She and Her Kidnapper (15)


“When did you got married? ” I asked Adam in disbelief.

“We are not married, zahra.” Adam chuckled.

“So….eve is your girlfriend? ” they can have kids even if they didn’t get mArry. My thoughts went wild.

“ are just friends.  Actually Lisa is my friend Olivia’s daughter. She passed away few months ago. I and Adam took Lisa’s guardianship. ” eve cleared my doubt. I saw hurt in Adam’s eyes when eve said they are just friends.

“Oh…anyway congrats bro for becoming a father.” I winked at Adam. Everyone giggled but Abeer gave a serious look.

Who cares??

“I think we should go and have something. Kids are hungry. Eve said to Adam.

“Let’s go.” Adam took Lisa in his arms. Eve were walking with rabeeh and Adam. I was behind them with Abeer. He pulled me to a corner and blocked me in between him and the wall.

“What are you doing? ” I asked pushing him but he was so strong. 

“Why did you told eve that you are my girlfriend?”

“It just slipped from my tongue. ”

“You didn’t meant it?” He leaned a bit closer. His breath was fanning on my face.

“Why…why would I?”


She didn’t meant what she said to eve. How can i forget that she loves that imran guy.I slammed my fist in wall. She startled at my sudden change. I left her there.

I don’t know what had gotten in to me. I was beyond angry.

“Abeer. .” I hear Adam shouting after me. I didn’t give a damn look.

She doesn’t love me. That was the only thought in my mind. I always wanted to be loved by her. And she..she forgot everything between us.

I took a cab and went near bar. I don’t drink but this time I need a drink. I ordered for my drink. I don’t know how much I drank.I was wasted.


Why was he angry? What did I do? Maybe he doesn’t like me saying that I am his girlfriend. What if he likes eve. Tears started to spill.I was standing in the corner where he left me. Suddenly I felt someone’s touch in my shoulder. I turned to see who.

David !!!

I looked at him frightened. But he surprised me by hugging me tight. The first time I felt safe in my step brother’s arms. I cried in his chest.

“I am so sorry, zahra…for everything I did..I am sorry. .” He said in between his cry.

What happened to David?  Why he is sorry?  Above all of them why the hell is he crying? ?


David pulled me away. His eyes were wet. There was guilt in his eyes.

What’s happening  around me??

“I thought that my mother kidnapped you like before!  Thank God!  She didn’t and you were with Abeer. ” David said holding ny face in his hands.

“Did anyone hit on your head?” I asked removing his hands from my face. He laughed at my question.

“No.huh..where is Abeer?  He was with you few minutes ago.” David looked around us.

“He went.”

“I want to talk to him too.” David said disappointed.

“Why this sudden change, David?  You hate me. Aren’t you? ” I folded arms under my chest.

“No, Zahra. I never hated you. I made you cry because of my mother. She threatened me to do so. I was helpless. I am really sorry for everything. ”
I can saw the real guilt in his eyes.

“It’s okey, David. It wasn’t your fault. ” I gave a genuine smile.

“I always loved you as my own sister but I never get a chance to show my love and care towards you.”

“Did Pauline know where is I am?”

“No, she doesn’t and she will not. I won’t let her do anything to you.” He said pulling me to him for another hug.

“Zahra. ” I hear a familiar voice. It was Adam. He looked at me then David.

“ is..David, my brother. ” the first time in my life I referred David as my brother.

Adam’s eyes widened.

“Adam?” David hugged Adam.  Adam mouthed me what. I chuckled.

“I will tell you everything once we get home.” Adam nodded at my explanation.

“What happened to Abeer?  I saw him going somewhere. ” said Adam.

“I..I don’t know.”

“Okey..leave it.maybe he had some work. He will be back. Come.” Adam said while holding my left hand. I looked at David who was holding my right hand.

“Dudes, I am not a kid. I can walk my own.” I removed both Adam and David’s hands and marched to the exit.


David joined with us for lunch.

“Who is this?” Rabeeh asked.

“My brother. ” I said proudly.

“Oh..I am Rabeeh. Abeer’s brother. ” Rabeeh extended his hand. David shook his hands.

“Abeer never had a brother. ” David said looking at both me and Adam.

“Actually,  my mother adopted Abeer after his parents death.” Rabeeh cleared David’s(also mine) doubt. I was so stupid. I didn’t ask Abeer or Rabeeh about how they become brothers.

I wanted to ask more about Rabeeh’s mother but a little thing I know was she is no more and it would be stupidity to ask about her in front of Rabeeh.

They all were talking to each other.Lisa was playing with Rabeeh. And I was in my thoughts.

Where did Abeer gone?



“Sir..”someone shook my shoulder.


“Your phone is ringing. ” a boy came in to my sight. He was holding a tray that has alcohol glasses in it (I am really sorry guys, I don’t have any knowledge about alcohol type and how it serves in a bar.I watched it in movies but I don’t remember anything right now.) I took another glass from him but the waiter guy took it back.

“You are already wasted, sir. Sir, your phone is ringing for long.” The guy placed my phone in my hand.

Everything was blur in front of me. Before I could take the call it went off and i placed the phone in table back. I hear the waiter talking to someone on phone referring me.



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