ANGEL again guys….another ff….here z a bit start of my new ff so that u may get an idea how z it gonna be……hope u will like it and enjoy like my other ffs…..


I woke up today and felt the sun shining brightly on me….God i m so tired still but i had to get up and get ready.i wore my pink sleevless shirt with blue mini skirt….i know i know i am very hot and s*xy…i grabbed my bag wore my goggles and went down.there he is my dad.the famous businessman.wish he was a father too.but no he is a business tycoon ” SHARAD MALIK” (played by munna)
i wished him morning and only reply i got was a hmm…
huh i sighed….let leaves dude
my driver dropped me to college and woho…there we go all boys staring at me…cool i like it…
i moved to my friends and we moved towards college hall…princi came and announced the arrival of a new boy in college….his name is SHER SINGH…sounds weird …what kind of name is it?sher?is he an animal?i laughed at the thought but soon there was a dead silence as a guy entered teh hall.he was wearing black shirt blue jeans and brown leather jacket with goggles.i cant believe it that i noticed a guy…..freak!!!!

all girls were gaga over him…i didnt pay heed but i could feel his intense and deep eyes when he took off his goggles…….damn he is handsome….but his smile seems like a smirk as if he found what he wanted to


here i reached the college….as soon as i entered i could see the blank expression of boys and hear them gossiping.i understand why girls gossip for a boy but wts the need of boys to gossip for me?strange….i noticed every girl staring at me…i dont mind after all i am a hot guy….here i made entry into the hall and could feel evry girls’s gaze on me…but my eyes were searching for her only…and finally got her there she was miss SHRADDHA MALIK…. i smirked seeing her….finally found you….my reason to enter college….my mision my target….and believe me i know i m gonna succeed……..wait and watch miss shraddha malik…….

Credit to: angel

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  1. Awesome introduction …
    BTW I m Aysha’s sis Maysha

  2. It seems interesting
    Keep writing
    Best of luck Angel
    Awesome introduction

  3. Masooma Mirza

    Wohhoo !!! It seems Amazing Angel ?? What a entry of both .. I think shraddha character is like a bold girl iintresting !! And i think sher came to collage just to take revenge,, Its seems quite intresting !! Ehemm waiting for the next one …

  4. Honestly speaking I didn’t watch piya rangrezz until my cousin she forced me to watch one episode and I loved sher-shraddha pair n i also started watching this show regularly and i was so disappointed that makers later on killed sherdha and then I stopped watching the show but I love your ff a lot among ur ff my favorite is your kuch rang pyaar ka ff followed by this one , I didn’t read all episode of your swaragini ff, I have a question r u a Bengali?

    1. no she is not bengali she is Pakistani

      1. Thnx for the answer sweety

    2. No I am pakistani and muslim…

    3. Thanks for te reply Oh okay I see btw I live in singapore and I m a Bangladeshi and I m a Muslim too 🙂

  5. Ur STARTING is AMAZING i’ll be just waiting for u nxt epi n best of luck 4 ur EXAMS hope u do well

  6. Amazing sound interesting??☺
    Really really happy 4 another ff by u.
    U r just an amazing,fantastic,excellent writer angel I wish u were the real writer of piya rangrezz if it was then I am 100% sure that show would never end so fast?
    Waiting for next update update the next soon and best of luck 4 ur exams???

  7. Hey angel if u don’t mind I’m asking a question.
    When will u update next episode of (a hate to love story)??

    1. Tonight

  8. The starting is so cool. Luv it .plz continue nd update d next soon

  9. Good entry…It’s too good…… But I can’t understand one thing that Sher want to take revenge for what????????Plz clear my confusions

    1. Hey Riya….cant expose now…u will come to know all the secrets once I start writing ff properly

      1. Okay Angel…….I want to tell you something about Shruti that she is not a fan of Piya Rangrezz I mean the real track……She don’t like PR even she don’t like Sherdha also…..She don’t like Kirtida Mistry but she like Gaurav S Bajaj but not too much……She only reads it’s fan fictions that’s it….She like Bengali serials….. But I don’t like Bengali serials…..Bengali movies are very interesting but I think Bengali serials are not….. This is the information I want to tell you about my sister.

      2. thnx for info

  10. Mind blowing.Keep writing.Hey Angel when is ur bday??????

    1. 21 feb

  11. Mehak Kharoud

    Hey finally u r back !! My darling…
    I was waiting for another ff by u and the starting is so interesting !!! I know u will bring a smile on every face that reads it !!
    My best wishes r with u All the best
    Hope u will not mind me calling u darling !!

  12. Mehak Kharoud

    Can any one tell me the meaning of masha alla ???

    1. no i dnt mind at all….its used to say when u find sth really pretty and beautiful nd u dnt want it to get caught by bad eye so u say it….in islam….

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