She and Her Kidnapper (2)

I opened my eyes with laziness.I found myself in a large bedroom. How come my bedroom changed small to large in one night? My room all in pink now it turned to all in white. Am I dreaming?? I tried to remember what happened last night.the man covered my face with handkerchief and I fell unconscious.
OMG!!!!! I am kidnapped.he kidnapped me!!!! Why did he kidnapped me? He want only my anklet.i wish i had super powers!!
I walked around as an idea passed on my mind .I balanced myself as I stood on the rail of Window.
How stupid me.this room is in upstairs. If I jump I will die for sure.
A grip tightened in my wrist and someone pulled me back.I fell on top of him, my kidnapper.
I stared at his beautiful face.I forgot that I am on the top of him.

“Hey…can u please move? ” he asked shaking by my shoulder. I got up and stood embarrassed.I looked at him.he gave me a death glare but I consider it as a hot one 😛

“Don’t dare to escape from my custody” he gritted his teeth.

“I wasn’t escaping. I was looking for water”.I gave him a fake smile.

“Oh you were looking for water standing on the window” he was still looking angry.he turned to the table and gave me the glass of water which kept on the table.

“Actually. …I wanted more water so I was looking for a well”.lol what am I saying? Am I a giant to drink the whole water of a well.
“Stay” saying this he left me in room. He came after two minutes with a mug of water.he forwarded the mug to me.oh my Allah he want me to drink the whole water???

“Drink the whole water.if you spill any drop of water, I will make you drink another mug of water” he put the mug in my hand.
I nodded helplessly and drank the whole water in a sip.I wiped my lips with the back of my hand.I gave him the mug back.

“Good girl” he smirked

“I know” I smirked back.

Because of the water I drank my bladder get full.I had the urge to pee.I hugged my stomach and ran to the bathroom.thank god I noticed before where the bathroom is.ohhhh..I got my soul back.I looked at me on the bathroom mirror. My hair wasn’t too never made a bird’s nest in the morning. My mom used to say that I got her shiny brown hair.but I don’t think so.I looked at me head to toe.


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I can’t be shaken anymore by anyone for whatever reason.
I have reached that point in my life where if you are not a good person, and you can’t make me feel good about love or life, you can just go away, basically.

Credit to:Ruby

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  1. wowww nice ff. ..n do continue updatng ur ff…..eagerly waiting..

    1. thnx suraj

  2. It was really very humourous ….
    U have a good sense of humor
    I am still laughing 4 d line ” actually i wanted more so i an looking for a well”
    Love u n TC ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    UR R A GIRL NA ..
    Simply asking ??????

    1. thnx dr. .yeah girl from birth 😉 but woth boy’s attitude 😛

  3. Hey nice one!!!! Pls update nxt part soon nd make it long

    1. sure rhythm. .thnq keep reading and commenting

  4. Nice ff pls update nxt part soon nd make it long

  5. It’s really hilarious, what she is looking for well for water to U r superb…

    1. hahaha…love u too lachu..I always drink water so my mum and sister says that go and jump in to well and drink the whole water 😛

  6. Another rendition by u …. Ruby u made me mad with emerald then with you are mine and humsafar … Now another one … U r so full of imaginations …. Cary on now u have become a novel of short stories with 20 min chapters each ….

    1. devu. ..ur comment made my day dr.. it means a lot to me dr..u know one thing…when I saw u commenting in others ff I really wanted u to comment in my story and when u started commenting in emerald. .I was super happy. u

      1. Now u made my day … By making me feel happy to knw tht my comment values to u … Thank u …

      2. u, anu, richu (I am sorry if I didn’t mention any of my buddy) has a special space in my heart.. I love u guys like I love my school and college friends.

  7. fantastic episode

  8. Hi…kuttizz….hw r u?…i really enjoyd 2day’s chptr…she is falling 4 hr kidnapper….plz do continue….waiting 4 more n more…!!luv u

    1. I am good r u???

  9. Oh’s awesome …and funny too …luvd it ruby ..and u r a malayali rgt ?

    1. thnx jwala..yeah i am a malayali 🙂

      1. hai …….appol njan malayalathill comment cheyyam ,,,,,,,,,,,, 😉

  10. Ruby it was a gud one dear.. Just loved the kidnapper and the girls encounter. But wat is the reason for kidnapping??. Eager to know..

    1. a simple reason behind the kidnapping and a big reason behind stealing her anklet

    2. I was waiting for ur comment. I am happy

      1. Sry Ruby I was late.. Actually I am a bit busy in mrng times that’s why….. I am also happy to know that I have a spcl place in ur heart.. I am like happy happy…. You are a very spcl frnd to me too… Love you too yar.

  11. Ruby it was really nice… but i have one doubt, is this yours “she untold” continuation or new one…

    1. no dr it is another one..

      1. yep ok dr… but you stopped that…

  12. U r making me over joyous … Love you dear I don’t knw whether in my reality I ave FRNDS like some of u here …. Blessed to have u allall Ruby

  13. Because of stupid anklet he kidnapped her no no there will be a reason

  14. Hey, I love this story so much Ruby. loved ur imagination. Ur writing skills are damn good. You are seriously amazing. I think you don’t know me but I kinda know you as I used to read your comments on Common Love story by Richu. Your were seriously in mad love with richa. lol. Pls update soon.This story is so interesting. I’m in love with you already. Bye! Take care. LoveYaLots!

    1. thnq so much ameena

      1. No need to say thank you…instead I should thank you for this wonderful story..luv u??

  15. Awesome episode ruby dearrryyyy, Zahra is so cute…even she kidnapped but still lost in his charm…his angry look feels hot to her…lol….you’re amazing ruby…so hilarious when she said she was looking for well…n even more hilarious when he brought mug of water for her to drink n she drank it n go for peee….rolf….ruby my dear you’re sweetheart n me n lots of your true friends love u soooooooo muchhhhhh…you’re spreading so much love n smiles to us all of us so trust mee Allah will give you all this love n smiles in your life…my sweeeeeetu my very best wishes r always with you. …love you loads and very tight hug. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. I miss u so much…where were u dr????

  16. hey yrr nice episode eagerly waiting for your next update plzzzz update soon.

    1. thnx natasha..r u d same natasha who wrote mmz ff?
      yesterday I sent third chapter..they didn’t post yet

  17. It was superb eagerly waiting for ur next episode plzzz update soon…

  18. That’s the gud one ya

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