She is my biwi..Swasan (Episode 1)

“Kiss me Biwi…” murmured Sanskar against her lips, but Swara is trying hard to move away from his clutches.
“Kiss me back dammit…” said Sanskar, irritated by her irresponsiveness, he wanted to kiss her and taste every inch of her mouth but at the same time he wants her to react the same way.
Even though she is not responding to the way he expected he couldn’t able to leave her, so he started kissing her, chewing her lower lip.. His hands were roaming around her body..he squeezed her tiny waist to which a groan escaped from her mouth, taking this as a chance his tongue entered her mouth and started exploring her mouth.
Sanskar left her after he was satisfied and looked at her face breathing heavily which is expressionless and her eyes were filled with tears which are going to start flowing her cheeks.
Taking one look at her face, he left the room slamming the door shut.
As soon as Sanskar left the room she dropped herself on the floor and started crying.
Sanskar and Swara’s parents are friends and also neighbors living in a small town near Mumbai. Ram Prasad and Shekhar worked as a normal employees in a factory present in that town .When Sanskar was 5 years old, Sumi gave birth to Swara both Sujatha and Sumi decided to convert their friendship to a relation. So, they decided to get Sanskar and Swara married when they are of marriageable age, Shekhar and Ram Prasad approved their wives wish happily …
“Mom…who is it?” asked Sanskar noticing a baby girl in the crib as soon as he entered the room .
“she is your biwi Sanky… ” Sujatha, Ram Prasad’s wife said smilingly to her son.
“Biwi !! means??” asks Sanskar not knowing what is the meaning of that word..
“Biwi means she is your life partner who always stays with you life long, who loves you, takes care of you like the way i take care of your papa.” explained Sujatha.
“Ohh… will she even play with me??” asks Sanskar innocently.
“Yes , she plays with you”
“Tell her to play with me now ”
“Not now Sanky, she is just 2 days old. After some months she can play with you until then you have to take care of her like a big boy as she is still a baby na, ok?”
“Okk” says Sanskar and starts smiling at the cute little girl who is making some noises to gain people’s attention. Hearing her noises, Sanskar turned towards her and stared at her for some time.
“Can i go near her?” asked Sanskar cutely pointing to the crib which is few steps away from him.
“ha, you can go but be careful with her as she is still little you may hurt her, ok? ” said Sujatha.
“Ok” said Sanskar happily and went towards the crib, he looked at her for some time as the little girl is looking at him too. After few minutes, the baby girl shifted her eyes and was looking somewhere else.
“Biwi… Biwi… See here ” says Sanskar trying to get the attention of the little girl.
“Why are you calling her biwi, Sanky??” asked Sujatha not knowing why he is calling like that.
“You only told that she is my biwi that’s why i am calling her with that name only” replied Sanskar innocently not understanding why he can’t call his biwi with that name.
“It is not her name Sanky. Her name is Swara you can call her with that name” said Sujatha trying to make her son understand.
“No ,you said that she is my biwi na so i will call her with that name only…” says Sanskar stubbonly.
“But she has a name Sanky, you can’t call her biwi” said Sujatha.
“Your name is also not mama na but i am calling you mama because you are my mama. So i will call her biwi only as she is my biwi” argued back.
Knowing her son’s stubbornness she remained silent and thought of convincing him later. But he never listened to his parents words and continued to call her biwi.
Guys credit goes to the writer Veni..

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