She and Her Kidnapper (3)

I looked at myself one more time.oh my Allah I was wearing my shorts! ! I only ware short in night.I don’t ware it in front of a guy except my dad.I pulled my top to cover my thighs. I slightly open the bathroom door and peep to the room. There, my kidnapper was sitting on the bed playing in his phone.
What is beside him in a pink colour?? Yaa Allah. .it is my Minnie 😀 minnie is my duvet 😛 he brought my Minnie with me!!! So sweet kidnapper! !

I Rushed to the bed and grabbed my duvet.I wrapped it around me.he turned to me and stood up.

“What are you doing? ” he asked annoyed

“It is my favorite duvet..I can’t live without it..thnq so much for bringing it along with me,kidnapper” I started my drama

“Why ae you wrapping it around u?” He came to near me.

“I am feeling cold”

“It is summer not winter”

Yeah it is…

“I feel cold in summer season” I gave a colgate smile

” weird girl” he said under his breath but I heared it.

“I heared it” I chuckled. He gave me a death glare and shut the door behind him.
When I open the room door the girl whom I kidnapped previous night was standing on the window to jump she mad or what??? I pulled her down.she fell upon me.she was beautiful with hazel eyes.her hair was so silky.she was staring me and I am too.I came to my sense and asked her

“Hey..can u please move?” I shook her by her shoulder.she stood up with embarrassed. She
Wearing shorts and top.she was looking beautiful.

I gave her a death glare and said no I ordered “don’t dare to escape from my custody”

“I wasn’t escaping, I was looking for water” she gave a sudden answer. .

“Oh you where looking for water standing on window” I raised my eyebrows.

I gave her the water which kept on table.but she refused and said,

“Actually. …..I wanted more I was looking for a well”

Is she got mad??? I never heared someone to jump in to well for drinking water. .this girl is out of her mind.

I bring a mug of water and said her to drink the whole water.surprising me she drank the whole water!!!

Effect of the water she rushed to bathroom and slammed the door behind her.literally, I was laughing at her craziness…I waslaughing like crazy after so many months..

My phone was a text from Rabeeh.I texted him back.I was sitting in my bed.suddenly someone pulled the duvet.I turned to see was she.she wrapped the duvet around her.

“What are you doing? ” I asked annoying

“It is my favorite duvet, I can’t live without. Thanks for bringing it along with me, kidnapper”

Kidnapper! !! She called me kidnapper! !!! If I weren’t that situation I never kidnapped a girl like her…mad woman.

I stepped close to her and asked “why r u wrapping it around u?”

“I am feeling cold”

WHAT THE!!!!! who feels cold in summer season! !!

“It is summer not winter”

“I feel cold in summer season” she said with a colgate smile..oh god…this girl will make me mad one day..I gave a death glare to her and shut the door behind me.

I went to kitchen coz my stomach started growling. I made bread sandwich. I became too lazy nowadays. .I made always sandwich coz it is easy to make. I sat on the kitchen counter to eat.

Oh my Allah I didn’t eat anything after my dinner. My stomach started growling. Why this kidnapper didn’t bring food for me yet??? Can I go and check???

I get off from bed and walked towards the door.what if he locked it??
‘Zahra, how do u know whether he locked it or not when u didn’t try to open it???’
Wow my mind became genius nowadays.

.I turned the door knob.yaay…it isn’t locked. .I ran to downstairs. The stairs lead to a huge living room. It was well furnished. Is it house or a bungalow? ??I am rich but my house is smaller than this bungalow. Is the kidnapper so rich?? Then why did he came to steal my anklet???maybe he also stole this bungalow too. Lots of things started ringing in my mind.

‘Zahra, forget about him and think about ur weeping stomach’ my mind made me remember that I am hungry.

But where is the kitchen? ?? I heared some glass and plate’s sound from the right of me.I walked towards the was a corridor which lead me to the kitchen.

The scene which I saw in the kitchen left me heartbroken :'( 🙁


What will be the scene which our heroin saw in the kitchen???

Do you like heroin’s name?

Give ur precious comments..

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Credit to:Ruby

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  1. Ha ha ha awesome kidnapper yaar

  2. superb story. Wow. Kidnapper is sweet n girl is beautiful. It is so gud. Girl’s mind became genius n boy has become lazy. lol. I loved the narration very much. It was awesome. Waiting for next one.

    1. thnx for liking the story manha..keep reading buddy

  3. She’s feeling cold in summer n she wants a well for drinking’s really crazy girl. I think she saw empty vessels or he’s washing plates after completing his breakfast??.. All the best for ur future ruby.luv u ??… Bye..

    1. HiFi even i said he might have been Washing vessels

    2. lv u too lachu…next chapter is sent dr

  4. fantastic what situation made hero to steal gold anklet

    1. I will reveal it after few chapters dr..thnq

  5. Curious 2 knw wat she saw in the kitchen nd 2days episode was xcelent ruby specialy the kidnappers pov,plz upload nxt prt soon

    1. thnx dr..already sent the next chapter

  6. Awwww thank u soooo much …. So awesome. …

  7. Yea nice name …. May b he was washing the vessels or some one else in a pathetic situation …..

    1. 😛 there is a twist dr…wait and read who will wash vessels

  8. It was nice but it was short i hope ur next part will be more interesting waiting… for ur next part

    1. thnx kriya..already sent the next chapter

  9. nice ff…update humsafars also

    1. I will post it after ending u r mine

  10. Nic ruby :-):-D;-):-P:-*B-)

    1. thna zoya

  11. as usual you rocked it dear…

  12. Ruby today’s episode was too gud.. I just loved the kidnaper’s and zahra’s character so cute…
    Sry for late comment was having a bad headache…

  13. Omg rubyyyy my dearrrrr, this girl Zahra is soooooooo cuteeeee n adorable n hilarious and her kidnapper is even more cuterrr…loved it very very much. ..awesoooooome story n the picture with each update is so lovelyyyyyy. ..just loving this story very very muchhhhhh. ..both pov’s r so cuteeeee…both r attracted to each other. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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