She and Her Kidnapper (8)


I went to his room. I want to know who is this Rabeeh. I checked all his drawers and cupboard. I couldn’t get any photo of his or his family. But there was a pink box in a drawer.I took the box and sat on the couch. The box was beautiful. I opened it.I widened my eyes.I was having mixed feelings, shocked and happy at same time.there was my pink diary which I lost ten years ago. A small smile crept on my lips.

10 years ago

I went to the park where I usually meet Abeer. I was sad cos I lost my diary.

“You started missing me now” Abeer slapped on my shoulder.

“Why would I? I am sad cos I lost my pink diary” I said smacking his head.

He chuckled but there was a pain in his eyes.I know why he is dad decided to change our house. So I could not meet Abeer like this.

“I have a doubt on you Abeer. You must stolen my diary” honestly I have the doubt :p.

“Why would I steel your diary?” He got up from his seat.

“Cos I am your best friend and I am going far from…” He cut me off

“I don’t need your stuff to remember you everyday.”

He cupped my face and said “you will be in my heart, always”


Abeer’s pov

I went to kitchen to have my dinner. Oh she already had her dinner. Whatever the situation is Zahra never forgot to have her food πŸ™‚

“Adam, did you had something?”

“Yeah.but now I am hungry” Adam sat on the stool.we both had our dinner.I went to my room. Adam is staying here for tonight.

I opened the door. Zahra was lying in sofa.something was in her hand.OMG It is her diary! ! Her old diary! !! Shit!!

I stole her diary when she was leaving my city.I wanted something of her with me.I choose her diary cos it was her best friend. I remove her hand from the diary which she was hugging and put it in the box where I keep her diary and our childhood photos.

I lift her in my arms.I wanted to put her on bed but she woke up.

“What are you doing, Abeer? Put me down” she shouted.

“Okey” I let her go.she fell down on her hip.

“Ouch!!! ABEER”

“What” I act like innocent.

“You are asking me what? You are the one who made me fall on my hip.I won’t leave you, Abeer” she looked her left and right. Her gaze fell on the box.she took the box with a smirk. She threw the box at me but I catch it.I was angry at her for throwing the box which I am keeping for ten years.I went from there leaving her behind me clueless.

Next morning

Someone shook my shoulder.

“Abeer, wake up” someone was trying to wake me up.

“Abeer, dude” again the voice hit my ear.


I fell on the floor.I looked around to see who pushed me from sofa. Oh it was my best friend Adam.

“What the hell man! ”

“I want to ask you the same.” Adam said while pulling me from floor.

“Dude, forgot about today?” He asked.

Today??? Oh God! How can I forget? ??

“I will be ready in five minutes” I ran to my bedroom.

I opened the door.she wasn’t on my bed.I looked around the room. Zahra was sleeping in a sitting position. She was sitting on floor and her head was in coach. I smiled.

I opened my eyes. Abeer was in front of me.but I act like I didn’t saw him.I got up from the floor. I slept like sitting position. Cos I was waiting for him to return but he didn’t.I went to bathroom.

“Zahra” he calls me.I shut the door in his face.I took a bath quickly. I changed to my new clothes which Abeer brought for me.

“Zahra” he called me again but I ignored him and went to kitchen. Adam was there having his breakfast.I sat beside him and had my breakfast.

“What happened? ” Adam asked


“Did he say anything? ”


Meantime Abeer came to kitchen. He took a plate and filled it with his breakfast. He started eating in silence.

“What’s going on, guys? ” Adam stopped eating.

“Nothing” we said in unison.

“Then why you both silent? ”

“I don’t talk while having my food” I said quickly.

“I am not in a mood to talk” Abeer said.

“Abeer, do it is almost 9’O clock” Adam hurried.Abeer finished his food and went with Adam without telling me!!!

How rude!!! I won’t talk to him now!!

Few hours later.

Someone opened main was Adam. Abeer came behind him but a 12 years old boy was with him!! Who is this boy? The boy looked at me surprise.

“Who is she?” The boy asked.

“She is Zahra, Adam’s friend” Abeer told.

WHAT?? SERIOUSLY AM I ADAM’S FRIEND? ?? I AM NOTHING TO HIM?? I was boiling in I decided to go along with him.

“Adam, who is this boy?” I askedto Adam. Abeer smirked.

“He is RABEEH”


I know this is a short chapter but I am really sorry buddies, I couldn’t write long one.I wrote this chapter in midnight only for you guys..

Today is my birthday (may 20) wish me happy birthday. .just joking buddies. No need to wish me cos I never ever celebrate my birthday. But I am sure this year will be most memorable and best for me.because I am going to take a decision which will change my life.

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Credit to: Ruby_Ryan

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  7. Nic episode… So Abeer and Zahra are childhood best friends… The relation is almost clear now… Now the reason for kidnap?? I enjoyed this episode..
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