She Changed Me Intro


Guys here ff name SHE CHANGED ME it’s a Swasan FF so here’s the intro. It’s a college life ff hope you all will like



Sanskaar Maheswari : Bad boy of college. Enjoys with his dad’s money but doesn’t love his parents because he thinks that they don’t love him but actually they do. A+ in studies but still a bad boy has many girlfriends and some he doesn’t even remember they were his girlfriend. Has a gang of naughty people. His best friend is Raghav Oberoi.


Swara Roy : Middle Class girl Her father does a normal job and is not rich like others but there is much love in their family. She gets admission in Elite through Scholarship and wants to go there wants to study hard and become a very successful women and make her family’s life easy. She hates boys who are flirty.


Raghav Oberoi : Same as Sanskaar. Rich dad’s rich son and a spoil brat. He loves his mother but not father. He A+ in studies like Sanskaar [actually they both copy in their every exam]. He hates lovely girls who are cute pretty and beautiful. He love hot girls. Sanskaar and Raghav are bff since they were in Elite since childhood and share a lovely bond.


Aradhya Singh : Middle class girl like Swara and Swara and Aradhya are from the same school and they both get admission in Elite through scholarship and Aradhya’s parents work alot so she wants to do something that her parents life become ease and she wants to work. So she studies hard and doesn’t divert her mind in something else especially boys.


Other Cast:

Sanskaar’s Parents :

Durga Prasad Maheswari

Annapurna Maheswari

Swara’s Parents: & her brother

Siddhant Roy

Susmeeta Roy

Brother : Sumedh Roy

Raghav’s Parents :

Ranveer Oberoi

Riddhima Oberoi

Aradhya’s Parents : & her sister

Ram Singh

Gayatri Singh

Sister : Aashi Singh


Monica & Kanika

Monica is Sanskaar’s Girlfriend and doesn’t leaves him anywhere. There is no love between them just to show Monica is Sanskaar’s girlfriend and Sanskaar has a habbit of having girlfriend. She is the Diva of college

Kanika is Raghav’s girlfriend. Here also everything is same as Sanskaar’s one

These two Monica and Kanika are villains in my FF.


So guys here is the intro of my ff SHE CHANGED ME should I continue it’s about college life and It’s completely a Swasan Love story.



Sanskaar Maheswari – Varun Kapoor

Swara Roy – Helly Shah

Raghav Oberoi – Himansh Kohli

Aradhya Singh – Sana Amin Sheikh

Monica and Kanika can you all suggest me please…….


Credit to: Ayushi

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