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Hey Guys I am Jahnvi and I will be writing a Fanfiction of Piya Rangrezz. Hope you guys like it.
Shraddha writhes in pain and Sher tries to start the car. She suddenly starts crying for Ansh. “Ansh plz save me.” Just then a car a man comes out and is shocked to see Shraddha writhing in pain. He shouts “Rahim get another car. Ruhi Abdul vacate the front seats and sit at the back and also leave the doors open.” He then picks Shraddha in his arms and tries to console and calm her down. He takes her to the car and makes her sit and closes the door. He sits on the driving seat and asks Sher to come with him. They all rush her to hospital. A young girl probably 18 greets him. There was a boy looking worried. He calls Shraddha Aapa and they both try to console her. On the way Ansh asks Abdul to massage her neck on a specific nerve and Ruhi to press the nerve on her hand. Shraddha feels better. They reach hospital and Shraddha is taken in. Soon Bhavri and all others reach there. They all are tensed. Doctor comes out and meets and Ansh and tells him that you saved her and the child on the nick of time. Sher comes and doctor asks him to thank Ansh as he just did the right thing on the nick of time. Ansh asks if they could meet Shraddha and the doctor allows them to.

He goes inside the room and says “Shraddha ki bacchi kaisi hai?”. Shraddha is very pleased to see him and hugs him. Tears roll down her eyes and she cries. Everyone come in and see them hugging. Sher separtes them and is about to slap Ansh when Shraddha stops him. Ruhi greets Shraddha and calls her Bua. They both are overjoyed to see each other. Sher asks her about them she tells that Ansh is her childhood friend and also her best friend. She then introduces Abdul and Rahim as her brothers and Ruhi as her brother Yash’s daughter. Sher is surprised.

Precap: Shraddha reaches home but the lights are off and there is no one. She shouts for everyone.
Sorry for mistake

Credit to: Jahnvi

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  1. good try

    1. thanks Claudia

  2. Confuseing episode?

  3. what’s a confusing track …..on the piya rangrezz show…there is 4 writters ….confusion..confusion. nd confusion …

  4. what’s a confusing track …..on the piya rangrezz show…there is 4 writters ….confusion..confusion. nd confusion …really ..1.piya rangrezz writer 2.angle /aila 3.Aaliya 4.u….oh Allah…

    1. aysha 3 are fan fictions and one is the actual story

  5. yeah everybody is confusing us. Nobody has the real story of Piya Rangrezz
    It is better to follow regular Serial in the TV.

  6. Hi Jhanvi..nice effort..but now there are four different writers of piya rangrezz..and i’m reading all four!!?really confusing….

  7. Nice try ,very confused story.

  8. I agree with sari. . . . . It’s better to follow regular story on TV

  9. Hi
    Just keep one fan fiction (by angel) besides the real one. Otherwise there will be confusion and confusion

  10. Nice try!!!

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