She and Her Kidnapper (6)


I am not scared of anything or anyone but dogs.they always barks at me :\ and this dog, what was his name cocky or Rocky whatever. .he was like he is the king of all dogs :3 I just jumped to the kidnapper and wrapped my body In his.

“please take the dog with you.I won’t try to escape. .promise” I just want to get rid off this Rocky cocky.

“okey..okey fine..calm down” he rubbed my back then ordered to rocky cocky to go from there.he put me down and made me sit on sofa.
he gave me a glass of water.I drank it one and looked at him

she was looking cute when she afraid.”are you…flower” I don’t know what her name is so I just used its meaning. she made a puppy dog face and said
“my name is not flower, kidnapper”

“and my name is not kidnapper, flower” I don’t know why I softened my voice. she chuckled and asked

“then what’s ur name?”

“fragrance” tit for tat πŸ˜‰ I too can be smart.

“you are lying” she assured.I sat beside her.she was sitting on sofa cross legged.

“as u said, it is my name’s meaning” I was challenging her.she gave me a smirk.

“okey…I know you are challenging me” I nodded at her in agreement.she continued “I accept the challenge” she jumped from the sofa.why this girl always jumps?

“Oh My Allah” she was screaming in she hited her leg in tea table while jumping. she sat on the sofa and rubbed her leg.I laughed at her.she gave me a glare.I laughed more.I got her name coz of her hiting.maybe this was a sign from god.

“you should stop jumping, ZAHRA” she looked at me opened mouth.”how did u get, I didn’t give u any hint?” she asked in curiosity

“you gave enough hint by calling Allah”

“oh” she understood what I said (don’t get confused guys.when Zahra calls Allah Abeer get to know that she is a Muslim and probably her name will be an Arabic name.)

the door bell rang.

“go upstairs” I ordered but she didn’t move an inch.I know she will not to anything at first.

“Rocky. ..she cut me off “I am going. .don’t call ur Rocky again” she went to upstairs. the door bell was ringing continuously. I got frustrated. I opened the door in angry.

“who the he..”

“stop stop it is me angry young man” Adam tapped on my shoulder. he came inside.

“where is your crazy woman? ” Adam inquired

“she is not ‘my’ crazy woman Addie” I emphasised the word my.

“oh I forgot u r not interested in girls. ..fine..I will find her by myself” he went to upstairs

“Adam, where are you going? ” I don’t want him to see her in shorts and make her embarrassed in front of him.

“I am going to see the girl whom u kidnapped.I am sure she is beautiful.I heared her voice on phone. it was cute.” he said while climbing the stairs.

“what?how did u heared?” I was clueless. .”dude u forgot to cut my call and I heared ur conversation”..I came after him.

“u r not going to see her” I stopped him from opening the door of my room. “why buddy? let me see her”

I heared his and his friend’s conversation. his friend was trying to open the door but he(kidnapper) stopped him.

“Zahra. ..put some clothes on” he shouted from outside. I looked at myself. “but I am wearing clothes, kidnapper” I heared a laugh.but it wasn’t his laughing.

“dude I thought she is…it was his friend but he cut his friend off “crazy woman..I don’t mind to remember u..u r wearing ur shorts” he said in angry tone.he is right. that’s why he stopped his friend from coming inside. a small curve appeared in my I blushing? ?

“ZAHRA…u hear me?” he again shouted.”yeah..” jumped to his bed and wrapped my Minnie. this is the best cloth in the world.

he and his friend came inside. his friend looked at in amusement. he was like a play boy.huh

“hai..I am Adam and you?” he forwarded his hand to shake.”didn’t u heared him calling my name?” I questioned Adam. kidnapper chuckled at my question. butterflies started fluttering in my stomach. .but why?? I never felt this feeling.why this kidnapper is making me difficult?

“Adam u should go.ur phone is in living room” kidnapper said to him.he nodded and went from there.

his phone started ringing. he answered the girl.

“aww sorry sorry. .I am coming dear…don’t be angry on me.I waa stuck with a ‘problem'” and he looked at me.didn’t he meant that I am the problem? ?? but who was in phone? ? why he is talking all lovy dovy??I gave him a deathly glare but he gave back a grin.ohhh god his dimple..Zahra, come to earth! !

“don’t worry. .I made ur favorite food for lunch dear.. I miss u and I love u…mmuah mmuah mmmmuah” my eyes are popped shameless he is.he is talking to hia girlfriend in front of me!!! huh

“listen Rabeeh, u don’t have to worry dear..I am always with I will be there in half hour” he hung up the phone.I was looking him without blinking my eyes and mouth opened. he was GAY!!! cheeee.. aaah…I am staying with a kidnapper is a gay..why Allah why me :O πŸ™

“I never know that u eat flies too” he teased me.I closed my mouth and gave him a disgusting look.

“who was on phone? ” I asked finally. “none of ur business” he locked his phone and exit from my room. lol I forgot his room πŸ˜‰ I heared him locking the main door.I peeked through the windows. he gave some instructions to his Dracula dog.I can’t hear what he said coz I was in upstairs. suddenly I remember something. .I called him from window.he looked at me and asked what.I signed him to come inside. he came inside.

she called me kidnapper again.she didn’t get my name yet πŸ˜‰ I came inside. he asked me for a player.I gave her a player.

“what are u going to do with it?” I asked.she sat on the sofa and took off her anklet.

“you came for this and u forgot to take it” she forwarded her anklet to me.I looked at her with amazement. why did a girl gave her anklet to her kidnapper? ? is she really gone made or she is an angel? I asked myself.

“why r u giving this?” I asked.”u came for” I can’t say her that I didn’t came for her anklet then she will ask me the real reason. .so I kept silent. “take it as a gift from me for taking Rocky outside” she put the anklets in my hand.I hold it with guilty. she is not like ‘that man’.she is really kind.

“anyway I don’t like to wear mom insisted me to wear this on my engagement day” she said lazily. .”u r engaged?” I asked surprised. coz she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring.she nodded her head.

“u r not wearing ur engagement ring” I pointed to her finger.”I told u I don’t like to wear jewellery” she again sat on the sofa and turn on the tv.weird girl!!! but she was wearing a chain and a pendant? ?? it is the same pendant which. …she cut my thought ans said “u were going somewhere. .go I won’t try to escape” she looked hurt.

“Zahra. .you said u don’t like to wear gold that’s why u didnt wear ur engagement ring”


“but why r u wearing that pendant? ” I pointed to her neck.she held the pendant for a second and closed her eyes. a smile appeares on her face.I blushed seeing this.I must say she is beautiful. she opened her eyes and her smile vanished.

“go Abeer. .it is my personal matter. .I don’t want to share with it anyone” she got my with brain.

“u got my name” I changes the topic. she just smiled. I said by and went to see Rabeeh.

I was happy that she still wears the pendant.

when he asked about the pendant his face was lighting. was he happy? why would he? was he the same person? I don’t think it will be him.this is some other Abeer coz he can’t steal someone’s anklet.

I took a shower and wore his clothes. I ate my lunch which he made for me.he is a good cook.I watched the tv and fell asleep.
I came back at evening. she was sleeping on was still on.she was looking like a kid.I lifted her in my arms and went to my room. .uff she should start dieting.she was wearing my clothes. I stroked her hair with my hands.she moaned in her sleep. her habits r still same.she yawned and opened her eyes.we shared an eye lock.I got off from the bed and cleared my throat. she sat on the bed and looked at me.I went from there without saying anything.

I think it is a long one.wanna know ur openions.was the chapter ok?

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