She and Her Kidnapper (12)


“Zahra, the key?” I said as we reached the backdoor.

“Which key?” She asked confused.

“Idiot ! Duplicate key of this door which I gave you.” I poked her head.

“Oh that.I put it in my pocket. Just a minute.” She tugged her hand in her right pocket then left. Then she looked at me.

Cute !


“I think I-lost-it.” She stammered.

“Damn it !” I punch the wall.

I want to murder myself.  I am a fool to listen her words. I shouldn’t have listen to her in first place.

“Come with me.” She dragged me somewhere.

“Where are we going?  I don’t want to get caught by your father or step brother of yours. ” I said pushing her hand away.

“Trust me. We don’t get caught.” She extend her hand to me.

I trust her.

I held her hand. She lead me to a large glass window. The window was covered by pink curtains.

“We can enter to my house through this window. ” she said opening the window from outside.


I lead him to my reading room. Only I use this room. I opened the window from outside. We both entered to the room. I opened the door slowly. It was midnight so everyone was asleep and David mostly lives in his pent house God knows where. I decided to go to my room first to take my things. The reading room was under the stairs. My room was in upstairs. I held Abeer’s hand tight and pulled him along with me.

“Why are we going upstairs?  Your parents room is there.” He pointed to corner of the hall where my parents room was.

A smile fromed in my lips remembering his lie  ‘it was a mistake. I was going to your parents’s room’.

He deliberately came to my room and lied that it was a mistake. I decided to tease him.

“How do you know that that is my parents’s room? ” I crossed my hands under my chest.

“Erm..I was …asking you, that is your parents’s room? ”

Liar !

“Yeah. I need to take my things first then we will enter their room. ” I said hiking the stairs slowly. He followed me. I lit the bed lamp.

“Arh…finally I am in my room. ” I jumped to my bed and lay straight. I inhaled the smell of my room.

“Crazy Zahra, we don’t have time. Take what you want to take faster. ” he slapped my thigh.

I get off of the bed and walked in to my closet.I took a suitcase from there and put it on my bed. I took some pants and tops and innerwears ans put it in to the suitcase. I was searching for my wallet in my room and Abeer was relaxing in couch. I throw a pillow at him.

“What??” He rolled his eyes.

“Idiot. Help me in finding my wallet. ”

After a loooong 5 minutes Abeer got my wallet from under my bed. I smiled sheepishly.

“You are impossible, carzy woman” he put the wallet in my hand.

I opened my wallet to look that my cards are there or not. Everything was in it.

“Let’s go.” I gripped my suitcase.

“Wait.” Abeer pressed his hands on my mouth. We heared  footsteps coming towards my room. We both looked at each other in fear. I dropped the suitcase and wallet in my bed.

“What we will do?” I was scared. What if it is David?  Abeer grabbed my hands and pulled me to my walk in closet.

I hear someone opening the door.I hide my face in Abeer’s chest and tightened my grip around him.

“Nothing will happen..I am with you.” He pulled me more closer and kissed on my head.I was scared but I felt safe in his hands.

Someone entered the room. “Abeer, my suitcase. ” I said in low voice. We will get caught now.

“Shh…nothing will happen. Trust me.” He cupped my face. I nodded at him.

Trust me !  I told the same words few minutes ago and now I am regretting it.

I hear the person locking the room. Nothing heared after it.only our heartbeats and breathing. After few minutes the person exited the room.

We walked slowly to the one was there. My suitcase and wallet was there where I left it. Abeer held the suitcase in his left hand and held my hand with his other hand. He signed me to open the door. I opened the door. We both peeked to the corridors. No sign of anyone. We walked like thieves.

You are one of them 😀 my mind mocked at me.

We came to downstairs without making any noise.

Where the man gone?

“Open the door” Abeer ordered me when we reached the reading room. I opened the door. After getting both inside the room. I closed the door.  Before closing the door I saw a man figure standing beside the stairs.  I tightened my grip in Abeer’s hand.

“Are you okey?” Abeer dropped the suitcase on the floor and hold me by my shoulder. I saw concern in his eyes.

All his rudeness was fake. He cares for me.

“Zahra. .” Abeer shook me.

“There..there was….so..someone” I stammered in fear.

“Let’s go” Abeer held my hand and we both jumped from the window. We walked in to the wall. Abeer put the suitcase on the wall and turned to me. I put my hands on his shoulder.  He lift me.

I looked back at the reading room’s window.  Someone was standing there looking at us. I am sure that wasn’t my father.

“Abeer” I held Abeer’s hand when he jumped on the wall.


I made him look at the man who was watching us. The man came more close to the window revealing his face.



New twist !! Did you except it?

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