doesn’t move
Shesha looks in her eyes
Yamini pic is there
Shesha: you can’t die your revenge isn’t complete shivanya your mom and dad died shivanya
Shivanya moves
Shesha: shivanya
Shivanya: shesha
Shesha: shivanya
Shesha hugs her and cries
Shivanya: you are with yamini I heard everything
Shesha: no I am with you I’m pretending to be yamini side kick
Shivanya sees ritik laying there
Shivanya: did yamini kill ritik
Shesha: I think so
Shivanya: Ritik ritik wake up ritik
Ritik doesn’t move
Shivanya: you can’t leave me ritik I love you ritik
Shesha is stunned and happy for shivanya
Ritik: I love you too

Shesha is happy for them but wants revenge from yamini
Shivanya: we will kill yamini together
Yamini is in her room and sees a black snake
Yamini: shesha
Shesha turns into a human
A gold snake comes and turn to shivanya

Yamini is stunned
Yamini: why are you here
Shesha: your death had come yamini
Shivanya; for naagmani you did it now your death is done
Shivanya catches her with a tail while shesha also does it they both throw fire on her ritik comes and stabs her
Yamini is stunned and dies
Shivanya is happy and hugs ritik

Shesha: behna I love karan your dewar
Karan comes
Karan: I love her too
Ritik shivanya karan shesha get married
Ritik gets romantic with shivanya
Karan gets romantic with shesha

Gurudev: they both will be blessed with a kid but will it be a naagin

All hug since shesha and shivanya are pregnant

Should I do season 2 and ishra abhagya and naagin love story will continue soon


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