She and Her Kidnapper (14)



I was in mom’s house. She wanted me to meet her to talk about Zahra, my stepsister. I have a doubt from beginning that maybe my mother did the kidnapping.  Because she did it before.

”Arh..David, my son.” My mother pulled me in to a hug when I entered the house. I never felt any warmth in her hug. I always felt it is fake.

“How are you, mom?” I asked honestly. Of course I care for because she gave me birth and took care for me when I was a baby. I don’t know when she changed. I don’t know when she started giving more importance to money than her family.

“I am superb because there is no ‘disturbance’ in this house.” She said laughing.  I gave a fake smile to her.

She was referring zahra as disturbance. I don’t know why she hates Zahra that much. Zahra never did anything wrong to my mother. I know you all thinking that why I am acting weird.

For me Zahra wasn’t a stepsister. She was my little crazy sister.but my mom never allowed me to talk to her nicely. She wanted me to treat Zahra ill or else she will not allow me to meet my dad, my own dad and she threatened to kill him.

My parents marriage was love marriage. We were a happy family. My dad’s work was going well. He loved my mom very much. I was 6 when my dad lost his job. He tried everything to make us happy.  My mom was okey first.  Then she started scolding my dad for everything. She was frustrated because we were struggling to live. Mom demanded for divorce. But dad wasn’t ready to give her divorce. 

After an year dad decided to give my mom divorce because she started to go out with Zahra’s father. I wanted to stay with my dad. Mom wanted me to be with her so she can make made dad lose. Finally her wish comes true. She got my custody and she got married to her new love, zahra’s father.  I was only eight then.

I was sad that I won’t be able to spend my time with my dad. I was happy that I got a sibling. Zahra was so nice to me. We were in good terms first. When my mom get to know that Zahra and I were like a real siblings, she promised me that if I want to meet my dad in weekends then I have to stop speaking to Zahra.  I was so selfish that I agreed to my mom.

Zahra wasn’t sad of my change in behavior because she already had three friends, abeer,mishal and Adam. The four of them were always together. Adam cared for zahra like a made me jealous of him.and abeer had a crush on zahra. Whenever mom punished zahra, he was there for her.

Every time zahra went outside I followed her because I was insecure about. My mom can do anything to her and Zahra’s father easily believes my mother. One day abeer’s sister mishal noticed me. She asked me why am I following zahra Or do I have any plan to kill zahra. Mishal was protective for zahra. She threatened me that if I do anything bad to zahra she don’t regret in beating me. I was taken back by her words. She was a lioness.  If she were in Zahra’s place she would have teach my mom a lesson.

A voice broke my chain of thoughts.
I hear a noise from zahra’s room. When I opened her room there was her suitcase on the means she was in the room. I didn’t want to my mother get to know that she was here. I quickly opened her wallet and took all her cards which is no useful now. I put new cards which I brought for zahra after mom blocked her cards. Then I went back to my room to hide.I saw her going with a man. Who will be it?

She headed towards her reading room with that guy. I followed them and hide beside the stairs. I doubt she saw me. She and the guy jumped to the wall when I reached the window of the reading room.  Zahra looked at me standing on the wall. The boy beside her was….Abeer !!!

I sighed in relief.  She was safe.she was with Abeer. My mom didn’t kidnapped her.


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  1. Oh !! David truly loves Zahra as his sister ….only acted before his mother…loved it… But Zahra dont knows…she would be happiest when truth be in front
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