She and Her Kidnapper (13)


I was more surprised than shocked. David never ignored any single chance to hurt me and here he didn’t try to chase after us!!! Isn’t it something new?


“Huh?” I looked at my surroundings.

“Get down from my bike. We reached home.” Abeer said walking in to main door with my suitcase.

Home !!

In these past days this house became my home which i never felt in my own house.

A frustrated Adan opened the door for us.

“When did your brain stop working,abeer?”

“When she stepped in to my house.” Abeer said pointing to me.

What the!!!

“For your information mr.’kidnapper’,i didn’t come to your house willingly. You kidnapped me.” I air quoted the word kidnapper.

“She is right.” Adam chuckled.

“Whose side you are,adam?.” Abeer asked throwing himself on the sofa.

“No both ruined my sleep. I have my exhibition in six hours. Instead of helping me you both are becoming trouble.” Adam said throwing a cussion at abeer.

“It was her idea not mine.” Abeer protested.

“But you were in it.” Adam said seating on a sofa.

“David saw us.” I said suddenly.

“What??” Adam jumped from his seat then looked both of us. I and abeer nodded at him.

“Then definitly he is after you. I am going home.i don’t want to die before my exhibition.” Adam said walking in to main door.

“You are a bad friend, are leaving us when we are in trouble?” Abeer asked with a fake hurt expression.

He said us !!

“You both made this mess.didn’t you?”

“Okey..stop arguing. i know it was a worst idea. I only thought about rabeeh’s surgery. I am sorry.” I said holding my ears.

Both friends looked at me with love. Adam walked to me and stretched his arms to hug me. I hugged him.

“What about a group hug?” Abeer asked throwing his arms around us. We all laughed.


“Wow…adam is an excellent artist.” Rabeeh said. We were walking in adam’s exhibition hall.

I never knew that adam will become an awesome artist.. He made our sketches when we were in high school. But his father always want him to be a businessman.

Adam was explaining some people about his paintingd. He waved at us when he saw us.

“Hey..” adam came to us after dismissing the people.

“Hey” we three said in unison.

“I can’t believe ,you pain all these,adam.” I said in excitement.

“thank you.” Adam chuckled. Abeer gave a disgusted look.i gave him back the same look.

“Today is your day,adam.” I said patting on his back.

“Hey zahra.i want to introduce someone to you.” Adam said searching for someone.


“His Eve.” Rabeeh giggled.

I rolled my eyes at him.

“Wait,i will be back in few.” Adam went off.

I and rabeeh roamed around the exhibition hall. God knows where abeer went. There were so many people to explore adam’s paintings.

“I am hungry.” I shouted.

“Me too.” Rabeeh shouted.

The people around us give a weired look. We both laughed. Just then someon smacked my head.

“Aww..” i cried.

“You are spoiling my brother,crazy woman.” Abeer said folding his arms under his chest.i push him with all my strength. He lost his balance and fell on a girl. I and rabeeh started laughing.


         Thank god! He wasn’t top of the girl.

“Eve?” Abeer  said looking at the girl. My laugher went off.

“Abeer?” The girl looked at abeer in disbelief. He stood up from the ground and gave her a hand to get up. The girl took his hand and got up.

They know each other !!!

“I am sorry..i accidently fell on to you.” he apologized to eve girl. :/

“It’s okey,abeer.” Eve smiled at him.

She was beautiful!!

“Hey little dude.” She came to rabeeh.

She knows rabeeh too !!!

Then she looked at me and raised her eyebrows.

“Who is this girl, abeer?” She asked to abeer pulling his hand.

“Erm……” abeer stammered.

Why he is stammering? Can’t he say that i am his girlfriend? Who is this girl to him?

When did you become his girlfriend?-my beautiful innervoice.

“I am zahra. Abeer’s girlfriend.” I said extending my hand to her. She shook my hand.

Abeer looked at me in disbelief. But a small smile played in his lips !!!

“I am eve. I never knew that abeer has a girlfriend.” She said slapping abeer’s arm playfully.

“Yeah eve.he become so secretive nowadays. He told me yesterday only.” Rabeeh complained.

“Aww.” She pouted.

“Oh are here. I was searching for you.” Adam came running to us.

“I was searching olivia. She had lisa with her.” Eve said to adam.

“Okey..-adam turned to me.”you guys are here?”

“Yeah..we were roaming around. ” abeer said standing closer to me.

“Zahra,this is friend.” Adam introduced eve to me.

“Better say girlfriend.” Abeer and rabeeh giggled. Adam slapped both brotgers on the arm.

“We already met.” Eve said giggling.

“She is like a sister to me.” Adam said while pushing abeer and stood beside me  with his hand on my dhoulder.


“What the…?” He screamed at adam for pushing him away from me.

He pulled me to him and put his hand in my waist. I startled at his touch. I gave me a death glare.Eve and rabeeh were laughing at our childishness.

“I am not taking your girlfriend with me,dude.” Adam said stressing the word girlfriend.

I released myself from me. he smirked at me. i smirked back.

his influence :p

“Hey eve.” A girl called out eve. She was carrying a kid.

“Thanks olivia.i got tired of searching you.” Eve said stretching her arms to take the kid.

“Mama.” The little girl called eve revealing her dimples.


“Mama?” I asked eve.

“Yeah..this is our daughter,Lisa.” adam said poking lisa’s hand.



Hehehe  Lisa is Adam and Eve’s  daughter. Howmany of you except this twist???

You knew that i am crazy..and this story is also a craziest one. 😀 

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