She and Her Kidnapper (9)


I know I update slowly. .it is all coz of my mood swings…I am really sorry…

The boy was sitting in a wheelchair. I looked at Abeer. He gave me a fake smile. Then I looked at Adam. He mouthed me that he will tell later.

They both entered to the hall. Abeer made Rabeeh sit on the sofa.

“Who is this girl?” Rabeeh asked both Abeer and Adam. They both looked at each other and said in same time,

” Adam’s friend”

“Abeer’s girlfriend”

“What?” Rabeeh and Abeer asked in unison looking at Adam.

I was trying hard to control my laugh. I looked at Adam giving a look of you-are-screwed-man.

“I never knew that you have a girlfriend !! Rabeeh said looking at Abeer.

“Me too” Abeer said grabbing Adam to the living room.

“What it means, Abeer? ” Rabeeh drove his wheelchair before them.

“I happened so fast so…I couldn’t get time to inform you.” Abeer said scratching his back of head.

“ the way your choice is awesome. She is beautiful” Rabeeh said driving his wheelchair to me.

“Umm..Rabeeh, I need to talk to Adam something important so excuse us!” Abeer said grabbing Adam by his collar.

“You are excused ! ” Rabeeh shouted.

“Hey” he said coming towards me.

“Hi” I waved a hai.

“I am Rabeeh, Abeer’s brother” he stretched his hand for a shake hand.I took his hand in my hand.



“What was that?” I released my grip on Adam’s shirt once we reached the kitchen.

“What?” He made his shirt steady.

“Why did you say that Zahra is my girlfriend? ” I punched in his chest.

“Dude, it just slipped from my mouth”

“Because of your stupidity now I have to answer Rabeeh’s questions”

“What’s the harm in answering questions ?” Adam took a tray and placed the food plates in it.

“Are you going to help me in serving the foods?” He asked while giving me the food tray.

“I am not helping you. Do everything your own. ” I placed the tray back in his hands and exited the kitchen.

“Abeer” I hear Rabeeh screaming my name.

Oh God! I left him with that crazy woman. I don’t know what stupidity she did now.

I ran to the hall. Rabeeh was sitting his wheelchair and zahra was stood beside him.

“What happened, Rabeeh?” Then I turned to Zahra ” Did you do anything? ”

“I didn’t do anything” she shrugged her shoulder.

” I thought she came here to meet me as I was coming today. But no! She was here for more than one day” Rabeeh stated.

Who said he is only 13?

” how did you know that?” I asked sadly.

“Because she is wearing your clothes”

Oh shit! I hitted my forehead woth my palm. I grabbed Zahra to a corner.

“Why didn’t you Changed the clothes?” I cried.

“I was busy with Adam.” She reasoned.

“Couldn’t you spare two minutes to change the clothes? ” I said gripping in to her upper arm.

“Oh my God! I didn’t take a shower today. ” she ignored my question.

“Zahra, can’t you stay normal for two minutes? ” I asked annoyed.

“Abeer, I asked you something and you are busy in romancing with your girlfriend. ” as Rabeeh said Adam started laughing like crazy. He was clutching his stomach while laughing.

“WE ARE NOT ROMANCING” we both said aloud.

“Okey, tell me why she is here or did you both got married secretly? ” Rabeeh asked widening his eyes.

“No” I shouted.

“Okey Rabeeh. I will tell you why I am here and why I am wearing Abeer’s clothes.” Zahra said coming towards Rabeeh.

“ won’t say anything. ” I ordered.

“Let me say.your brother deserves to know.” I can’t let her say how she came here.I can’t let Rabeeh know that I kidnapped Zahra.

“You are not saying anything. ” I dragged her to upstairs.

“Abeer, what are you doing? Let her speak for God’s sake.” Rabeeh shouted from behind. I didn’t bother to look back.

I pushed Zahra to the room.
“Go and change my clothes, right NOW!”

She gave a punch in my chest. “You can’t boss me always” then took the shopping bag and walked in to bathroom.

Aww..her punch was really hard. Once a crazy woman always a crazy woman.

I went back to downstairs to give Rabeeh lunch. When I entered the dining room Adam and Rabeeh were having their lunch without us !

” bro and best friend. Both are having lunch without me.” I said sitting one of the chair.

“Adam, say your friend that I am not talking to him” Rabeeh said while munching on his food.

“Abeer, Rabeeh said that he don’t talk to you” Adam said mockingly.

“I heared that” I said angrily.

“He heared it Rabeeh” Adam chuckled.

“And tell him that have lunch with his girlfriend not with us” Rabeeh again said.

“I think you heared it too” Adam said smiling.

“Of course” I got up from the chair and went back to the room to check on Zahra. I was starving.

Why she is taking so long?

“Zahra, come fast.I am starving”

“I told you Abeer you can’t boss me every time” she yelled from bathroom.

After the looong five minutes she came from bathroom dying her hair with bath towel. Water was dripping from hair tips. She was looking good in sweatpants and yellow t-shirt. Her hazel eyes met mine.


I came out of bathroom. Abeer was there staring at me. Butterflies started dancing in my stomach. I couldn’t help but blush. He came closer to me and took the towel from my hand. He throw it on the bed without tearing the gaze apart. He placed his hands either side of my waist and pulled me even more closer. The gap between us faded away. He leaned closer to my face. Our foreheads were touching. He can sense my breathing now. His eyes were in my lips.I was hell nervous.

“Abee-” before I could complete the word he pressed his lips against mine….


It wasn’t the actual end of the chapter. Then I thought to make a romantic ending for this chapter. I don’t know it was even a good one or not. Still tried my best.

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