SHE IS THE SPARK OF MY LIFE…swasan ff by Harshita… Part 6

Swara woke up in the morning. She saw her father’s portrait and smiled. Ragini and laksh came in.

Swara got angry seeing them.

Ragini – Swara..

Swara – just stop it Ragini…..I do not want to listen anything.

Laksh – no… Swara actually Ragini came to apologise.

Ragini – Swara plz forgive me.

Swara – you both don’t dare to do anything like that ever again. This is my house and I m not going to sell it at any cost.

Laksh – ok swara I understood…. don’t worry nobody is gonna sell this house.

Swara – ok…but you better find some job now.

Laksh (holding his fists) – ya actually I have applied in 2-3 places …I m sure I will be selected.

They both went out.

Swara – Idiot….bhagwan ya to mughe utha le ya phir ise.(god either kill me or kill him)

(Checks the time)

Swara – oh shit….today that sanskaar will kill me…….bhaagoooo( run)


In office :

Sanskaar enters his cabin.

He came to know that swara didn’t reached till now.

Sanskaar (angrily) – where is she, didn’t she has a sense of responsibility.

Swara(coming out of washroom) – I m here sir.

He was startled for a moment.

Sanskaar (suddenly arrogant) – where were you?? And why is everything not arranged properly.

Swara – no sir I was in the washroom till now and everything is not arranged because….because the Venus star is not in our favour right now.  

Sanskaar – what?? Venus?

Swara – yes sir….Venus is a good star but now it has turned against us….you know what sir when I came , the room was clean…..I went to washroom and suddenly got locked inside…uff sir and when I came out a cat was inside. In order to make her run away I ran beside her..

Cat in front…me in back then me in back and cat in front…cat front me back, me front cat back..

Sanskaar – stop it. Listen..(suddenly got a call)

Sanskaar – I m forgiving you this time… remember not to repeat it.

Saying this sanskaar went out

Swara – uff…I escaped this time but I have to be careful. First let’s arrange all this.


Hotel Red Velvet.

Laksh : Mr. Dixit( lawyer) how much more time you are going to take?

Lawyer : Mr. Laksh the papers are ready we just need Ms. Swara’s sign on them.

Laksh : Ok I will try to take it as soon as possible.

Ragini : Laksh are you sure… I mean are we doing right? Swara do not want to sell the house.

Laksh : no ragini don’t worry. We are not doing anything wrong. The house is too big for 3 of us and we can’t manage it’s expenses. It’s good for swara also.

Ragini( convinced ) – ok laksh.

Hugs him

Laksh smirks.


At Office.

Swara was sitting idle in the cabin.

Swara – uff….where he went. I don’t have any work for now..Everything is arranged.

Walks here and there.

Swara : Aaaaaaa…. I m getting irritated. Let’s go out for sometime.

In the office everyone was doing work sincerely.

Swara went to the reception :

Swara : hi.

Alisha ( receptionist ) : hello Swara

Swara – well you remember me..

Alisha – I don’t think that there is a single person in this world who can forget you. That day the way you behaved and what you said to sir…uff I can never forget it.

Swara : hahaha….you are right. But I m getting bored today….I don’t have anything to do

Alisha : it’s because today is your first day.. slowly you’ll get enough work to keep you busy.

Swara : oh..

Alisha : it’s almost lunch time…would you like to join me and my friends for lunch.

Swara (smiling genuinely) : ya sure.


At home .

Ragini – but laksh how are we going to do it.

Laksh – you have to do it ragini…at any cost you have to make swara sign these papers.

Screen freezes on ragini’s tensed face, Laksh’s determined face and Swara’s happy face


I m ending this part here…

So sorry for coming back so late..

I willl try my best to post next part as soon as possible..

Thanks for reading

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