She and Her Kidnapper (10)


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This is the wattpad version of kidnapper. I insist you people to read the wattpad version first. Then you will get a little idea about Abeer and Zahra’s life.

What are you doing Abeer?

I pulled back when I realized that I was kissing her and she stayed like a statue. I looked at her eyes. It were closed but I saw a tear drop in her corner of eyes.

I hurted her . I shouldn’t have done this.

I opened my mouth to say something but there was a knock on the door.

“Can I come in, Abeer? ” I heared Adam’s voice.

I took my hands off of her face and walked in to the door. I opened the door and let Adam in.

“I am going guys. Tomorrow is my painting exhibition. Come with zahra and Rabeeh. ” Adam said hugging me.

“Sure.” I hugged back him.

Adam went to Zahra and hugged her. She looked still shocked. “Call me whenever you need me, little sis. ” she just nodded at him.

I feel guilty.

I went with Adam to downstairs. Rabeeh was watching some cartoon in t.v. after Adam left I went to my room with our foods. She was sitting in bed and in deep thoughts.


His lips were so smooth against mine.I wanted to hold on to him. I wanted to kiss him back. But I couldn’t. I stay rooted.

My Abeer kissed me!

Tears formed in my eyes. I don’t want him to see my cry. I shut my eyes. Just then he pulled back. I didn’t want him to stop kissing me. Because I wanted it always.

Adam came to the room. He said something but I didn’t hear. I just nodded at him. Abeer didn’t say anything.  He left with Adam !!


I heared a knocking in my sleep. I looked at the window in darkness. There was someone standing. I startled. The person signed me to  open the  window. I took weak steps towards the Window. The vision came clear in moonlight. It was Abeer. I opened the window for him. He entered to my room. I gave him a weak smile. He touched my forehead.

“You have fever.” He said  while holding me by shoulder. I was feeling dizzy. He made me sit in my bed.

“Here.” He took out a tablet fron his jean pocket and put it in my hand. He gave me a glass of water. I gulped the tablet and drank the water.

“How did you know that I am sick?” I asked surprised.

“I saw you standing in rain. ” he said averting his gaze from mine. was did by my stepmother. Because I got A grade in maths and David failed in maths. So she got angry and she made me stand in rain for an hour.

I leaned in to him and put my head in his shoulder. He wrapped his hands around me and whispered in my ear “go to sleep. I am here. Don’t worry.” He kissed on my head. I slept in his arms peacefully.
(Flashback ends )
Abeer entered to the room with our food.

“Come and have your lunch.”  said softly. I nodded. We both ate in silence.

“I am sorry” Abeer said after finishing his food. I looked at him confused.

“Um…about the- you-know..about the kiss-” he paused and observed my expression.  I waited for his next word but it shattered me.

“It was… was a…mistake.”

Mistake? ? He didn’t mean it.

I wanted him to say that he meant it and it wasn’t a mistake. But he said the opposite to that.

I didn’t say anything. I stared at my food. I lost appetite the first time in my entire life.

“Zahra..are you hearing me?”

I nodded and whispered ” is okey” he smiled and went off.


I didn’t wanted to say that was a mistake. I wanted to say I meant it. I couldn’t. Now at least she won’t be mad at me for kissing her. She came to the living room and sat beside Rabeeh. She ignored me.

Dammit Zahra ! I hate it.

She and Rabeeh were talking about their favorite cartoons. I was staring her all the time.

“Why did Abeer stopped you when you were telling how you end up hear?” Suddenly Rabeeh asked zahra looking at me. I was dumbstruck.

” he don’t want you to think that he is a romantic person. ” Zahra chuckled but she didn’t look at me. Rabeeh chuckled along with her.

Please Zahra, look at me.

“I thought that he don’t like girls but he turned to be a romantic hero.” Rabeeh was teasing me.

I doubt he is 13.

“Well tell me about it, Zahra”

“Okey. I will tell you how I end up here.” This time Zahra looked at me.there wasn’t any expression in her face.

“I got engaged to my dad’s business partner’s son Imran.”

“What?” I and Rabeeh asked in unison.  Then I realized that I did a mistake. Oops. She were cooking up a story and I wasn’t even supporting her.

“Yeah..Abeer don’t know about this. I never told him.”

“Why?” Rabeeh was in a mood to listen to Zahra’s bollywood type story.

“Because I didn’t want abeer to get angry on me. And Pauline, my stepmother wanted me to get married to Imran in two days. Then I called Abeer and I told him that I want to come with him. So he came to my home and took me from there.”
Zahra sighed after completing her story. Rabeeh seemed interested.

“ the way Abeer, thanks to bringing zahra here. I got a new company. ” this time Rabeeh gave me a smile.

Zahra didn’t look at me after that. She played with her hair. I went back to kitchen. I don’t want her to do any work today.

I saw her food plate in the table.

She didn’t ate? Why?

I did the dishes and started making dinner. It wase time for dinner but I want to complete the work and I want to ask her about the story.

Was it true?

Zahra came to the kitchen nd took a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Zahra” I called her. She turned to me. Didn’t meet my eyes.

“Was that a true story? ”

Please say no.

She just nodded and went back to Rabeeh.

Damn it! I punched the wall in frustration. 

She got engaged to another guy!!

Now it is clear why she didn’t kiss me back.

She loves another man!!


Stupid Abeer thinks that Zahra loves Imran. Who will make him understand that she only loves him not anyone else.         

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