She and Her Kidnapper (16)


After the exhibition we, I, David, Rabeeh, Adam, eve and Lisa we went back to Abeer’s home. Abeer till didn’t come back.

“This is the first time I am coming here.” Said Eve. I smiled at her. Lisa was sleeping in her shoulder.

“Me too Eve.” David said.

“Eve, do you want me to put her on bed?” I said Eve pushing Rabeeh’s wheelchair.

“Yes please. ” I took Lisa from her.Lisa was three year old and I was holding a baby for first time. It felt awesome.

“Rabeeh, you need to take rest. Come with me.” I called out Rabeeh.


I put Lisa in Rabeeh’s bed.I don’t know whether I can open other rooms or not. So it is better to not open.  I don’t want Abeer to get angry again.

Rabeeh came after me.I helped him climb on his bed.

“Are you okey with Lisa sleeping here?”

“I am cool..she is such a cutie pie.” Rabeeh said kissing on Lisa’s cheeks. I saw Adam and me in both of them.

“Do you guys need any cool drinks?” I asked entering to living room.  David and eve were talking and Adam was on his phone.

“Yeah..” David said. Adam nodded.

“I will help you.” Eve said coming with me.

We both bought drinks for four of us. Adam took a glass and drank in a go.

“Abeer passed out in a bar.I am going to pick him up. David, you stay with them.” Adam said hurriedly. David nodded at him.

“Can I come with you, please? ”

“No, zahra. ”

“Please Adam please. ” I want to be with him now. Because of me he is in this state.

“Let her come with you, Adam. I am here. Don’t worry. ” David assured Adam. I hugged David and went with Adam.

The waiter boy lead us to Abeer who was seating in a corner of the bar legs on the table.

“Abeer…Abeer. ” Adam shook him. He slowly opened his eyes.

“Adam…my angel…” Abeer smiled at him.

“Come..zahra help me in lifting him.”

“Yeah..” I held Abeer’s left side.

“ are here…?”

Adam took Abeer in bridal style..I laughed at them.

“DON’T. .don’t make joke out of me. Already I can’t bear his weight and you are laughing tooi.” Adam rolled his eyes.

I couldn’t stop my laugh. Adam pushed Abeer in to the back seat.

“Slowly. ..”

“ are  tubiful..” abeer said in his half conscious.

“What?” I asked seating in passenger seat.

“It is beautiful. ” now Adam started laughing.

“I am rossy, hazra…” Abeer mumbled again.

Adam stopped driving and started laughing.

“Hahahahahaha” I hit him then abeer.

“It was I am sorry Zahra. ” I said annoyed.

“I…(laugh) like.. (laugh)..the new.. (laugh) name of yours. ”

“Lol Abeer is rosy…seriously? ?” He again laughed.

“You know I laways li-” I punched abeer.

“Shut up…Adam drive..” I ordered to Adam.

I covered Abeer’s mouth with my palm to shut him up.

We reached home after 20 minutes.  David and eve were waiting for us.I and Adam bought abeer inside.

“Is he okey?” David asked.

“He is not ‘okey’. He is rosy.” Adam again started laughing.  The both eve and David looked him surprised.

“What’s the matter? ” eve asked.

“Hazra…” again he, my kidnapper called me.

“This is the matter. ” when I said they both too started laughing. I went to Abeer to shut him up.

Abeer pulled me to him.I fell on top of him. I was so embarrassed. I looked at David, Adam and eve. David rised an eyebrow.I tried to release myself from his clutches. His grip on my waist tightened more.

“Abeer, leave me.”

“I won’t.  You will go to that..that…emm .irman guy.” He said with a sad face.

Irman? ?

“I don’t want to solt you.” He again said.

I looked at my bros and eve. They were rolling on the ground. But David come to my rescue.

“Dude, you can’t romance with my sister in front of me.” David try to loosen Abeer’s grip.

“Is he irman? ” Abeer asked looking at David.

“It is David my brother. ” I said pushing his hands away.

“Vadid?? Yout pets brother??”

This time I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. I laughed out laying on Abeer.

“Why are you here, vadid?” Abeer asked David.

An idea popped in my mind.

“Abeer, we will go to our room. Okey?” I said cupping his face. He nodded and loosened the grip on me. David helped me to get up.

“Adam, stop laughing and take him to his room. ” I said making my clothes steady.

Both guys took Abeer to his room. I and eve went after them.

“Let’s go..” Adam said eve. David too went behind them.I removed Abeer’s shoes.

“Zahra. ..” thank God! 


“Come here.” Abeer tried to sit. I helped him.

“Sit.” He patted beside him. I do as I told. He pulled me to him. Butterflies started dancing in my stomach.

“Don’t go..I need you.” The words I wanted to hear…

“I am here..okey?” He nodded.

“Don’t go with irman.” He pouted. I chuckled.

“I am sorry. I was angry because you said…you-” before completing the sentence he drifted off to sleep.

What was that?

I made him lay on bed and went back to living room.  They were still laughing on Abeer’s vocabulary.

“Our hazra is back.” David said.

“Vadid.” I said.

“What was solt?” Eve asked.

“It was lost. .he said  I don’t want to lose you.” Adam giggled.

“How romantic. .” Eve said dramatically.

“You know David how much I wanted imran to hear Abeer calling him ‘irman'” I said David giving a hi-fi

“Me too.” He giggled.

“Who is imran?” Eve asked puzzled.

“It is a long story but now i have to go.” David replied.

We both hugged and he bide his farewell.

“We should go now, Adam. ” eve said to Adam.

“Okey.take Lisa. ” Adam replied.


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  1. Wow so many episodes. Loved it


    aww… ruby back to back 6 epi’s… loved it… 🙂 🙂

  3. Omg ! I cannot believe u r back.. That too with so many episodes. Loved it. And love u too. Plsss keep updating regularly missed u a lot didi ! And that hazra vadid was too funny..

  4. Oh Ruby it is hillarious…OMG Abeer vocabulory…
    Now really want both of them to confess .
    Thank u very much for so many chps…it was fun reading – commenting…. reading – commenting.
    Love u dear and update soon
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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