shekhar sharmishtha os chori kiya re jiya (OS)

A girl with long beautiful hair is resting her head on a boy’s shoulder

Comeon let’s play basketball the boy said
No shekhar plz I’m not well
What happened mishti
Don’t know shekhar just nausea and vomiting for past two three days
Have u seen doctor
No I need to go now

20 years later
Shekhar daughter ragu is married to laksh and sanskar his elder son loves swara and is marrying her
On marriage day ragini misses her maa and remembers how her daadi burnt her janki maa because she was pregnant wid another female infant when ragini was 10 and how she always pesters her to give son to make respect

Here daadi finds swaras father is dead hence maheshwaris aren’t taking dowry and swara is far more educated than ragini and sanskar loves her hence raginis importance will lower down
So at time of kanyadaan she taunts that swaras father died and not saw how his character less girl trapped a rich boy
Swara stood up but daadi told that she doesn’t know who is her father hence both mother daughter are characterless swara couldn’t bear her mother’s insult and slapped dadi in anger
Shekhar who entered his venue just now saw this and held swaras neck in anger
Mishti scream from behind that don’t do this shekhar father’s don’t kill daughter
Shekhar is surprised at having found his love after so long and his daughter and remember how he was forced to marry janki

Shekhar gets heart attack and dies in hospital holding mishtis hand while mishti too dies due to shock the very moment

In the meantime dadi takes knife and throws it on swara to kill her as she is illegitimate but ragini finally succeeds in saving swara ‘

Dadi is arrested by cops swasan and raglak live happily ever after

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  1. Megha123

    Bt according to it sanky & swara r bro & sis right ? So how come they’d marry ?

    1. Megha123

      Oh it’s so meaning less sorry that I misunderstood u , nw I clarified my confusion that sanky is laksh’s brother nt ragini’s sorry for my blabbering

  2. Sorry sanskar is elder son of durga prasad maheshwari sorry for omissions

  3. Isabel

    Awesomee, really good!!

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  6. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    Nice ….

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