She’s With Me :- A Cricketer’s Love Story. (Prologue)

? She’s With Me ?
♡ A Cricketer’s Love Story ♡

SS By Duggu & Pihu.

~ ~ Characters ~ ~

● Sanskaar Chaturvedi :- A cricketer. He is connoisseur of cricket. He lives in Patna with his mother & father. It’s his dream to be a part of Indian Cricket Team & make the nation proud.
● Swara Roy :- A simple Bangali girl. She always supports her childhood friend Sanskaar. She also lives in Patna with her mother & father.
● Shivkumar & Kamini Chaturvedi :- Father & Mother of Sanskaar. They belong to middle class family. They want their son to be successful.
● Bijoy & Radhika Roy :- Mother and father of Swara. Even they belong to Patna.
● Radha Chaturvedi :- Elder sister of Sanskaar. She is 5 years elder to him.

~ ~ Introduction ~ ~

Swasan live in one galli of Patna. They are neighbours. Swasan are childhood friends. Both belong to middle class family. Chaturvedi & Roy are family friends. Both the families have happy relation.
This story is based on Sanskaar who wants to become cricketer. And how Swara supports him from hard situations to happy life !

~ ~ Part 1 ~ ~

The scene was of Wankhede Stadium. Half of the audience which belong to India were shouting & cheering.


The commentators were also excited.

Commentator : Sanskaar’s score is 98. Would he make a century ? Or he would be out ? Because the opponent team has appointed their best bowler Rowlandds for this over. Let’s see if Sanskaar makes century Or not !? The curiosity among spectators is Damn high. Come On Sanky You Can Do It !! ?

The camera rolls to the ground. A guy was standing. He had helmet on his head and bat in hand. The bowler bowled and the batsman striked the ball. All looked in sky to see the ball. The ball went to the grandstand.

Commentator : And Its It’s A Six !!!! ?

The audience get excited. The batsman removes the helmet and smiles. He was none other than the handsome Cricketer Sanskaar Chaturvedi. He kissed his bat.


The ball smacked the window. Swara who was asleep woke up suddenly due to the voice.

Swara : Oh !!! It was a dream ! But it was so awesome ! And who broke my dream ???

She saw ball fallen on floor. She gets up and picks the ball.

Swara : Sanskaar !!??? ?

She goes to the window. She looks down. Sanskaar was standing down with some kids.

Swara : Yeh kya tha ???
Sanky : hamara shot tha ???
Swara : Hahaha ???

Swara went down. She goes to Sanskaar.

Swara : Sanskaar , tum aur kitne khidki ke kaanch todne wale ho ??

Sanskaar smiles and comes ahead. He hands over an envelope in Swara’s hand.

Swara : Kya Hain Yeh ??
Sanky : Khol ke Dekhiye ☺

Swara removes a paper from the envelope.

Swara : Chitti ?? ? You want me to read ??
Sanky : Han padhiye madam ji ! ?

Swara starts reading the letter. Suddenly her expressions turn .. She starts smiling like mad. Tears fall off her cheeks. She looks at Sanky. Sanky gives a confirming smile.

Sanky : Yes. I’m selected ☺
Swara : Sanskaar …. Yeh kitni Badi khushkhabri hain !!!!!!! Sanskaar you’re selected for district level match !!! ?? Sanskaar it’s such a big opportunity !!!
Sanky : Han !!!

Swara hugs Sanky. Sanky hugs her back.

Swara : tumhe aise hi kamyaabi milti rahe ! Bas hard Work karna !! ?
Itne kaamyaab bano ki success aapke pichhe bhaage !! ?
Sanky : Ji Swara madam?

Swara drags Sanky to his home.

Swara : Auntyji Uncleji !!!! Yaha aayiye !!
Shivkumar : Arey Swara Beti Hua kya ??
Kamini : Arey Beti kya hua ??
Swara : Sanskaar district level mein select ho gaya hain !!!!! ?

Shivkumar & Kamini become happy ! They hug Sanky. Sanky takes their blessings.

Swara : Main abhi ati Hoon !!

Saying this Swara goes in kitchen. She comes out bringing sugar.

Swara : Muh meetha karo !!! ?

Suddenly few boys come.

Boy 1 : Sanskaar !!!

Sanskaar looks at them.

Sanky : Rakesh , Sumeet , Sahil !!!!

Sanky hugs them !

Sahil : Bhai niche chal … poori galli niche aayi hain ?
Swara : Kya ?? ?
Rakesh : Han !!! Chalo niche !!!

Sanky and all others go down. The people pick Sanskaar up and cheer for Sanskaar. Swara was looking at him and smiling. She remembers their childhood …

** 11 years ago **

Swara was 7 when she shifted to Patna with her family. She had just came out with her mother to go to market when she saw a boy sticking pamphlets on wall. The boy was our young Sanskaar ?. He goes and Swara goes to the wall. She reads the pamphlet.

Swara : Saccha Pyaar Chahiye ! Agar Koi Hamara Saccha Pyaar Hain Toh Humein Call Karein ! 876***565.

Swara starts laughing ???

Swara : Koun hain yeh Mahaan ???

Swara tears the pamphlet and folds it. Then keeps the pamphlet in her frock’s pocket and goes to her mother back. Then after she returns from market she goes to her telephone and dials the number that was on pamphlet. The call was picked.

Swara : Hello.

Sanky who picks the call gets happy.

Sanky : Hello.
Swara : Maine aaj tumhara chitti deevar par dekha. Aur main tumhara Saccha Pyaar Hoon ?
Sanky : Sachhi ????? Aap Hamara Saccha Pyaar Hain ?? ?
Swara : Han ! Tumhara naam kya hain ?
Sanky : Hamara naam Sanskaar Chaturvedi hain. Aur aapka kya hain ??
Swara : Mera naam Swara Roy hain.
Sanky : Matlab Aap maas machhi khane walo mese hain ?? ?
Swara : ? Han kyun ?
Sanky : Nahi kuch nahi !!
Swara : Mujhe tumse milna hain !
Sanky : ??? Thik hain ..
Swara : Main na kal Chandimata Ground pe aati hoon tumse milne !!
Sanky : ? Thik hain ! Kitne baje ?
Swara : 5 baje shaam ko !
Sanky : Thik hain.

Swara keeps the phone. Swara starts laughing. While Sanskaar was happy as he just got his Sachha Pyaar ( True Love )

Sanky : Hum apne sachhe pyaar ko bahaut saare taufe ( gifts ) aur chocolates denge !! ?

At dinner :-

Sanky , his sister & his mother were having dinner.

Mother : Kya Hua Sanskaar ? Itna muskura kyun rahe ho ??
Sanky : Woh maa hamein Sachha pyaar Mila hain ??

His mother & sister look at each other and burst out laughing ???

Sanky : Kya Hua ??
Mother : Kuchh nahi khao tum.

Next Day Sanky goes to that ground at 5pm. He was on cloud 9. He notices a small girl of 7 years wearing a frock was coming towards ground. Sanskaar smiles.

Sanskaar : Yeh hain Hamara Saccha Pyaar ? Kitni pyaari yeh ?

Swara goes to him. She was so timid that her height was till Sanskaar’s stomach ??. Sanskaar was 8 years.

Sanskaar : aap Swara hain ?
Swara : Han ! Aur tum Sanskaar !!
Sanskaar : Hum aapke liye kuchh laye hain !!
Swara : Kya hain ? batao ?

Sanskaar removes chocolates from his pocket and gives to Swara. Swara smiles.

Swara : ThankYou ☺
Sanskaar : hamein aapse bahaut saari baatein karni hain !! Chalo baithkar baatein karte hain ?

Sanskaar holds her hand and makes her sit on the bench. Sanskaar starts speaking and Swara looks at him and controls her laughter. Sanskaar innocently keeps trusting her & talking.

Sanskaar : Aap bade hone ke baad hamse shaadi toh karengi na ? ?

Swara looks at him and starts laughing. Sanskaar was confused so he just gives an innocent smile. Swara laughs more hard. Then she stops and looks at him.

Swara : Sorry lekin main yeh drama aur nahi kar sakti !! ?
Sanky : Drama ?? ?
Swara : Arey buddhu main tumhara Saccha Pyaar nahi Hoon ???? Sachha pyaar hota hi nahi ???
Sanskaar : ?????

Swara was busy laughing while Sanskaar keeps quite and cries. Swara notices him and feels sorry.

Swara : Sorry Sanskaar ! ? Tum please ro mat na ?

Swara wipes his tears cutely.

Swara : Sanskaar I’m sorry ?

She makes puppy face. Sanskaar smiles.

Swara : Saccha Pyaar kya hota hain ?
Sanky : Woh jo aapke saath hamesha rehta hain !!
Swara : Okay ! To main bhi tumhare saath hamesha rahungi !! Tumhari Sachhi dost banke ?
Sanky : pakka ??? ??
Swara : promise !! ?

Swara side hugs Sanskaar. Sanskaar smiles.

** Present **

Sanskar starts playing road street matches which breaks almost every window ??? Always Sanky gets scolding from their neighbour but whenever he becomes sad Swara comes and taps his shoulder and used to say ..

Swara : why are you upset ?
Sanskaar : ?? all are scolding me ! I Dont want to hurt them but what’s my fault ??

Dwara laughs at his innocence ..
Swara :
Sanskar tum bhi naa ?? why you take little little tension .. take big naa ??
Sanskar : ??
Swara : I mean think about your dream Sanskar.(give side hug) when you will become cricketer naa dekhna yahi log will take your interview !
Sanskar : Swara please yaar.
Swara : ohoo wait I will show you !!!

Swara stands and starts doing acting of reporter?

Swara(act as reporter) : good evening everyone dekhiye this is that area where Sanskar does regular practice !! (giving stress) Ji haan this area ?? let’s go to the people who are neighbours of Sanky’s family ..
Reporter : Behenji kyaa kahegi aap about Sanky ?
Lady(act by Swara) : ??Sanky aare my child you know he regular does practice and even he has broke many times our windows also .. but we didn’t say anything because we knew one day he would become a great cricketer ??? aww my child (she typically act as buttering .. Swara admires him with her teary eyes)
Sanskar : oo god Swara you know you are my lucky charm ??

Swara (starts blushing and says ) : ohhh I’m ur lucky charm then I’m giving you blessing that may you become Youth icon in cricket ??

With this both starts laughing ???

Next day :-

Sanskar gets ready in early morning. He takes blessings from his parents and was about to go when he notices Swara .. She was standing in front of him with Aarti thaal ..

Sanskar : what’s dis??
Swara : Buddhu its aarti thal
now stand properly I have to do this
Sanskar : par kyun ?
Swara : its you’re first district match and its our ritual !

Sanskar gives wide smile and Swara does aarti and after that she gives him blessings and says ..

Swara : baccha tu aaj jeetega??

Sanskar goes for match and Swara goes to temple ..

At Temple :-

Swara to Durga maa (idol) : hey Devi Maa please help my Sanskar , I saw dedication and passion in his eyes .. plzz maa be with him and support him .. give him your blessing maa !

With this She takes 7 times parikarma of Mandir and goes home back.

Sanskar goes for Match. It was his first match .. he was very much excited and nervous but when ever he feels nervous Swara’s face comes in his mind and then he passes smiles .. His all nervousness gets vanished ..

Before match starts he goes to his coach and says ..
Sanky : Sir. plz hamein opening karne dijiye !
Coach : Nahi !! its district match not road strert match ! Hope you understand the difference !
Sanskaar : Thik hain ?

Sanskar gets sad as his coach didn’t believe him. Coach gives him 5th position for batting.

Match Starts
Patna vs Bathinda
Bathinda gave a target of 290

Then Patna players come for batting
Both opener Jodi only add 40 runs then both out then next make 30 And then bowled others two only make 15 runs
then Sanskar comes he wasted first 3 balls , coach become angry on him. Sanskaar takes deep breaths and Then he hits the ball which goes in air ! 6 !! Sanskaar gains confidence and plays very well. His bat was only hitting six or four and with the help of Sanskar they win the match. Sanskar makes 100* not out !!
All players come and hugs him & lifts him up. ??? but he only remembers Swara after match he goes home.
Swara was waiting for him .. no no she was walking vastly in 10 cm area and was saying : plzz make Sanskar team Win plz…

Sanskar : Devi Swara aapka ashirvaad safal huaa ye bache ki team jeet gayii ????

Swara is soo excited that she runs to him and hugs him tightly, Sanskar also hugs her back. He swings her around in air.

Swara : now I want party ??
Sanskar : aahaaa kyaaa chahiyee Devi ji KO ??
Swara : kulfi ?? party !! Lekin pehle ghar chalo !! Uncle Aunty wait kar rahe hain !!
Sanskaar : Han !!! ??

Next Day :-

Sanskaar was practicing on ground .. Coach comes to him and hugs him.

Coach : Sanskaar Get ready for state level as opener ???
Sanskaar : State Level ?? Opener ?
Coach : Han ! best luck ☺

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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